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Put Malay MCA candidates in Wangsa Maju and other hot seats

MCA’s current two parliament seats – Ayer Hitam and Tanjong Piai – are in Malay-majority areas.

MCA has no clout with which to bargain within BN when it is already acknowledged that the party cannot command Chinese support.

This time Umno would in any case take over those seats contested and lost by MCA but which could have been won instead by a Malay BN candidate.

Umno is already taking over seats previously contested by Gerakan. Umno will do better in GE15 than it did in GE14 and make a comeback as a formidable force.

MCA has nothing to more lose in giving up such Malay-majority seats like Wangsa Maju, Kuantan, Alor Gajah and others to be contested by Malay members on the MCA party ticket.

Just a suggestion.

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5 thoughts on “Put Malay MCA candidates in Wangsa Maju and other hot seats

  1. If Malays in Tg Piai voted overwhelmingly for a Chinese MCA candidate in the BN camp, i dont see why Malays will not do the same again elsewhere in the spirit of BN brotherliness. Malays are not as vindictive or racial as Chinese who tend to vote only Chinese candidates. It is a well known fact that Chinese voters tend to vote for their own kind in a Chinese vs Malay one to one contest regardless from which party the Chinese candidate comes from. A good example was the Telok Intan by election when they voted overwhelmingly against Dyana Sofya in spite of her being a candidate from the Chinese-led DAP.

    1. What you say about Chinese voting preferences is true to some extent. But Malay sentiments have slso changed since Sheraton.

      But in GE14, votes for MCA in Malay-majority seats were reduced and went instead to PAS or Berjasa (third party candidate deliberately placed to send a message).

      Pressure from the Malay ground for Umno to take over the seats has been mounting because it is undeniable that MCA’s loss of Chinese support is not viable for BN.

      Tg Piai result is heartening but it was a byelection at a particular point in tome. Dynamics are different compared to general election.

      As for Dyana, she was a 20-something greenhorn who came very close to beating a seasoned president of BN component party.

      And Gerakan failed to defend Teluk Intan in GE14.

      Finally, BN is a rump coalition reduced to four parties from thirteen. The spirit of brotherliness has correspondingly diminished too.

  2. Please note that even all the BN Malays voted for the MCA candidates, the MCA just did not deliver in the 14th GE because the Chinese deserted the MCA. No use flogging a dead MCA horse. Both the wealthy MCA and the DAP as Communal Middle-men, have become irrelevant and out-lived their usefulness, it is better that Malay based parties, Malay candidates opt to serve the 6 Million Chinese sincerely, wholeheartedly and politically. and Malay based Governments nominate talented Chinese from the 6 Million to serve as Ministers, Advisers, Ombudsmen, Penghulus, GLCs executives etc. by passing the wealthy MCA and DAP which are now found to be just toll-keepers in mufti. This new approach will bring the UNITY of Malaysia without contrived conflict, dissension, and play-acting. It is time all Malaysians grow up and send the fakes into retirement or social welfare work.

  3. HA. As the dry season rolls on, more and more frogs are jumping. Soon there will be a deluge of political frogs of the Malaysian kind. Hopefully, more Aduns will take note of my exhortations that it is no longer worthwhile to back the MCA, DAP, Gerakan or PKR because history has willed them out as leaders of our 6 Million Chinese community. Let us be practical and let us 6 Million Chinese support the PN Government and Bersatu (with our heads without emotions) and call a spade a spade which is apparently as yet untainted. Believe it or not. The Malays can represent the 6 Million Chinese better than by the Chinese themselves. Why ? How ? If the MCA or the DAP really represented the 6 Million Chinese, definitely, their Leaders would not be so wealthy/ Right ? It is now up to the 6 Million Chinese to be as pure as the virgin snow or like Caesar’s wife beyond reproach. Let us hope my ideas for Unity, Peace, Harmony and Prosperity be the game changer in the New Politics of our beloved Malaysia. The creation of Wealth by the broad strokes on the canvas of political policies and not on ‘the pie in the sky’ wishful thinking reforms which are never going to happen without majority support. We must go for our own Unity, Peace, Harmony and Prosperity and not respond to some distant whistle from a NGO master in a distant land like a Pavlov dog ! In recent years, so many NGOs have made good. I know of one who had only a set of 2 rooms in my friend’s office building. She donned a yellow T-shirt and marched the hot and humid streets of KL munching a KFC with the masses. Lo and behold ! She grunted a few choice words. Presto ! She was ennobled and made a Freedom citizen of a city in the Southern Antipodes. Now loaded with success, she found it only necessary to mutter a few choice words now and then to keep herself relevant. I applaud such ingenious mindset to success !

  4. I do not see how the wealthy MCA and DAP can move away from their traditional stance of chauvinism and their secret self-interests. In the case of the wealthy DAP, it is alleged that they serve 2 masters ie. themselves and Singapore. Only history, the finest arbiter of the Truth will reveal in the future

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