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Common language still missing

Last week MCA made a gesture of opening the party to non Chinese.

Two days ago, MCA conducted its AGM in Mandarin.

So the expectation is that MCA new associate members need to be conversant in the Chinese language in order to participate in party activities.

Like its archrival DAP, Cina MCA juga berkiblatkan Singapura where they have four official languages.

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10 thoughts on “Common language still missing

  1. What’s the problem with the MCA or even the DAP on a language ? By indulging in any language, MCA, or DAP, a political party, politicised it. Here is my experience with the languages. At the age of 6, I was learning Classic Cantonese from a fierce teacher with a cane by his side.. By 7, I was learning English in a Methodist school. If I had a different father, I would have been last in the annual exam.. The following year, I studied English in a convent in the high Himalayas mixing with kids who spoke Anglo-Indian English. For over 2 years after this, I was placed in the St Columbus School, New Delhi, learning Hindi and Urdu. By then I could speak these languages well by practising with my bearer who followed me around. My playmates were kids with blonde hair and blue eyes who ate curry and ran around barefooted like the natives and spoke Anglo-Indian English. Again, whilst waiting to return home in Bombay (Mumbai), I travelled alone with the bearer 25 miles from the suburb of Santa Cruz into Bombay to browse American magazines at the USIS and enjoyed the air-conditioning. After I had my fill of Bombay, I returned home with my bearer on the train packed with humanity. On our return to KL, I was back at the Methodist school learning English without textbooks with burnt-out teachers. By 1951, I could also speak and write Latin which even Lee Kuan Yew did not have ! The delight of the bookshops in London turned me into a DIY scholar. Fortunately, not the delights of London’s other attractions which ruined many of my contemporaries. By the late 1960s, I was studying Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin in preparation for a different World of endeavour which my advisers put a stop to. Despite my lack of formal early academic training like those Presidential scholars of Singapore etc, I found I could THINK out of the box like our TDM. Importantly, I am still a CHINAMAN. What’s the problem, MCA and DAP ?

    1. Uncle,

      Who were the prominent Chinese families in India with you?

      Did you all stay in the same city?

      Journeyed by boat? On a steamship?

  2. HA. You are Malaysia’s very own Winifrey Oprah. Yes ! I remembered and pieced our family’s odyssey to India through the years as the Japanese Imperial Army landed on Singapore Island at midnight 6 February 1942. At about 5 pm 6 February 1942, I remembered being hoisted up by my arm-pits by a pair of hairy white arms in a white naval tropical uniform onto the swaying wooden gangway of the Free French ship MV Felix Roussel which used to ply between Cherbourg and Hanoi during the pre-war days. The ex-luxury liner, 18,000 tons was the last boat out of Singapore leaving at midnight 6 February 1942. Singapore felled on 15 February. The ship was completely stripped down. The following morning, whilst passing through the Banka Straits, we were bombed by 17 Mitsubishi Betty bombers which had to fly high and missed because of the ack-ack from 2 destroyers. One was the INS Sutlej and the other Australian. This convoy also included the SS Devonshire. We sailed through the Sunda Straits that night. I could see the Dutch on-shore light batteries searching the horizon from the Sumatra shore. The next morning we were in the vast blue Indian Ocean on the way to Bombay. The SS Devonshire continued its journey to Australia. The 2 destroyers returned to Batavia (Jakarta) to fight in the Battle of the Java Sea a few weeks later. Previous to this, I was machine-gunned one fine and breezy morning in our rubber estate in north Johor. My amah took me by the hand and ran out to the air-raid shelter dug out a few yards from the bungalow. I looked up as we ran. I saw a large twin-engine silver plane with large red roundels flying low overhead. I heard the sound of fire-crackers and the whistling sound of the leaves as we ran. Later, a bomb felled at the bottom of our house in Ridout Road, Singapore. From 8 December 1941 to 6 February 1942, I was struck by fear. The fear of the sound of air raid sirens, the ack-ack and the sound of falling bombs. It pays for those who have not experienced war in its raw form to have a taste of it that war is no drawing room joke with its refugees.
    Tun Hussein Onn was our neighbour when he was a cadet officer at Dehra Dun, north of New Delhi in the United Provinces. Tun H.S. Lee and his family were with us in Mussoorie 7,000 ft above Dehra Dun. They later lived in Marine Drive , Bombay while waiting to go home.. We lived in Santa Cruz, near the airport 25 miles north of the city. Tun Tan Cheng Lock, his wife and son, Tun Tan Siew Sin lived in Meerut, a military cantonment. Later, my brother-in-law and my brother worked for the All-India Radio, New Delhi. A KL family Loo Yu Soon was also in India.
    I believe I am the only Malaysian to be machine-gunned once and bombed twice by the Japanese Imperial Air Force and survived ! In 1992, I visited Kyoto and the taxi driver told me he was very sorry for what he did as a teenager in Burma. He must have waited for years to apologise to a person from South East Asia after he asked me where I came from. He told me he was totally against war in any form. A fine Japanese gentleman who was remorseful with regrets.
    To this day, I have a great love of Mother India with her friendly and hospitable Hindus, Muslims, Parsees, Sikhs, Anglo-Indians etc. Indian curries, heritage sites etc are the finest in the World.

    1. unker, reading all the names when the japs was here, can i conclude that many of the rich and powerful run to india?

      lky worked as a translator during japs occupation, how come your writes give me an impressive you are much younger than lky? i always thought you both are from the same generation?

