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Pointless for MCA to out-Chinese the DAP

MCA has a better chance of political survival if it left the Cina-Cina-Cina race politicking to DAP.

I support MCA becoming equal rights multiracial.

Meaning: Open up the party to non Chinese for full (not merely ‘associate’) membership together with having a full say in party affairs as well as full eligibility to run for party office.

To take a plunge straight into the deep end, I’d even suggest that MCA twin with MIC.

I don’t propose they ‘merge’ because such would involve more complex mechanisms but that’s all for them to work out if they’re interested.

It can be noted, however, that party mergers have been successfully done before, e.g. when Syed Husin Ali’s Parti Rakyat merged with Anwar’s Keadilan.

Party consolidation has occurred in East Malaysia too but I shall confine my discussion to the peninsula.

If MCA and MIC were really to hookup, both could become multiracial at warp speed and showcase their own Punjabi rock star lawyers.

And why not?

The two parties already have a long joint history since their Alliance days. Both also stuck with Umno when other newer BN component parties unceremoniously jumped ship.

BELOW: Logo of the original Three Amigos Alliance coalition  

MCA can represent the ‘Asalkan Bukan DAP’ crowd

As one fish in the BN voter pool for GE15, I consider myself to be a stakeholder in the MCA’s future.

I’m speaking here too as someone who has voted twice for MCA-BN, i.e. in the 2013 and 2018 elections.

And I intend again to vote their ticket but on the strict condition that they keep DAP away with a spiked and nail-studded 10-foot pole.

In my previous post, I outlined how PAS will be the kingmaker and key to shaping the next administration.

I’ve said that PAS will not consent to DAP being absorbed into any Malay unity government.

If you look at public expressions over the past five years by the PAS leadership, especially its Dewan Ulama, you will see that the Islamist party is very concerned about the aggressive role of evangelists in DAP.

To the Malay Muslims, MCA is unlike DAP in that the BN party is not dominated by Christians.

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DAP has destroyed BN’s consociational formula 

Now let’s face reality. What Chinese bargaining chip does the MCA possess?

Everybody and my six house cats know that the majority of MCA voters are Malay.

In the 9 May 2018 general election, it won one parliament seat in Dewan Rakyat which has 222 MPs. Pathetic!

MCA has only two Aduns compared to the DAP’s total of 106 (headcount immediately post election; a few DAP Aduns have subsequently defected).

With its 95 percent share of the Chinese vote, DAP has conclusively won the minority Race game. Therefore MCA should leave this pitch to its archrival and find a fresh playing field.

Umno’s Nazri Aziz most stridently said that MCA did not represent Chinese voters — see below.

Racist, racist, racist! 

Now this is how MCA should have responded to Nazri, and I recommend using as its template for the future.

(a) “Padang Rengas, you say that DAP is the voice of the Chinese?

“How RACIST!  We, MCA, on the other hand are the new voice for A-L-L Malaysians.”

(b) “Padang Rengas, you say that Guan Eng is the voice of the Chinese?”

“Oh, so that’s why his seditious statement was issued in the Chinese language, you know, where he said the formation of Muafakat was tantamount to a declaration of war on the non Malays.”

“Guan Eng didn’t issue that particular statement in bahasa Melayu, did he?” (snort)

“Harapan’s Divide-and-Rule is so racist, and Islamophobic too.”

Teaming up with MIC, the MCA can further take the following tack — telling the Indians that racist DAP treats them like second-class citizens.

It’s a fact DAP placed a glass ceiling over Dr Ramasamy in Penang. Dr Rama has been the DAP-controlled state’s Deputy Chief Minister Two since 2008.

He’s the forever DCM II, marking time the last thirteen years while one after another after another Malay leapfrogged over him to become DCM I.

Dapsters think an Indian is unqualified to become Penang Chief Minister.

Chow Kon Yeow was helicoptered to the CM post vacated in 2018 by Guan Eng, bypassing their party colleague Ramasamy still warming his decade-old DCM II seat. How racist is that?!

BELOW: DPM Mahathir takes aim at the ethnic Chinese fleeing to Malaysia on boats from Vietnam, June 1979

Give Dapsters their Beloved Tun

With Mahathir, DAP is partnering with the best Machiavellian player of race politics. MCA doesn’t stand a chance.

“A quick look at some of his public speeches shows how Mahathir particularly emphasised the word pendatang in the 1980s.” — Dr Vilashini Somiah

The Chinese have been heaping ever more curses on MCA for joining Muhyiddin’s Perikatan government.

They want DAP only and DAP in turn wants Mahathir 3.0.

So MCA just needs to quit appealing to the Chinese for votes and instead serve Malaysians across the board. Leave the Chinese voters to DAP (to Mahathir).

It’s time they learn that elections have consequences.


Mahathir’s Pukul-Anak-Sindir-Menantu speech – excerpted below – on the “pendatang haram dari Vietnam” delivered on 5 Feb 1982 to a Risda seminar:

“Saudara-saudara sekelian maklum bahawa usaha-usaha pembangunan yang dilaksanakan oleh Kerajaan adalah bertujuan untuk membawa kemakmuran dan kesejahteraan bagi rakyat dan negara. Malangnya, usaha ke arah kebaikan tidak selalunya mendapat sokongan daripada semua pihak. Memang terdapat faedah kepada sesiapa, termasuk dirinya sendiri. Tetapi, ini tidak menjemukan mereka dari mengeluarkan pendapat mereka yang tidak mendatangkan faedah ini. Umpamanya apabila Kerajaan melaksanakan sistem metrik mereka ini mengecam Kerajaan kerana kononnya Kerajaan berhajat untuk memudahkan orang Cina menipu orang Islam. Mereka ini lupa bahawa sistem metrik adalah sistem yang digunakan dikebanyakan negara Islam, termasuk Arab Saudi di mana umat Islam berkunjung untuk membuat ibadat Haji. Kita boleh bertanya mereka, apakah dengan penggunaan sistem metrik kerajaan negara-negara ini berhajat untuk menipu orang Islam. Begitu juga ada di antara orang yang pandai menyakiti hati orang lain ini yang berkata bahawa Kerajaanlah yang merancang supaya pendatang haram dari Vietnam datang ke Malaysia dengan tujuan untuk mengurangkan peratusan orang Melayu.”


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  1. Your political theory for MCA sounds good on paper. But how to share Power when te MCA has no limited ability to give goodies which are not enough for themselves nowadays ? Then, the question of MCA’s wealth which only came from the Chinese. Further, MCA was a champion of the Chinese Vernacular all these years. How ? MCA will end up a junior version of Gerakan according to your learned vision ! Both now down in the electoral dumps ! What a mess of their own creation by not aiming for Lee Kuan Yew as their target when in or out of Power. Lee Kuan Yew was actually DAP’s bogeyman. But these folks did not want or did not know his weaknesses or warts until I came along and said like the little boy in Hans Christian Anderson’s tale that the Emperor was not wearing any clothes !

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