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Church bombing and three recent bloody Sundays in Indonesia

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, the first day of the Christian Holy Week. A bomb went off at the gate of a cathedral in the city of Makassar in Sulawesi.

At least twenty worshippers were injured.

Coming this weekend is Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 

BELOW: Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus entering Jerusalem in triumph on a donkey


The May 13 attacks

Yesterday’s church bombing at the Makassar cathedral was not something new for Sunday in Indonesia.

On 13 May 2018, several churches in Surabaya, Java were attacked simultaneously. It was a Sunday. 

Some one dozen Christians in total were killed.

ABOVE: Pastor Yonathan of the Surabaya Central Pentecostal Church where the chief bomber detonated his explosives

Remember, remember the fourth of November

On 4 Nov 2016, Muslims in Jakarta turned out in massive numbers to protest the city’s Christian governor Ahok.

It was Sunday and the crowd marched from Istiqlal Mosque to the Presidential palace.

As the demonstration dragged into the night, the rally turned violent and fires were lit (below).

Around 80 policemen and double that number of protesters were injured in the clashes. 


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