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Status of Christianity helps empower DAP

In his exclusive interview yesterday with FMT, Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan spoke about Malay and Islam as being the core of this country. See below.

He used the words ‘induk’, ‘keindukan’ and ‘keterangkuman’ as well as a metaphor of Malays in the role of mother hen (ethnic) sheltering under her wings the chicks (Chinese, Indians dan lain-lain) that she loves one and all.

Other nationalists have used the term ‘core nation’ (bangsa induk) to refer to the Malays together with their culture held up as budaya teras.

DAP, on the other hand, has been successful in portraying Malay nationalism as some kind of Ku Klux Klan type supremacy — Ketuanan Melayu.

In fact, the DAP propaganda (accusing BN of racism) has been so successful that MCA finally capitulated and this year opened its party membership for the first time to non Chinese.

Other race-based parties like Bersatu have also caved in to the DAP propaganda by taking members from those ethnics initially excluded by their party name.

Paul Yong Choo Kiong and Edmund Santhara Kumar, for example, have become associate members of Bersatu, a communal party that once styled itself for ‘Pribumi’ only.

The recent evolution of MCA and Bersatu into nominally multiracial parties is, in a way, a victory for DAP propaganda.

In another way though, it is a sign that the Race card played ever so relentlessly by DAP is a spent bullet.

DAP won the battle of branding its opponents as ‘racist’.

The evangelical party has succeeded in thoroughly convincing the Chinese electorate that the BN formula is racist.

Having already won the Race card game, the DAP is now thinking its Religion card can be the second winning hand.

Will DAP win the next battle of branding its opponents as ‘religious bigots’?

BELOW: In the DAP, its non-Chinese leaders such as Ramasamy et al still must have their names in Chinese script

Other religions in the Federation

DAP is the party representing Chinese voters. It is also the party representing Christian voters.

DAP is the party that has the most number of Christian elected representives, i.e. MPs and Aduns.

DAP is the party of the Chinese and of the Christians. 

According to the Malay nationalists, Chinese do not have the status of ‘core nation’ (bangsa induk) here in Nusantara because their race originates from outside the region. 

According to Tok Mat in his FMT interview, however, Malays and Islam are ‘induk’.

Christianity and Islam both originate from outside the Nusantara region. Christianity comes from the Levant or Middle East while Islam comes from Arabia. 

Islam – although coming from outside – is the religion of the Malays who are the core nation (bangsa induk).

Christianity – also coming from outside – is the religion of the evangelis Cina DAP who are the not core nation. 

Nonetheless Christianity is the religion too of the Borneo natives who are similarly the core nation. One example of a native Christian is Jill Ireland binti Bill Lawrence. She is Melanau and belongs to the indigenous people of Sarawak.

Using the nationalist argument, Hinduism and Buddhism are the religions adhered to by Indians and Chinese who are not bangsa induk.

But what about Christianity which is embraced by the pribumi of Sabah and Sarawak, and by the Orang Asal in Semenanjung who are all Nusantara natives?

DAP’s push to diversify our national everything 

When Lim Guan Eng was Finance Minister, the above – see pix – red Chinese couplets were pasted on the wall of his ministry. 

The Finance Ministry under Guan Eng in 2018-2020 had issued their press statements in Chinese alongside our bahasa kebangsaan. As the finance minister, Guan Eng spoke to reporters in Mandarin alongside BM.

DAP as the voice of the Chinese electorate made no secret that they looked to the Singapore model of having several official languages, i.e. Chinese side by side with the tiny island state’s other national languages.

Malaysia however rejects Mandarin as a co-national language because its native speakers originated from a foreign country, China. 

DAP can never make its etnik Cina to become bangsa induk despite all the lipstick they tried applying on the evangelis Cina DAP as “anak bangsa Malaysia”.

DAP however has its Religion card. Inasmuch as DAP is the party of the Chinese, it is also the party of the Christians. 

MCA which is the party of the Chinese Buddhists and MIC which is the party of the Indian Hindus have to be content to shelter under Umno’s wings as both parties are not induk anything.

On the other hand, Christianity is not on the same level as Buddhism and Hinduism. The adherents of Christianity include pribumi compared to the adherents of Buddhism and Hinduism who are keturunan pendatang.

Christianity in Malaysia has followers like Jill Ireland, Ronald Kiandee, Richard Riot, James Masing, Bernard Dompok, Maximus Ongkili, Wilfred Tanggau, Wilfred Bumburing, the Kitingan brothers, Joseph Kurup and his son Arthur, Idris Jala, Joshua Hilmy — all Bumiputera. 

