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DAP spooked the Malays, says MCA

What happened was that the Malays – instrumentally Bersatu – saw DAP as a rampaging babi hutan and quickly turned tail.

“Even though DAP received 42 seats, it kept making mistakes until the emotions of the Malay voters became unsettled,” MCA president Wee Ka Siong said today in his presidential address at the party’s virtual AGM.

“The various mistakes made by the Pakatan Harapan government led to tensions in interracial relations,” Wee added.

He is being too polite. Allow me to rephrase his message in more salty language.

What happened was that the Malays – instrumentally Bersatu – saw DAP as a rampaging babi hutan and quickly turned tail. Or as in Ruhanie Ahmad’s also more polite telling — by the first quarter of 2019, the Malay party had already hatched its exit plan from Harapan.

1Q 2019 would be Jan-March of that year. The Harapan government was formed in May 2018. This means it took less than twelve months for DAP being in power to spook the Malays in Bersatu.

The DAP-Bersatu relationship was very short lived. By contrast, the MCA’s relationship with Umno has lasted 70 years.

Unlike the DAP babi hutan, MCA was able to operate bagai menghela rambut dalam tepung; rambut jangan putus, tepung jangan berserak

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DAP are ‘troublemakers’

Wee Ka Siong also told his party assembly that the general election is “just around the corner”.

But in the meanttime, you can read the insults and curses heaped on today’s MCA event, by Malaysiakini subscribers in its Reader Comments section, for a foretaste of election fever nastiness.

In a separate speech to celebrate his party’s 72nd anniversary, Wee said “MCA has never been a troublemaker”.

He said: “We are problem solvers, not troublemakers; we create a stable political environment for the people, rather than becoming the source of political turmoil.”

In other words, DAP spooked the Malays.

Guan Eng actually said “Shame on you, MCA” in his 2012 debate with Chua Soi Lek 

Wee lamented too about “the hypocrisy and cunning tactics used by the opposition”.

If I may be allowed to put it more directly, DAP are hypocrites and sneaky bastards lah.

Wee said:

“In order to win votes, some parties have no qualms in destroying interracial harmony and peace by creating misunderstandings and raising tensions, stirring up hatred by pitting one race against another. Once such people have gained the support, they will turn around to please those they have previously demonized.”

What MCA is saying here is hardly far fetched. After all didn’t the DAP, after demonizing Mahathir for half a century, similarly turn around to lick the old man’s toes?

It also sounds like Wee is echoing his party deputy president Mah Hang Soon.

Mah yesterday floated the possibility that a desperate DAP is going to clutch at straws (i.e. clutch at Umno) in order to make a return to Putrajaya.

Wee is implying (he didn’t mention names) that the DAP, after demonizing Umno ad infinitum, is now turning around to pander to the previously despised Malay party.

DAP is the Lims, the Lims are DAP

MCA’s complaint of DAP hypocrisy stems from the behaviour of the Lims.

Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng shaped the party in their own image.

Between the Father & Son both, their combined direct rule of the party as its secretaries-general totals close to 47 years.

Furthermore, when Kerk Kim Hock was the DAP sec-gen for roughly four years four months (1999-2004), Kit Siang was himself party chairman thoughout this entire period!

DAP is 55 years old. For 93 percent of the party lifespan, DAP was under the control of LKS as sec-gen (30+ years), LKS as chairman (4+ years) and LGE as sec-gen (16.5 years).

Just wait and see if LGE does not become DAP chairman once Anthony Loke climbs up as new party sec-gen.

Tracing to the lack of calibre in the Lims, we can see how the behaviour of Dapsters is simply keeping in lockstep with their party leadership.

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Post Sheraton, where the MPs went

Like Wee Ka Siong highlighted, the DAP has 42 seats in parliament. This makes it the Dewan’s biggest party.

The list of MPs below details where (which party) the Malay elected reps settled in after the Sheraton shakeup caused by the spooking.

Number of Malay MPs in the top parties:

  • Umno — 37
  • Bersatu — 26
  • PKR — 20
  • PAS — 18
  • DAP — 1

Umno’s Ramli Mohd Nor (YB Cameron Highlands) is orang asli. Umno’s mamak MPs shall be counted as Malay for this listing.

Bersatu’s non-Malay MPs are Ronald Kiandee, Edmund Santhara Kumar, Ali anak Biju, Willie anak Mongin and lastly, Jonathan Yasin* (I’m guessing but I could be wrong).

PKR’s headcount is reduced to 36 MPs after the party most recently sacked Steven Choong Shiau Yoon (YB Tebrau) and Larry Sng Wei Shien (YB Julau).

