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Chance for DAP Christians to show their famous compassion

Penang Chinese can provide the animal shelter for Pak Mie’s dogs and cats while Kedah Malays can welcome into their neighbourhood the Langkawi Rohingya.

A win-win solution.

This story – ‘Villagers protest against dog shelter as their new neighbour’ – popped up in the myKMU website today, accompanied with an illustrative picture of a snarling dog.

The original report was carried by FMT which did not use any ‘fierce dog’ stock photo.

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Muslim area with a mosque nearby

Some Malays in Kedah objected to the animal shelter planning to move to their district in Pendang.

The ketua kampung said their village was not suitable as a new home for 220 rescued dogs because it is a Muslim area with a mosque nearby.

A 6,300-square foot warehouse – which had been made available for the homeless dogs and 100-odd cats – will go to waste if the orang kampung have their way.

Such a Muslim area with a mosque nearby may actually be more suitable to absorb some of the 270 Rohingya boat people who landed in Langkawi the middle of last year.

Kampung Kubang Jelai residents would surely feel the Rohingya brothers and sisters in Islam to be unobjectionable as a new addition to their vicinity.

After all, these Bengali Muslims can no longer be repatriated to Myanmar following the recent military coup there.

Furthermore, the 6,300-square foot building, which has already been rented and renovated, can be made habitable as refugee barracks after a bit more refurbishment.

Love thy neighbour and his dogs too

For the past year, Firsters have been calling the Malays here “ugly Malaysians”.

Malays who staff the Defence Ministry, Home Ministry, immigration and courts as well as those who signed ‘Deport Rohingya’ online petitions were labeled “unkind” and even “cruel and inhumane” for turning away the human trafficking boats at sea.

On the other hand, the non Malays have been preaching about their own Christian charity.

DAP’s born again activist Heidy Quah – who boasted her kindness to refugees — was even questioned by the police for allegedly defaming Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia as ill-treating its foreign detainees.

Another NGO activist Michelle Liu (see above) declared:

“It scares me to think that there are Malaysians who actually believe that Rohingyas are like dogs but at least I know for certain that these people are outright racists.”

Non-Malay Harapan supporters too have been proclaiming that the PAS leadership in Kedah, and Menteri Besar Sanusi in particular, are just “outright racists”.

Non-racist Penang, the state neighbouring Kedah, is the epitome of Harapan’s decades-long exemplary leadership through C-A-T & loving kindness.

Penang is also led by an exemplary DAP Christian — Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow.

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Surely it cannot be denied that Penang’s preachy people are morally superior to the outright racists in Kedah.

And since the Kedahans in Pendang are complaining that their Muslim area with a mosque nearby is unsuitable to house a dog shelter, how about the Penang Harapan gomen step up to the plate.

Offer a small piece of land in a Chinese area – and Pak Mie’s family won’t object if there is a church nearby – to build the animal shelter for these soon-to-be homeless strays.

Malaysians are always patting themselves on the back on how compassionate and helpful all the races are, no?


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