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Ka-ka-ka-kah, reason Malays tak boleh tahan DAP

This morning’s short post is a continuation from yesterday’s about Bersatu deciding to exit Harapan after only less than a year of exposure to the DAP.

DAP is 55 years old today and will soon be celebrating its retirement anniversary.

Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng have together controlled DAP for a combined total of 47 years out of the party’s 55-year lifetime.

Or put it like this: 85 percent of the DAP’s entire life has been spent under the reign of the Lims, Father & Son.

How long each DAP sec-gen lasted

Its first party sec-gen was Devan Nair who took office on 18 March 1966 and held the position for only a year plus — see Wikipedia chart above.

The next party sec-gen was Goh Hock Guan who was in the job for two years, two months.

Then came Kit Siang who was DAP sec-gen for a whopping 30 years (+2.5 months).

Following him, there was an interregnum with Kerk Kim Hock warming the seat for four-plus years.

The DAP sec-gen since 2004 until today is Guan Eng, chalking up 16-and-a-half years to date.


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One thought on “Ka-ka-ka-kah, reason Malays tak boleh tahan DAP

  1. HA. How many of us realise that strangely the !MDB fiasco and the Covid-19 virus have done our hardened political system a lot of good. This may be the finest game changer in our beloved Malaysia’s political history – the history of the struggle for survival by the political digits. The beginnings of Malay based parties reaching out to the non-Malays. PAS was the fore-runner. The breaking down of the Communal Middle-men parties MCA and DAP will bring about UNITY and more under our revered Constitution. This is the Way to go for Malaysian politics. The Malay based Government appointing talented Chinese from the 6 million Chinese to be Ministers, Advisers, Ombudsmen, GLCs executives etc, by-passing the wealthy MCA and DAP. As the Ozzies say, “Fair dinkum”

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