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Umno still clueless about PAS’s concern over evangelists

Hadi Awang in his political sermon today touched on the ‘Sneaky Bastards’ (these are my words; the PAS president had described them as “bijak seperti Iblis”).

Hadi said these people “tidak layak mendapat hidayah” and contrasting them with PAS’s nawaitu untuk “terus beristiqamah atas asas aqidah”.

He additionally mentioned “para ulama’ ahli Kitab yang dimurkai oleh Allah SWT kerana berilmu tetapi mengkhianati ilmunya”, i.e. the preachers from the People of the Book yang terpesong, as being among the iblis bijak.

However, “golongan bukan Islam yang tidak ekstrem” are welcome to join the perpaduan ummah movement “bagi menyelamatkan negara”, Hadi added.

While Hadi did not today specify who and what Muafakat are supposed to be saving Malaysia from, it is safe to assume he is signaling — at least in part — that Malay Muslims need to be saved from having their faith deviated for example, in the current kalimah Allah hot button issue.

In the past, Hadi and his fellow PAS ulama have pointed to the evangelists as being the non Muslims who are extreme in pushing for the kalimah Allah to be used by Christians here.

The Islamist party also “menolak kumpulan yang menunjukkan tiada kesetiaan kepada negara dengan sifat melampau yang mencabar agama dan bangsa”.

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3 thoughts on “Umno still clueless about PAS’s concern over evangelists

  1. When Pas wasnt in government, the evangelists couldn’t get their way. When Pas is in the government, the evangelists gets their way. How ironic.

  2. Martin, the problem in Malaysia today, these political folks do not mind whom they sleep with as long as they are in Power feeding off the Public coffers. Sad.

  3. umno still clueless abt pas want to be the number one racist party in msia, by taking over umno base.

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