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Be worried about what the silent majority are thinking

Malaysiakini raised RM685,632 through crowdfunding in under five hours yesterday.

The pro-opposition platform had been fined RM500,000 because its subscribers said in reader comments that our judiciary was corrupt and committed wrongdoings.

Branches of government are the judicial, the executive and the legislative arms. All three are being dissed by a vocal section of the population.

These loud Malaysians however are the ones with money — being able to raise RM686k in the blink of an eye.

BELOW: The three branches of government


A public call by Malaysiakini for donations to pay its half-a-million ringgit fine drew quick support; their appeal page has 432 comments to date from loyal supporters.

Apart from dissing the court, a vocal minority also daily diss the executive (= PM, his cabinet, their ministries & downline agencies) as well as dissing non-DAP members of the legislature (=Dewan Rakyat + Dewan Negara).

Only their infalliable evangelical YBs are spared from the dissing — ‘DAP MPs good, yang lain semua No Good’. 

Since the judicial, executive and legislative arms make up the body of government, it is fair to say that The Daily Dissers are overarchingly anti government in their outlook and sentiment.

Pouring cold water on unity blueprint

A few days ago, Muhyiddin Yassin – executive head of the Malay government – offered the country his National Unity blueprint.

His action plan for reconciliation between the races was rebuffed and the PM himself roundly dissed by the opposition crowd.

Malaysiakini’s report on the blueprint launch drew more than 430 comments on its day of publication (Feb 15). Several of these reader comments, however, have since been removed — possibly by a cautious web administrator now wary of incurring more punitive fines.

As an alternative to Muhyiddin’s outreach, Lim Kit Siang projects himself as more patriotic, more ‘Malaysian first’ than anyone else.

DAP people are similarly convinced that they’re more qualified than everybody else to define what a Malaysian really is.

And although they’re the minority ethnic and minority religion, they still insist to call the shots.

Dapster lack of self awareness 

Since Dapsters are very loud, we know what they think and what they want. (Read the hundreds of Malaysiakini comments responding to the unity blueprint.)

But the reverse doesn’t happen. They aren’t interested to hear the silent majority.

A lot of the rest of Malaysia, I daresay, support the idea of a Malay government, only quibbling as to which party should head this Malay administration.

The minority remain anti government … until and unless DAP plays a leading role in a changed establishment.

The minority and majority are on parallel tracks. Their parallel worlds do not intersect. To its credit, MCA is trying to build bridges. Its youngish sec-gen Chong Sin Woon is, at least, willing to be open to fresh insights and inputs.

Nonetheless Chong has bad news to share too. He revealed yesterday that tons of ridicule and curses continue to be heaped on the MCA without break ever since last year’s Sheraton Move.

MCA has been abandoned by some (even more) Chinese as a consequence of the party joining the Perikatan government, according to Chong.

So the situation is like this

Cina DAP are loud but disinterested in listening to the silent majority.

They have a thin and tenuous communication line to the Malay ruling parties in the form of Wee Ka Siong — the only Chinese full minister in Muhyiddin’s cabinet (picture above). Cina DAP curse and ridicule Wee.

Muhyiddin this week tries to offer an olive branch. The response: You can take your blueprint and use it to wrap nasi lemak. 

The majority keeping silent is not (equal to) consent to their being continually dissed and ridden roughshod over.

DAP supporters do not have the capacity to realise that ‘Silence Does Not Mean Consent’. More concerningly, that this silence is perhaps something more ominous than overt noisemaking.


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3 thoughts on “Be worried about what the silent majority are thinking

  1. Young Chinese with different education stream then the majority young Malays has a paradigm shift in their political outlook
    It’s with those young Malays that are holding on to Mahathirism the young Chinese don’t want anything to do with that arrested changes brought about arrested development
    The young Chinese are not like their Chinese forefathers in Malaya and Malaysia today
    What you going to do?
    This land is your land this land is our land

  2. i believe the silent majority is speechless why god could bless them with such a lousy n useless malay muslim govt.

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