  3. Well HA. Here are more of the same. At age 6, I stepped into a bucket of boiling water. You can imagine what a fuss my mother made. When I was 7 at the MBS, a boy kept bullying me. I fought him and his pencil nearly pierced my eyeball. The pencil mark is still on my face today. I was constantly ill in India until I had a tonsillectomy in a Catholic hospital in Mussoorie. In 1950, I stepped out of the Wembley Hair Salon, near Medan Pasar, an old man on a bicycle crashed into me from the right. He felled but I was not hurt. In 1951 at school one morning, I heard a loud bang behind me. I saw a bullet hole in my wooden desk. The discharge was caused by my friend an auxillary policeman, a Sutton boy, fiddling with his revolver. As a young medic who did not know how to swim, I was nearly drowned at the 9th Mile Port Dickson as the evening tide came in until my nephew pulled me out. In 1990, as my plane took off from Subang Airport one Sunday at 7.30 pm, I looked out of the window and thought I would have been playing badminton with my friend at the Kelana Jaya courts. The following morning after checking in at the Milan hotel, I crossed the road to the railway station opposite. I heard a loud screech and an young Italian on a Vespa crashed into me on the left. I felled and was not hurt. But the rider was shaking like a leaf. Afterwards, I rang up my badminton friend. His secretary told me ‘ he died on the court last night’. Man proposes. God disposes.

    1. Then MCA vice-president Chan Siang Sun also died from a heart attack during a game of badminton in 1989.

  4. Chan Siang Sun was a friend. Good people die young ? I really missed my other friend who was a white collar ‘type’ and provided me with a lot of insights for my work.

  5. HY. There was no way the Chinese could have left Malaya when the Japanese arrived because they were Nationals of the Republic of China under KMT Chiang Kai Shek. They had no passports. Only Lee Kong Chian, the best Chinese entrepreneur of 20Tun th Century SEA who was in Honolulu, Hawaii and my father could leave with KMT passports.. My father was the top contributor to the KMT Anti-Japanese War Effort. The Communists were banned by the British. He donated a war plane, hospitals, money etc to the KMT. via the brother of his son-in-law, Tun H.S. Lee who was an active KMT. My father was illiterate. He was right on top of the Japanese spy Colonel Tsuji’s list who came looking for him. Tan Kah Kee the Leftist father-in-law of Lee Kong Chian was in China. He was only rehabilitated by Lee Kuan Yew in the early 1980s to please China. My father and 2 sons flew off by flying boat to Batavia (Jakarta) in January 1942. The night they were on board the ship for India, it was torpedoed. My father and one son were taken naked to Perth, Australia. The other son returned to Surabaya where he worked in a soya bean factory for over 3 years. He did not want to work again. The son who was with my father married Lee Kuan Yew’s only sister in October 1951. PAP was formed in 1955. I met Lee Kuan Yew only once in 1956 when he was part of the Singapore Delegation for Self Government led by the CM David Marshall to Whitehall. The CU Malayan Assn invited him for dinner. At one end of the long bar, he was dressed in tuxedo nursing a long cool beer. He asked me,’ Are you George’s brother ?’. I replied,” Yes!”. That was the end of the conversation. It was at Cambridge that I discovered the Singaporeans were full of Bluffology and my politics have always been a Constitutionalist, never a Communalist. I completely disagree with the public policies of Lee Kuan Yew especially his Policy towards Malaysia., the 1962 Water Agreement, the Pulau Batu Puteh which was owned by Malaysia before Singapore was born in 1819 ! And many many mistakes by Lee Kuan Yew which are now beginning to show in Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew was the contemporary of my elder sister at Raffles College, Singapore who told me his character has always been brash and and wanted to be the No, 1. During the Japanese Occupation, it was obvious he took private law tuition with the unemployed English educated lawyers whilst his future rivals were fighting. He was admitted to LSE first but he sweet talked the Senior Tutor of the lowest rank Fitzwilliam House which admitted him overage at 23, no Latin or Greek and did not take the all important Open Examination against the best in UK. So, he went up to Cambridge by the back door. Years later, I took the Open Entrance Examination against the best in the UK even though I was an entirely DIY student because my school MBS and teachers were bombed out by the War. Unlike the govt. Victoria Institution which had the best of everything. I was given 2 years to pass which I did in 9 months with 100% in each 4 subjects. I was tops in the Malayan Cambridge Syndicate Exams which made the Queen’s Chaplain, Dr Charles Raven at Windsor Castle to recommend me to his own College. He was the College’s Master as well as the Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge. I did not cheat to get into Cambridge. To this day, no one from Malaysia or Singapore took the full route. They were all parachuted into Cambridge by Govt scholarships from other places. I was trained in the same Labs as the famous Dr Wu Lien Teh. Later, by the US Army Medical Research Unit at Walter Reed Hospital, Washington DC as a jungle Warfare epidemiologist ! The only Malaysian who completed his B.A, Hons (Natural Sciences) in 2 years. in competition with 154 best UK students. Lee Kuan Yew immediately after the War competed with a handful of war-weary veterans. He was placed last in the important professional London Bar Finals where the marking was not personal and different.. His wife was placed 3rd out of 300. Later, my wife was placed 7th out of 700. In fact there are many more smarter Malaysians in Malaysia today than Singapore which depended on brain-washing of the nubile, gullible and naive minds of the Malaysian Chinese to make themselves great through its humongous Ministry of Information. Stupid. TDM can think out of the box but not LKY ! Believe it or not ! My father unwittingly generated the MCA via Tun HS Lee and the PAP via Lee Kuan Yew. You do not hear of us because we are always humble and not self-serving.

  6. A huge signboard struck my eyes on the highway this morning.

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