PKR Malay MPs

  1. Anwar
  2. Wan Azizah
  3. Nurul Izzah
  4. Saifuddin Nasution
  5. Shamsul Iskandar Akin
  6. Johari Abdul
  7. Nik Nazmi
  8. Abdullah Sani
  9. Fahmi Fadzil
  10. Fuziah Salleh
  11. Azman Ismail
  12. Syed Ibrahim
  13. Azrina Surip
  14. Akmal Nasrullah
  15. Noor Amin Ahmad
  16. Rusnah Aluai
  17. Natrah Ismail
  18. Hassan Abdul Karim
  19. Awang Husaini
  20. Muhammad Bakhtiar

PKR non-Malay MPs

  1. Sivarasa Rasiah
  2. William Leong
  3. Lee Boon Chye
  4. Sim Tze Tzin
  5. Michael Teo
  6. Tan Yee Kew
  7. Wong Chen
  8. Maria Chin Abdullah
  9. Christina Liew
  10. Kesavan Subramaniam
  11. Chang Lih Kang
  12. Xavier Jayakumar
  13. June Leow
  14. Chan Ming Kai
  15. Karupaiya Mutusami
  16. Prabakaran Parameswaran

Top five parties with most MPs in Dewan Rakyat: 

  • DAP — 42
  • Umno  — 38
  • PKR — 36
  • Bersatu — 31
  • PAS — 18

Umno, Bersatu and PAS are Malay parties although all three are very nominally multiracial.

Following the departure of Azmin & Gang, the PKR lineup is left almost evenly balanced between Malays and non Malays.

Post GE15, we’re either going to have a Malay government or a multiracial government.

Option A: Malay parties + Borneo parties

Option B: Multiracial parties DAP & PKR + Borneo parties (Note: Amanah is irrelevant)

My bet is on (A) carrying the day. And no, the DAP-Umno team up won’t be happening.


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4 thoughts on “DAP spooked the Malays, says MCA

  1. More and more revelations every day on the wealthy MCA and DAP roles as Communal Middle-men political parties of no merit being irrelevant and out-lived their usefulness. The World today is the Net where info is exchanged at a click. The hot air emanated from both MCA and DAP is out of date since the 20th Century. It is far too late for them to turn the clock back as history is the finest arbiter of the Truth. I remember before the 14th GE, I advised DAP to join UMNO. In the FMT and the Facebook, DAP’s dogs snarled at me with all manner of insults. They have licked TDM boots and alleged to do worse with UMNO ! I also reminded DAP that their good friend failed on 3 counts to be the PM. First, in 1967, if he had taken a holiday, he would have returned as the Honourable PM. Second, in 2008, if the 32 Aduns had been sorted out before and not after the 12th GE, both would be in Putrajaya. Third, in 2013, if the Duo declared a fast to death like Gandhi, Putrajaya would have been their playground since. With this knowledge of 3 easy Ways for the good friend to be PM and yet nothing happened, is the DAP really serious to be a good friend to the good friend ? Of course, all Malaysians would be upset when the earliest thing the DAP did was to get the Lee Kuan Yew inspired CPTPP (without the US mart) the Malaysia/Malays/Malaysians/SME Killer, approved by the PH Cabinet in the PM’s absence in August 2018, as revealed in Dewan Rakyat in August 2020 by Dato Seri Azmin Ali. It is time all Chinese wake up and vote for a Malay candidate who is sincere and promise to look after all the Chinese interests. OR ELSE THE CHINESE WILL BE SERVED THE SAME LEFTOVERS FOOD FROM BOTH THE MCA AND THE DAP BANQUETS FOR THE NEXT 64 YEARS ! Ouch !

    1. unker, middle man is the symptoms, they will be here forever if we dont solve the cause. every time postman not coming, rubbish collector come only once a week, thief walk in and out freely of our housing estate, the first one we complain to is our yb, thats how middle man come about.

      can we change this? would take very long time. chinese priority is money, everything else is secondary, while malay perhaps want to make money their priority as well, problem is you cant compete with the chinese on something that is cultural, hence they make race a priority so hopefully money shd follow suits, this would enhance sence of security though overall performance reduce bec merit is never the criteria, however as long as all are within expectation n acceptable range, no changes is required in the short term. to sum it up, its cultural n slightly different worldview.

  2. HY. I agree with you precisely that the MCA and the DAP may be good social workers on the ground. To be a politician anywhere in this World, the big word is,’ sacrifice ‘ which is a popular word with others but not the MCA or the DAP. Hence, I have said both MCA and the DAP should now do what they know best as social workers. No more. No less. For them the music has stopped. Yesterday was yesterday. Today is today. The 6 Million Chinese want others who can serve them genuinely. No fakes.

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