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Paul and Siva join Bersatu — DAP wins a rhetorical battle

Paul Yong Choo Kiong (YB Tronoh) and Sivasubramaniam Athinarayanan (YB Buntong) have joined Bersatu.

Cina-bukan-Islam masuk parti Melayu. This is a watershed moment!

Both the above Perak Aduns had won their GE14 seats on the DAP ticket.

Their former party is to be congratulated for making this Bangsa Malaysia associate membership in Bersatu possible by pathbreaking the ideological groundwork.

You see, before DAP did their ‘ubah’ thingy to create our Politik Baru, the races each stayed in their own lane.

Malays joined Umno. Chinese and Indians were in MCA and MIC. Then DAP started their propaganda war to brand these monoracial parties as ‘racist’.

DAP can be said to have has won one battle in the field when Bersatu, a Malay party, is accepting Chinese and Indian members like Paul, Siva and Edmund Santhara Kumar who is YB Segamat.

Chinese party MCA is now also open to non Chinese. These two race-based parties have waved the white flag and surrendered to the DAP’s diversity rhetoric.

This is why I wrote yesterday that “DAP has destroyed BN’s consociational formula”.

By 2018 in the peninsula, DAP succeeded in nearly wiping out MCA and MIC while it completely annihilated Gerakan.

In Sabah and Sarawak, DAP badly hurt the BN’s several (former) Chinese-dominated components. It is DAP that is responsible for ending the BN’s shelf life and thus killing Old Politics.

Under Malaysia’s born again politics, the current ruling party – Muhyiddin’s Perikatan 2.0 – does not adhere to the BN formula.

Neo Perikatan, birthed in 2020, is almost wholly bumiputera. Its biggest parties are Umno, Bersatu, PAS and the Sarawak group.

The previous BN preeminence, where MCA and MIC played significant roles, cannot be resuscitated anymore.

I should make ‘Elections Have Consequences’ the motto of my blog, by the way.

So what now?

The Sheraton Move was a reset of Malay politics. Its bumiputera reconfiguration is, however, constantly being demonized by DAP as illegitimate — a “backdoor government”.

Post GE15 will nonetheless see the same bumiputera configuration again becoming the ruling party. This time the DAP can no longer call them “backdoor”.

Under the old BN system, being MCA and a product of Sekolah Cina and bubble wrapped in Chinese culture and customs was kosher. Ditto MIC, Tamil and ‘Indianicity’.

Then DAP came along and successfully portrayed BN not only as racist but deliberately keeping the races separate and apart.

Today the Dapsters got their wish to square the circle, now that Paul and Siva and Edmund have blended themselves into Bersatu.

But still the Dapsters are not happy with the Paul-Siva outcome.

DAP needs to spell out clearly why the metamorphosed, multiracial Bersatu remains an unsatisfactory framework to non Malays.


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2 thoughts on “Paul and Siva join Bersatu — DAP wins a rhetorical battle

  1. The younger non-Malay politicians are finally waking up to the fact there is more political life than those practised by the two wealthy Communal Middle-men Political Parties, MCA and DAP. Both of them have become irrelevant and outlived their usefulness. This new non-Malay political movement is refreshing. The 6 Million Chinese bear witness to this. The DAP is a time-bomb in itself with its body-politic fully impregnated with the ‘christians’ around a hard core of chauvinist types. With the passing of Lee Kuan Yew, there will be no more flag raising to keep the flag flying. It is now every digit for itself within the ghetto of their minds.
    As I have been encouraging the Malay based parties in Power that it is far better for our National Interest and Unity to appoint Ministers, Advisers, Ombudsmen, GLC executives etc. directly from the talented 6 Million Chinese than these parochial types as clearly illustrated by the pater et fil act in the worn out DAP ! More cross-overs by the non-Malays are to be encouraged. This will bring Unity in all spheres of activity in our Society in no time at all. We do not need wealthy Communal Middle-men to represent the 6 Million talented Chinese ! At the next GE, let all Chinese vote for Malay candidates who promise to serve the Chinese well ! This is UNITY in action without the wealthy Communal Middlemen who should be only social welfare agents.

    1. chinese have not much choice, no one malay/muslim party promise to serve any non malay n non muslim except perhaps amanah.

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