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Dapsters deserve PAS rule because elections have consequences

Sin Chew columnist Tajuddin Rasdi wrote on Wednesday (March 17) about his fear that one day soon a PAS ulamak may become prime minister of this country. 

Who is Prof. Dr Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi? Well, he is another Melayu DAP, or to quote him in his own words: “I am a ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ sort of personality”. 

Prof. Tajuddin shared with his Chinese Sin Chew readership the “thing that shocked me a few months after that historic [GE14] win was the backlash from the Malays”.

In his Sin Chew column two days ago headlined ‘The critical importance of a BN-PH electoral pact for Malaysia’, Tajuddin explained why to him, PAS appears to be “the Big Boss now”.  

He revealed that in the aftermath of BN’s 2018 electoral defeat, “WhatsApp messages were burning with hate news, fake news and extremist news fanned by Malay and Islamic social and political entities”. 

(As MCA saw it, the DAP had spooked the Malays by garnering 95 percent of the Chinese vote.)

“The mosque burned with ceramah after ceramah and nothing was done to arrest that situation,” added the liberal professor.

Prof. Tajuddin pointed out to his still politically naive Sin Chew readers — “I saw how PAS and Umno were in complete and undeniable control of university educated Malays, Madrasa educated Malays and less educated Malays”.

He correctly concluded how really minuscule in number the “liberal and progressive Malays’ such as himself were.

Tajuddin also rightly assessed that middle and upper middle class Malays are now settling into “Islamic conservatism”.

This religious situation of an increasingly conservative Malaysia has allowed PAS to “become the choice of the Malays”, he observed, “and they have the ideological charisma to actually lead in the control of the [Malay] race”.

Said Tajuddin: “I truly believe that if PAS were to now insist that Hadi Awang be the Prime Minister, nothing can stop them”. 

“Who is going to stop PAS?” he asked.

Answering his own rhetorical question, Tajuddin said not Bersatu, not the Sheraton Movers, not Umno, not PKR which is unable to manage the Malays, not DAP which is “the last party on earth that the Malays would listen to”, not Amanah which can’t mobilize effectively nor did anything constructive while in government previously, and certainly not MUDA which “can’t even register itself”. 

Tajuddin believes that in the “battle for the soul of Malaysia” and to block the rising tide of racial and religious over dominance, Harapan must needs form an electoral pact with Umno.

DAP hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong-sorong

This blogger’s response

DAP had formed an electoral pact with PAS under Pakatan Rakyat. After their short-lived stint abruptly ended, the Islamist party is left more convinced than ever that the DAP is being dominated by evangelists.  

DAP had formed an electoral pact too with Bersatu under Pakatan Harapan. After only less than 10 months interaction in Putrajaya, Bersatu was already planning their exit from the coalition of strange bedfellows. 

Looking at the bad experience of PAS Malays and Bersatu Malays, why would Umno Malays want to repeat the experiment unless they’re compulsive masochists?

What makes Tajuddin think that Umno grassroots would even consider a pact with Harapan where DAP is the biggest party?

What makes Tajuddin think that the Malay ground would countenance such a torture?

What makes Tajuddin think that Umno would choose to ally with DAP whose support base is voters of another race and religion rather than ally with PAS who are of the same race, same religion and speaking the same language? 

After all, Umno and PAS are already together in the perpaduan ummah Muafakat compact whereas Umno and DAP are on opposite ends of the Malay rights and ‘Islamic country-vs-secular country’ spectrum. 

As a professor, surely Tajuddin knows at least a little something about the law of probability and the path of least resistance, no? 

Malaysia is most like Lebanon

The table above shows the trend of the Islamic world and its percentage of Muslim population in each OIC country. 

Once a country is majority Muslim, it is most common for that country to be above 90 percent Muslim. 

A vast number of Muslim countries are almost completely Muslim (>90%) and the list of such countries is very long, from Sudan and Bangladesh to Morocco and Afghanistan — look up and see the endless green bars in the chart. All countries with more than 90 percent Muslim population and many of them with more than 95 percent. 

A multireligious country like Malaysia is rare in the Islamic world as can be seen from the very short list below of Muslim-majority countries with a roughly similar 30-40 percent non-Muslim population.

Lebanon has the closest demographic makeup to Malaysia — see graph above.  

Although Bahrain and Qatar are both in this 50-70 percentile,  their non-Muslim populations are nonetheless resident expats and foreign workers, not citizens. 

Outside of Malaysia and Lebanon, the only other countries within this range of Muslim/non-Muslim religious mix are Burkina Faso, Chad and Nigeria.

From the population census of 2010, Malaysia was enumerated to be two-thirds Muslim.

This percentage will record an increase once the decennial 2020 census has been tabulated and its results released to the general public.

Compare to the rest of the Islamic world that is mostly above 95 percent Muslim.  

Malaysia is indeed very rare and if Prof. Tajuddin Rasdi fears that we may no longer remain so, then he should think about what the DAP did to get us to reach this point where 95 percent of Chinese voted for the opposition, and Muslims and non Muslims are also similarly voting for opposite sides of the political divide.

Whatever happens next is merely a consequence of Chinese voters reaping the whirlwind from what they sowed in three consecutive elections between 2008 and 2018.

Never forget that elections have consequences. 

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2 thoughts on “Dapsters deserve PAS rule because elections have consequences

  1. The DAP’s southern cousins PAP won over the Malays from Umno’s southern cousins PKMS back in the 50s/60s. They did it by pretending to love Malays. They wore songkok to charm the Malays. Fast forward 60 years later, the DAP is now trying to repeat the PAP’s trickery in order to win over the Malays from Umno. One of their strategies is to champion so called Malay liberalism. But this is a ruse. Malays have always been liberal and they are solidly with Umno since the early days. By liberal, we mean “tolerant & accepting”.

  2. Martin. You are right. Their modus operandi as described underlines the pompous view the DAP/PAP viewed others which emanated downwards from the top in Singapore. The Malays are courteous, polite and humble. These DAPs have been holding the stick by the wrong end. Even in Singapore today, the results of their arrogance which were contrived in the go-go years of the Cold War (1948-1989) when they had the full backing of Uncle Sam showed today. If Singapore had invested their Cold War (1948-1989) riches into GOLD at US$300 per oz. up to 4,000 tons, she would not be a knight in rusty armour but the King of the Hill rubbing shoulders with the Super Powers with Malaysia in her little back pocket. But Man proposes. God disposes. In 2020, the Covid-19 virus stripped Singapore naked. She had to bring out S$33 Billion out of her hard-earned reserves to fill the yawning deficit in her Budget.

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