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Peranan Melayu DAP dalam kes Jill Ireland

Adun DAP Perak YB Abdul Aziz Bari beserta setpol Kit Siang, iaitu Syahredzan Johan kedua-duanya  menyumbang afidavit berhubung kes kalimah ‘Allah‘ di Mahkamah Tinggi.

Afidavit mereka dilapor telah menyatakan bahawa penggunaan kalimah ‘Allah‘ oleh orang Kristian tidak akan membuat orang Melayu jadi konpius.

Adakah pemimpin DAP dua orang Ini perlu dipersalahkan (dipertanggungjawab), tanya Dr Kamarul Zanan Yusoff dalam kolum beliau di Harakah.

Jawapan saya — Pasti ya!

Gambar fail 2014

Aziz Bari adalah naib pengerusi DAP Perak yang diketuai evangelis Nga Kor Ming dan sepupunya evangelis Ngeh Koo Ham.

Anak bos Syahredzan ialah seorang Born Again Christian (Lim Guan Eng).

DAP sebuah parti yang mempunyai paling ramai wakil beragama Kristian. DAP mewakili undi Cina dan undi orang Kristian.


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11 thoughts on “Peranan Melayu DAP dalam kes Jill Ireland

  1. Kalau fikirkan keamanan Dan kesejahteraan,tak timbul pasal Kristian ker,agama APA pun.hidup Dalam negara berbilang kaum Dan agama.kenapa perlu buruk sangka Dan bersangka buruk.selagi Ada manusia macam kamu,Yang suka ungkitkan pasal agama,memang jahanam negara.
    Sudah2 lah.jangan berfikiran kolot.semoga manusia yg berfikiran sempit ini dicampak buang ke laut.

  2. i recall many years back on a co tour at hatyai, i asked my malay colleague why remain in the bus, she said muslim not suppose to visit temple. while walking around, i meet another malay colleague and in a surprising tone i asked, I though muslim not suppose to come into a temple? he said this is a tourist attractions, not temple. both of them are pretty assured with their response, its me that are getting konpius.

    1. Itu pun nak jadikan ISU..terpulang pada individu yg mendalami ilmu agama.
      Kalau saya jadi kamu,tak perlu nak persoalkan kena tak masuk melawat kuil.
      Bila pemikiran diracuni oleh pemimpin yg berfikiran sempit,menghasut,membenci,inilah jadinya.
      Padahal Dalam Islam,semuanya baik Dan indah.tapi bila kat penunggang agama,maka lahirlah masyarakat yg berfikiran kolot macam kamu.
      Zaman sekarang,yg menjadikan masyarakat bercuriga,datang Dari pemimpin yg bersifat perkauman.baik cina,India atau melayu.
      So,nasihat sy,tak perlu nak konpius benda yg remeh temeh.tak perlu nak buat penulisan yg boleh mendatangkan kebencian dikalangan masyarakat.kita ni duduk satu negara

      1. exactly my point, thats why i said both my muslim colleague is “pretty assured” of what they are doing, its between them and their god, who am i to tell the right or wrong. but now some politician and ulama want to dictate how one should conduct their beliefs, a bit busy body dont you think?

        saya terima nasihat kamu dgn hati yg ikhlas, takde masalah.

  3. Why should a Malay-based Political Party align itself with the wealthy Devious Action Party which actions like getting the Lee Kuan Yew inspired CPTPP approved by the PH Cabinet whilst the PM was absent in August 2018 as revealed by Dato Azmin Ali in the Dewan Rakyat in August 2020 ? The CPTPP without the US market is a fake as alleged by the good Prof. Jomo. It is a Malaysia/Malays/Malaysians/SMEs Killer which only benefits Singapore because it is next to us. Overnight, tax free goods or relabeled goods will flood in and kill all our SMEs and create massive unemployment. This is the nub of the CPTPP – the Malaysia Killer. For the other countries, it will take years for their goods to arrive being so far away before technicalities are eased. It is far better for Unity, Peace, Harmony and Prosperity that the Malay based Parties put up Malay candidates in Chinese areas with solid promises of service to the Chinese like protecting their abiding interests by providing jobs, business and education opportunities etc. Like this UNITY will be achieved in our beloved Malaysia in a jiffy !

  4. Further to my comment that Malay-based political parties should put up Malay candidates in Chinese constituencies, it is also the fact when a Malay adun elected by the Chinese, delivers the goodies, the human touch of gratefulness between the parties is assured. Unity is strengthened all round and bonding for Unity becomes a reality. Like the wealthy MCA and the DAP now, we see their wealth exposed in law suits amounting to millions of ringgits in land deals both in FTZ Klang and Pulau Pinang. In both cases something happened on the way to Kuala Lumpur, not Rome. If these folks had worked hard for the Rakyat, where have they got time to count so much money, the filthy lucre ? Should the Chinese still support the wealthy DAP ? At least the MCA never said they were like virgin snow or beyond reproach like Caesar’s wife ! Or misrepresented themselves as squeaky clean as tiny Singapore for decades !