DAP politics is all about pushing multikulti … multiculturalism, multiracialism and for us Malaysians to be diverse, plural, multilingual and multi religious. 

DAP as the Chinese embodiment has emerged as the biggest party in parliament with even more MPs than Umno. 

Christianity has a status higher than Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and other religions of the non Malays.

It is indisputable that DAP has won the race card game by convincing non Malays that they’re a marginalized and persecuted minority in Malaysia. 

Can DAP win the Religion card game by convincing non Muslims that they’re a marginalized and persecuted minority when as bangsa induk Kristian they deserve better? 


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4 thoughts on “Status of Christianity helps empower DAP

  1. They extoll Malaysian Malaysia, but they don’t even want to recognise what the heart of Malaysia is. The most funniest thing is, everyone must have a Chinese scripture for their name in the party’s nomination papers.
    What if the Registration Department requires everyone to have their names in Jawi? I can imagine the furor.
    It is a fickle matter but it is them who played up issues regarding what Malaysians should be.

    1. You mean have their names written in Chinese * ‘script’. *

      I agree with you. DAP’s ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ is rubbish (actually I’m tempted to use a harsher word).

  2. The title should be ” Money Status of Christianity empowers DAP. Has any one noticed that when the tax free RM 2 incorporated churches garnered so much money from their worshippers that after buying up huge factories they now turn to politics to expand their influence. To mix Politics with religion is a dangerous mix, anywhere in this World. However, is it legal and not subjected to income tax if tax-free religious money collected by the tax-tax RM 2 incorporated churches is used for political purposes ? Surely, this must be considered a huge advantage by others who are ham-strung against such alleged money laden opponents.
    The born again Christians is a recent Malaysian phenomenon born out of 3rd generation Chinese immigrants who have lost their cultural, religious and traditional practices ballast due to urbanisation in fast developing Malaysia. The DAP was once a true blue chauvinist but now the younger born again Christians numbering no more than 500,000 in the Peninsula hold sway pushing their proxies into high official Government places here and there to extend their surreptitious influence affecting the unwary who normally thought that these folks were ordinary Chinese with no axe to grind. But recent events have shown these crypto-folks always performed or delivered to a hidden agenda which is more religious than socio-economics.
    To put the born again Christians in the right chronological order of Chinese fun and games, at the public expense, thus, the facts
    1. 1946-1957 – Tontine
    2. 1951-1957 – Social Welfare Lotteries
    3. 1960-1962 – Mushroom insurance companies
    4. 1962-2021 – Share-rigging
    5. 1961-1962 – Rubber estates fragmentation
    6. 1971-1972 – Gemini Chit Fund
    7. 1975-2021 – Tax free RM 2 incorporated companies of worship began with the new tycoons for reasons best known to themselves. No one heard of these folks before the 1970s.
    8. 1977-1982 – Co-operative societies caper, political and private.
    9. 1981-1982 – Insurance company guarantees.
    10 2002-2003 – Palm oil estate investment caper.
    11 2002-2004 – Foreign exchange caper
    12. 2012-2013 – Gold bullion caper
    The common garden illegal numbers, bookies etc are part and parcel under the jurisdiction of the PDRM.
    Where there is the honey, there are the bees ! But in the case of the strange bedfellows in the venerable DAP (Est. 1966), it is a matter of time to see who gets stung by the hornets in disguise. Others play with fire. But this is something different. It’s home grown religion of the Malaysian kind going for Political Power of the Nation ! My advice to all and sundry is that do not do anything foolish without studying the revered Constitution as safe-guarded by the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans thoroughly ! Do not permit the tail to wag the elephant !

  3. On this theme, has the DAP gone from the sublime to the ridiculous or Chinese chauvinism to Christian chauvinism ? From a support of millions of Chinese to just a handful of home-grown Malaysian Chinese Christians ! Be that as it may, I feel the Lee Kuan Yew inspired DAP has entered un-chartered waters. Take the case of Hannah Y who loved to be in fancy dress and ate exotic curries. Her proposals when she was in the Dewan Rakyat May 2018-March 2020 were as follows :- i) Nursery in the Dewan Rakyat for the journalists ii) The anti-bottom pinching Bill iii) Stop condo development to stop traffic jams. iv) Ministry of Social Welfare to care for the aged etc which they were doing for decades. But the big cover up was the approval by the PH Cabinet of the Lee Kuan Yew inspired CPTPP – the Malaysia/Malays/Malaysians/SME Killer in August 2018 over and above all the promises in the PH GE Manifesto ! Devious Action Party ?

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