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Malaysiakini’s Great Awokening

The Malaysiakini news headline yesterday read ‘Zahid trial: Businessperson felt special that DPM wanted RM10m donation’.

Our country’s most awokened media referred to Singapore’s Mr Wong Sang Woo as a “businessperson”.

The corresponding NST headline was ‘Zahid asked Singaporean businessman for RM10 million donation, court told’.

‘Businessman’ is a common, everyday word but the wokeists at Malaysiakini just had to display their wokery by saying ‘businessperson’.

How the rest of M’sian media titled their story

The dude is a ‘businessman’ lah!

The Star — Zahid asked for RM10mil donation from S’porean businessman, says witness

The Sun — Zahid asked for RM10 mln donation from Singaporean businessman – investigating officer

The Edge — Zahid asked Singaporean businessman for RM10m donation, says witness’

Astro Awani — Zahid asked for a contribution of RM10 million from a Singaporean businessman – 98th witness

 FMT — I gave RM10mil to Zahid’s foundation upon ‘request’, says S’pore businessman

 Malay Mail — MACC officer: Zahid asked for RM10m in donation for charity from businessman in first meeting, 10 cheques banked in as instructed

The Malaysian Insight — Zahid asked for RM10 million donation from Singaporean businessman, court told

•  Malaysia Now — Zahid asked for RM10 million donation from Singapore businessman, investigating officer tells court

 Bernama — Zahid asked for RM10 mln donation from Singaporean businessman – Investigating officer

Malaysia Gazette and The Vibes also described Mr Wong as a ‘businessman’ in the body copy of their report although not using the word in the headline.

It appears that ordinary human beings can say the word ‘businessman’ without choking. But Malaysiakini would shove ‘businessperson’ down the throat of their readers.

Siti Hasmah is the middlewoman sandwiched between her husband and Tian Chua

In mKini, the word is ‘middleperson’

Malaysiakini named Tian Chua as the “middleperson” between Anwar and Azmin c.2019.

Everybody and my six house cats say ‘middleman’ but nooooo, it’s not done in Malaysiakini. 

Also in Malaysiakini, the following coverage:

“A suspected human trafficking syndicate member who ferried eight Myanmar illegal immigrants in a Perodua Alza car all the way from Kelantan to Puchong, Selangor, to be handed over to a middleperson has been shot dead by the police.”

Now instead of saying ‘illegal immigrants’, why not just go the whole hog and say “undocumented foreign persons of colour crossing the border without proper immigration papers”.

Malaysiakini’s obsession with gender-neutral woke words is not merely an annoying affectation.

A corollary to wokeism is passive-aggressive virtue signaling, e.g. to finger-point (allude) as “Hitler” and “Nazis” other people who don’t agree with the wokiests.

Woke princess clutching at her pearls 

Under the 28 Apr 2020 Malaysiakini headline ‘Rohingyas are human too’ (above), Michelle Liu wrote: “It scares me to think that there are Malaysians who actually believe that Rohingyas are like dogs”.

Michelle continued:

“Adolf Hitler had referred to the Jews as rats. During the Rwandan genocide, the Hutus have called the Tutsis ‘cockroaches’. The Palestinians were also not spared from being referred to as animals by the Israelis. It follows that such ‘animals’ and ‘vermins’ ought to be exterminated.”

What is more scary is that a merely illustrative cartoon is dragged by Michelle into Godwin’s Law territory.

The cartoon showed a dog first sleeping at the foot of his owner’s bed. Then through the course of a few frames (cartoon panels), the dog successfully nudges the sleeping man off his bed.

Anybody who’s ever had a pampered pooch would have had this familiar experience. My late dog Suzie also used to jump onto my bed occasionally until she got too big.

For pet owners, the cartoon is something we can easily identify with.

Somebody had circulated the said cartoon on social media tagging the dog ‘Rohingya’ and the sleeping man ‘Malaysia’.

This led Ms Woke Michelle Liu to throw a hissy fit screaming “Hitler” and accusing her countrymen (err, countrypersons) of actually viewing the Rohingya as almost literally dogs.

People do often use animal metaphors — slow as a tortoise, a fish out of water, running around like a headless chicken, frog being boiled in a pot of increasingly warm water, etc.

A certain group may well be likened to the situational tortoise, fish, chicken, frog etc.

But these metaphors are never taken as encouraging the act of decapitation on the (human) group members likened to the headless chickens or promoting the act of physical torture on the group likened to the slowly boiled frogs.

Never, that is, until the arrival of the cult of woke.

Michelle Liu’s virtue signaling on ‘Rohingya equals dog’ would of course be published in Malaysiakini … but where else.




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  1. HA. The Malaysiakini is correct in keeping with the modern trend of female gender equality sweeping around the World. Many years ago, I dropped “Mankind’ and replaced it with ‘Humankind’ to get a better reception for my comments.

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