  5. HA, The more I ponder over my suggestion that sincere and trustworthy Malay candidates should stand in Chinese majority constituencies at the next 15th GE, the more I believe this is the only Way for the future of Malaysian politics. The present out-dated Communal Middle-men Chinese parties have failed to represent the 6 Million Chinese. What we now see are the alleged Suits against members of the wealthy MCA and the DAP which they adroitly escaped by the skin of their teeth ! If the wealthy DAP aligns with UMNO (I advised them to do so in 2018), the timing is absolutely out of sync. As the saying goes,’ Two wongs do not make a right.’ Either way both parties will be reduced by 50% in a GE. The next GE will be won by a party who has no Suits at the High Court, come what may. Money politics of the usual kind will be pushed to the back-burner. The Party with an untainted Leadership wins based on Integrity and Delivery to the Rakyat. The seats now claimed by the DAP are already out-of date in this World of the Net. It’s present Pater et Fil act looks terribly old fashioned. I wonder how many crypto-Christians have secret agendas in their hearts and naked knives behind their backs.. The future will foretell.

  6. For those who are not aware of the 4 bungles of the wealthy DAP, these are as follows :-
    1. In 1997, if DAP’s good friend had gone on a holiday to the US, he would have returned as the Honourable Prime Minister. Who gave him the wrong advice ? Instead, their friend painted the streets of KL red hot.
    2. In 2008, if the 32 Aduns had been sorted out before the 12th GE and not after, the Duo would have been in Power since.
    3. In 2013, if the Duo had declared a fast to the death like Gandhi, Putrajaya was theirs for the taking.
    4. In 2018-2020, the Duo had no patience to wait. And they lost ALL.after being thrown out to the streets naked, seamlessly and unceremoniously.

    The failures of the wealthy DAP raises more questions than answers. Is the DAP serious in good governance ? Are they really good friends with their good friend ? Why the wealthy DAP appears as one when out of Power but in disarray in Power ? Is the wealthy DAP only interested to win seats by the sleigh of hand tactics with its supporters and voters ? Is it you may con some people some of the time but not all the people all the time ? It is time the 6 Million Chinese wake up and ask the wealthy DAP some pointed questions ! When the DAP Pater et Fil act ends forever ?

    1. unker, is wealthy a correct description for dap? domineering and hypocrisy maybe, wealthy i am not too sure, perhaps you know more.

  7. HY. My fren. Wealthy is an absolutely description of Uncle Lim’s wealth and the DAP. Their Wealth is clean and legal – definitely not as rich as the billionaires with stolen Public money. You do not require a rocket scientist to work this out.
    Uncle Lim was carrying Lee Kuan Yew’s brief-case since he was 26 years old. He is now 80 years old.. He has been collecting legal tax free money for 54 years. The first 30 years of DAP’s existence from 1966 were tough against a strong BN Government which put obstacles in its path. But these were gala times for the DAP as well in a strong economy. The more DAP banged the chauvinist drum, the more legal tax free donations flowed in. Donations were always in cash as the KL High Court cases revealed.. If DAP has 1 Million registered supporters paying only RM 1 per year, how much tax free money DAP will collect per year, HY ? That’s the subs. In GE years, much more are collected from tycoons to shopkeepers. More money in DAP kitty, more salary for Uncle Lim. It is alleged Uncle Lim has houses in Ipoh, Petaling Jaya and a Singapore house bought in the early days. On the assumption that Uncle Lim collected tax-free Federal emoluments as an Adun at RM 20,000 per month and also State tax free emoluments at RM 15,000 per month with a free pistol/revolver thrown in, He has always been holding two seats, Federal and State. HY you work out how much Uncle Lim is worth not for 57 years but only half his political tax free Life at 27 years. Not only that, it is alleged that by going to jail, not only a person gains in political capital but also in huge amounts of tax free cash donated by well-wishers. These are the transparent and legal facts as we know it. Well, his son Junior, is another story. A real example. In 1954, a couple of Chinese tycoon spent Straits Dollars 400,000 for the whole GE won by the Alliance. In 1984, an UMNO warlord told me that RM 20 Million would give a lot of trouble to the Government. In recent days, hundreds of millions of ringgits were claimed by a few UMNO divisions. How much would the DAP spend to compete ? Those strings of little flags used to be a few sens each. By now at least RM 2-3 each if not more. Politics is now a multi-billion ringgit business in Malaysia financed by tons of cash. How much is the wealthy DAP and Uncle Lim worth ? You work that one out from the above-mentioned facts, my fren, HY.

  8. Typo correction. Instead of rocket scientist, it should read…’rocket scientist from Singapore.’ Sorry.

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