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Will DAP spook the Muslims next?

The people supporting kalimah Allah for Christians are the DAP voter base.

A majority of Muslims, however, object to Christians here using this Arabic word to denote their Trinity.

Muslims are three-quarters (estimate) of our population.

The last population census in 2010 said two-thirds of Malaysians are Muslim.

The latest census of 2020 has not yet been released but it is reasonable to think that over the last decade, the ratio of Muslims may have risen to something like 75 percent.

It is a logical deduction to make because Malays are, by the federal constitution, necessarily all Muslim. And Malays make up a large proportion of young Malaysians.

The Malay vs Chinese age pyramid have different shapes — see the side-by-side charts below from the Department of Statistics.

Malaysia population year 2020

The Malay – categorized under ‘Bumiputera’ – pyramid is sharply tapered at its top, meaning only a small proportion are elderly, i.e. aged above sixty.

By contrast, the top of the Chinese pyisramid is chubbier, meaning a larger proortion of the community are in the 60-85+ age bracket.

The base of the Malay (as a subset of Bumiputera) pyramid also widens outwards indicating that the broadest strata or biggest number of Malays are children under 10.

Again the Chinese pyramid shows an opposite pattern. Its base narrows inwards, meaning the proportion of Chinese children is smaller than the numbers of their parents’ generation.

Malay boys up to age 4
Chinese boys up to age 4

In absolute numbers, Malay boys under the age of four total one million (1,067,000) while Chinese boys in the same age group total 207,400.

The population demography described above supports a projection that at least three-quarters of those persons resident in Malaysia are Muslim because young Malays form the bulk of the country population.

This ¾-Muslim population figure is easily and assuredly the reality on the ground if non-Malaysian residents such as Bangladeshis and Rohingya are included in the count.

Percentage of Muslim in population 79–90%

After our present increase in the ratio of Muslims to non Muslims in the Malaysian population, we will become more like Indonesia – see table above – and less like Lebanon where Christians are politically powerful.

In Indonesia, its minority Chinese ethnic are free to adhere to non-Islamic religions but they nonetheless have Indonesian names and speak bahasa Indonesia.

If Malaysia were to become more like Indonesia, then our minority Chinese ethnic should also have Malaysian names and speak bahasa Malaysia.

The non-Bumiputera Christians in Malaysia want to use kalimah Allah too. They argue that Christians in Indonesia are allowed to use kalimah Allah.

DAP is fighting for the right of Christians to use kalimah Allah in Malaysia.

If Christians here want to use kalimah Allah, then they should emulate the Christians of Indonesia and similarly speak the national language.

Also remember that Indonesia does not allow the Chinese vernacular education system.

Since we’re beginning to closely resemble Indonesia in our religious demography, and since DAP and the Christian voters it represents want Malaysia to copy Indonesia in permitting Christian use of kalimah Allah, then we ought to follow Indonesia’s one-language education system as well.

Don’t merely cherrypick and choose.


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3 thoughts on “Will DAP spook the Muslims next?

  1. The facts are that France and Switzerland have passed laws or voted in a national referendum that the majority view of the Nation’s religion holds. No country in this World has permitted a tiny minority to dictate over the majority unless it’s communism of authoritarianism.

  2. Demographics is a 21st Century science brought about by the West’s adventurism in the Middle East in the 20th Century causing death and destruction !. What the West did not foresee was the millions of migrants which braved death and sufferings to reach the West for survival after the destruction of their centuries old abodes by the West. The unexpected pay-off for the West is the sudden mass slaughter of the innocent men, women and children happening in the US, the UK and the EU. ever so often. These tragic incidents will occur again and again given the living conditions in the West affecting these migrants – discrimination, lack of jobs, cold harsh winters in quiet neighbourhoods, etc. A person who has lived in these places in the winters will understand the sufferings of a penniless migrant. Our local big mouths/born again Christians, numbering not more than 500,000 in a population of 32 million, have the luxury of talking without a thought for those displaced Middle East migrants by the millions. If they do, what is so great about semantics ? Stupid. Pour le vous Francais ? Besides, the West is 7,000 miles from Malaysia for these loud mouths. Think before you talk always ! Words are like bullets out of a gun which are irretrievable ! History is the finest Arbiter of the Truth.

  3. A great person once said, ‘ For a good mind and body, do not mourn the past nor worry about the future. But live in the present, wisely and earnestly .’

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