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PKR non Malays open to joining BN

PKR vice president Chang Lih Kang broached the possibility of cooperation with Umno in a Wacana Sinar panel discussion last night.

Chang said that politics is, after all, the art of the possible.

He said our country was in need of a new political alignment and this could take the form of PKR joining BN, as one example.

Relevant comments start from minute 42:40 onwards in the video below.

And what about Cina DAP post GE15? 


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2 thoughts on “PKR non Malays open to joining BN

  1. Does anyone see the difference in the mentality/mindsets of the non-Malays in the PKR and their compatriots in the BN ? Both groups are led by leaders who are in need of some refreshments !

  2. As I have been saying that the reality of Malaysian Politics is based on the revered Constitution. The Constitution serves the majority of the 32 million population. This legal instrument was not produced without an afterthought but from the tragic mistakes made by the British when they left their former colonies after the World War 2. The first was Palestine which hostilities began after the end of the War. Then the Partition of India in 1947 with a tragic loss of over a million lives. Ceylon also failed in the years following her Independence. When Merdeka came for Malaya, the British had their fingers crossed. They did not expect Malaysia to do so well for so long until the years after 2003 when the Central European Yiddish song ‘Cash is King’ got into the nubile mindsets of Malaysian politicians who suddenly wanted tons of money during their keep. Can we blame the jealous rivals for instigating this weakness of grown adults ? The rest is history. Or history is the finest arbiter of the Truth. With the love of Money, came disunity. It is a must that Unity of the Malays is paramount to the well-being of Malaysia in all aspects because the soul and spirit of a Nation is based on its Malay elites and the burgeoning middle-class without which the non-Malay elite cannot progress and develop because of the Constitution. Hence, it is important for all non-Malay elites to assist wherever possible to smooth out the kinks and not to increase the difficulty of building a Nation with her disparate population. Instead, what we see some non-Malay troublemakers exploiting minor issues for reasons best known to themselves. They are doing a great disservice to our beloved Malaysia hampering her progress to be one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being the UK, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia.

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