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MCA founder’s website in Chinese and English only

Where’s the content on Tun Tan Cheng Lock in bahasa kebangsaan?

This is its web address —

It was launched with virtual fanfare yesterday by Wee Ka Siong.

The next screengrab below shows the website’s two available language options — 中文 and ‘Eng’.

MCA’s obsession with the ‘diversity’ mantra is merely paying lip service to national unity when it cannot even be bothered to outreach to Malay-language readers.


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5 thoughts on “MCA founder’s website in Chinese and English only

  1. At this momentous period of our beloved Malaysia’s history, we need all communities to be united as never before and not show a lack of Loyalty, Sincerity and Understanding in the National Interest. By not including the Official Language in its Founding Father’s website, the MCA has done a great disservice to the Chinese Community by giving other communities the wrong impression that we Chinese are not beyond suspicion and trust. We Chinese who are also the citizens of our beloved Malaysia strongly condemn this sort of thoughtless behaviour by digits who should know better in a disparate society like our beloved Malaysia’s. I am certain that the 6 Million strong Chinese do not agree to this kind of underhand tactics as created by the MCA which 2 elected members must have sworn their allegiance to King and Country on assumption of their official duties. I am saying all these in 2021 and not 1957 ! Instead of progressing and leading the 6 Million Chinese the right way towards Peace, Harmony and Prosperity with all the other communities as befits a once major Party, the MCA is creating dissension, conflict, division, misunderstanding etc and will draw derision of its own making due to their thick-headedness and arrogance. Hence, I have always said as a Constitutionalist and never a Communalist, since 1954, that both the wealthy MCA and the DAP have become irrelevant, ineffective and out of touch with the World in which they live in. A Malay-based Government or UMNO Government should appoint talented Chinese directly from the 6 Million and by-pass these Communal Middlemen Parties to be Ministers, Advisers, Ombudsmen, GLCs executives etc. This move will definitely create a UNITED MALAYSIA sooner rather than later instead of these middle-men representing their own interest and not our beloved Malaysia and the 6 Million Chinese who are left in the dark as to what these middle-men were up to behind their backs creating dissension, conflict, division, misunderstanding and more since 1957 as it is clearly shown in the latest MCA website caper. On the one hand, the MCA has a penchant for good living and self-interests. On the other, the DAP which has now lost its holy-holiness because of the abiding Court cases, has also contributed in no small measure to the dissension, conflict, division, misunderstanding and more since 1966. By harping on ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’ which is clear to the legal-minded that the Constitution was for the majority and can only be amended by the majority. With this refrain, the DAP is like the Pied Piper of Hamelin leading the 6 Million Chinese to nowhere and possible unwanted problems but to support their well-known agenda which was recently exposed by Dato Seri Azmin Ali in the Dewan Rakyat in August 2020.
    In the history of the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, we all want a job, education for our children a roof over our heads, opportunities to improve our livelihood, care for our parents etc and Peace, Harmony, Prosperity as always. Except for a few well-known corporate recalcitrants, the Chinese have always been law-abiding and productive, not only in Malaysia but also around the World. It is utterly irresponsible for MCA and the DAP to create unnecessarily conflict, dissension, division, misunderstanding and more with the other communities with which the 6 Million Chinese have lived for so long in Peace, Harmony and Prosperity. This Policy of both the MCA and the DAP is entirely FOREIGN to the character of the Chinese, anywhere in the World. It is time for both to close shop and become social welfare concerns in the New Era of our beloved United Malaysia.

    1. MCA say they support Rukun Negara, one of its precepts which is Keluhuran Perlembagaan of which Perkara 152 is bahasa kebangsaan.

  2. It is only proper that all Malaysians are fully informed of the shenanigans of some of their fellow citizens. It is an important part of our history. For example, how many are aware of the scams created by the Malaysian/Malayan Chinese to con the naive and gullible, thus.

    1. 1946-1957 – Tontine
    2. 1950-1957 – Social Welfare Lottery. Draws were fixed by holding them in NV schools
    3. 1960-1962 – Mushroom insurance companies.
    4. 1961-1962 – Fragmentation of rubber estates
    5. 1962-2021 – Share-rigging on the Bursa
    6. 1971-1972 – Gemini Chit Fund
    7. 1976-1985 – A major Chinese Political Party in business which ended with the Pan El collapse on the SGX.
    8. 1976-2021 – Tax Free RM 2 incorporated places of worship. My cousin, Chief Abbess of a major temple, cruises around in a chauffeur-driven golden Mercedes S limousine. My sister-in-law, an ex-hair rinser of Jalan Imbi, KL, established her own Tax Free RM 2 incorporated church. She made millions of ringgits which were invested in London and made much more ! All these began with a tycoon who wanted to control his staff from pinching money in his bank ! Now these holy places have mushroomed into hundreds ! The perfect ATMs for crooks who in fact owned a few !
    9. 1977-1985 – The Co-operatives caper and scandal.
    10. 1982-1983 – The Insurance Companies guarantees caper.
    11. 2002-2005. – Oil palm estate caper
    12. 2002-2005 – The Foreign Exchange Caper
    13. 2010-2013 – The Gold Bullion Caper.

    The run of the mill illegal numbers, bookies, etc are not included.

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