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The supposed 400-year-old BM gospel used ‘Tuhan’ translation

Translated by Albert Cornelius Ruyl, I believe.

This image sourced from the Bible Society of Malaysia reads something like “Yang dijanji baharu dari Tuhan-ku Jesu Christi”.

Why are the Christians today so insistent on using the ‘Allah’ word when the earliest BM gospels – such as the flyleaf seen below – apparently use ‘Tuhan’ to refer to the Lord.

Perhaps the Malaysian church and Christians have their own compelling evidence to share?

After all, it seems as if they’re somehow suggesting that their desired kalimah Allah translation has been in use here in Nusantara for a very long time, “centuries” even.


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One thought on “The supposed 400-year-old BM gospel used ‘Tuhan’ translation

  1. Over 50 years ago, I scored an ‘A’ for my Scripture Paper in the Cambridge University Syndicate Examinations. I doubt if any one of those tax free RM 2 incorporated church owners were anywhere near a Bible in their teens. Then, I was already surprised that the British were more atheists than Christians.. The majority never attended church on Sundays. Christmas was just a commercial undertaking created in the 19th Century.

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