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What will ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ do to the Malays?

The Muhyiddin administration yesterday revealed its blueprint for ‘National Unity’.

Malaysiakini readers swiftly told the PM what they thought of his proposal in a torrent of 430 comments.

DAP and its supporters are trying to corral Muhyiddin into the party’s own self-serving ‘Malaysian First’ construct — the same framing device whereby Lim Guan Eng had declared that he is “NOT Chinese”.

Guan Eng’s father followed up today with his predictable jab – see below – at the PM’s Malay first past declaration:

What DAP really desires 

Put aside for a moment the ‘Unity in Diversity’ rhetoric and consider the actual outcome which the DAP wants achieved.

Among those supporters of Kit Siang’s posturing is one Malaysiakini subscriber who identifies himself/herself as Malaysian First, then as a Kedahan, Indian and Christian (see below). 

It is quite natural for an Indian Christian such as the commenter above to support Malaysian First. They do well under this DAP-conceived system which wants to abolish the NEP and do away with bumiputera distinction.

Kit Siang’s slogan is modeled on the ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ first articulated by Singapore founding father Lee Kuan Yew.

DAP is most keen on the PAP-type meritocratic rule in Singapore. After all, DAP is a blood child of the PAP.

DAP was founded in Malaysia by PAP’s Devan Nair who later became Singapore president.

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Malays lag behind the Indians in S’pore  

Before the British came and made Singapore its Straits Settlement colony, the island belonged to the Johor sultanate and was a part of alam Melayu. 

Today, Singapore has a population of around six million (5.9m).

Ethnic groups in Singapore:

  • Chinese 74.3%
  • Malay 13.4%
  • Indian 9%
  • Other 3.2%

(2018 population est.)

Note that Malays are a bigger minority than Indians in Singapore.

However there are more Indians (5) than Malays (2) in Lee Jr’s Chinese-dominated administration, and these Indians are holding important ministerial portfolios.

Singapore cabinet breakdown according to race:

CHINESE — 13 ministers

  1. Prime Minister: Lee Hsien Loong
  2. Deputy Prime Minister cum Finance Minister: Heng Swee Keat
  3. Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security: Teo Chee Hean
  4. Defence Minister: Ng Eng Hen
  5. Health Minister: Gan Kim Yong
  6. Environment Minister: Grace Fu Hai Yien
  7. Trade & Industry Minister: Chan Soon Sing
  8. Education Minister: Lawrence Wong
  9. Transport Minister: Ong Ye Kung
  10. National Development Minister: Desmond Lee
  11. Manpower Minister: Josephine Teo
  12. Culture, Community and Youth Minister: Edwin Tong
  13. PMO Minister, Second Manpower Minister / Second Trade & Industry Minister: Tan See Leng

INDIAN — 5 ministers

  1. Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for Social Policies: Tharman Shanmugaratnam
  2. Foreign Minister: Vivian Balakrishnan
  3. Home cum Law Minister: Kasiviswanathan Shanmugam
  4. Communications & Information Minister: S. Iswaran
  5. PMO Minister cum Second Finance Minister / Second National Development Minister: Indranee Thurai Rajah

MALAY — 2 ministers

  • Social & Family Development Minister / Second Health Minister: Masahos Zulkifli
  • PMO Minister, Second Education Minister/ Second Foreign Minister: Mohamad Maliki Osman

While the president of Singapore is a Malay woman, her post is nonetheless only ceremonial in its role.

Meanwhile the next CEO of Temasek will be Dilhan Pillay Sandrasegara. Temasek Holdings is the state-owned sovereign wealth fund.

Malays are the indigenous people of Singapore but they’re not the most successful group.

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Fate of the Malays in future

Let’s briefly review what happened when Harapan took control of Putrajaya.

The AG was an Indian Christian (Tommy Thomas), the CJ a Sabah Christian (Richard Malanjum) and the Law Minuster a Chinese Christian (Zachary David Liew Vui Keong).

What else is the result of ‘diversity’ push in Malaysia?

Chinese-owned SMEs and public-listed companies bring in Bengali and Nepali workers as cheap labour.

On top of the two million documented foreign workers, there are a further estimated two to four million PATI.

As icing on the cake, Chinese NGO activists think it is virtuous to signal that Malaysia must welcome the Rohingya boat people.

These aliens are adding more and more diversity to Malaysia by the day.

British imperialists, in importing outsiders to operate a colonial economy, had impacted deeply the hapless natives. Their pendatang historical handiwork is still now being continued apace.

The more diverse our country becomes, the more Malay privileges get diluted.

Dapsters even claim that Malaysia is a nation of immigrants.

Cui bono? In English “to whom is it a benefit?” Who in Malaysia benefits from the insidious ‘diversity-is-good’ propaganda?


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  1. Dear Ms. Ang,
    I’ve been reading yours without fail for many years (think before JFK involved in that Chappaquidick scandal). I must say that your peculiar perspectives really changed mine looking at this world and relevant issues to Malaysia. Malaysia is lucky when god sent you as good deliverance (no, not Hannah’s words). Must that need you always. Keep on writing Ms. Ang. Fire up Jerusubang!

  2. indian is smart n capable, in usa, indian is everywhere, chinese no fight, malay no sight. spore same, chinese 75% but minister only 65%, indian 9% while minister 20%, only in msia indian doesnt matter, while a malay muslim govt cause more n more death. lets indian like mahathir to take over, thats the only way msia can prosper, like usa n spore.

  3. Empathy towards Malays, I understand
    What about empathy towards non Malays?
    Why two worlds?
    Enfranchising all races
    The evil of meritocracy has to be recognized

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