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As the Umno warlords slug it out

Pakatan Harapan announced yesterday the PKR president as their candidate for PM9.

The nomination of Anwar is proof positive that Dapsters have been taken for another ride by the DAP.

Supporters of the evangelical party were promised that DAP would reform Malaysia to become a secular state.

Given Anwar’s Abim background and his coziness with Turkey – once a secular country under Mustafa Kemal Ataturk but now turned Islamist under Recep Tayyip Erdogan – there is no way that a putative ninth Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim would ever nudge our country towards the secularism desired by the DAP base.

Meanwhile on the other side of the political divide …

Hishammuddin Hussein

H2O has just earned the nickname ‘xiao di’ (Little Brother) among the local Chinese community.

For a Malay party that is used to being Abang, Hisham doesn’t cut it as their role model.

Plus he lacks originality. His scripted Mandarin line “Wo men dou shi yi jia ren” (We’re one family) delivered in China recently was cribbed from Anwar who has fed this pablum many a time to the Dapster suckers.

Hannah Yeoh pathetically pawing at Mahathir’s chair

Mahathir Mohamad

M² founded Umno 2.0 in 1988 and Umno 3.0 (Bersatu) in 2016. He is the forever Umno uber warlord.

And the Chinese in Malaysia are forever whinging that they’re made the convenient scapegoat and bogeyman by Umno.

Let’s see.

In the late 1960s, Mahathir had the reputation as a ‘Malay ultra’. He was responsible for ousting Tunku in the aftermath of May 13, holding our Bapa Malaysia to be too Chinese friendly.

In the late 1970s, Mahathir threatened a Shoot-on-Sight order on the ethnic Chinese boat people fleeing Vietnam who were trying to land on our shores.

In the late 1980s, Mahathir greenlighted Ops Lalang that saw a number of vocal Chinese educationists ISA-ed.

In the late 1990s, Mahathir obtained Chinese electoral support to quash the Reformasi movement.

In the late 2000s, Mahathir began his moves against Badawi who had won the 2008 election by a landslide and subsequently declared himself ‘PM for all Malaysians’ as opposed to Mahathir who was never perceived as a PM inclusive of the Chinese.

In the late 2010s, Mahathir began to implode Harapan from within in order to remove DAP from government.

Still DAP was willing to lick this man’s feet in order to cling on to his coattails and grab federal power.

The DAP continued sucking hard at Mahathir’s toes when they thought the party had a chance to return to Putrajaya riding on Mahathir’s bid to become prime minister for a third time.

When DAP finally relinquished their hopes on Mahathir (soon after the evangelical party started playing footsie with a faction in Umno), the Old Man turned around and bit them — branding DAP as ‘sometimes extreme’.

Why should Chinese then accuse Umno of casting the minority ethnic as ‘scapegoat’ cum ‘bogeyman’ when 95 percent of them voted DAP which sucked Mahathir’s 95-year-old toes to the point of inducing gangrene?

Najib Razak

He is the best Mr Opposition our country has ever had.

As a one-man social media juggernaut, it seems that Najib has been single handedly exercising the necessary check-and balance on ruling party power overreach since 2018 — first against the Harapan, then the PN governments.

He has shown superhuman resilience when his opponents are throwing everything, the kitchen sink as well as Rosmah’s handbags at him.

Zahid Hamidi

“No Anwar, no DAP”, huh?

His erstwhile buddy Annuar Musa is however “100 percent convinced” that the two voices on the viral audio clip that was leaked do indeed belong to Zahid and Anwar — see MGNews report below.

Annuar Musa

“Will Anwar or Annuar be the next PM?’ asked the headline of a Sin Chew column two days ago (Apr 8).

The columnist Prof. Tajuddin Rasdi regards Annuar Musa as the dark horse in the race to become next prime minister.

“We may see Hadi Awang as the deputy prime minister with Annuar Musa as the leader of Malaysia,” Tajuddin wrote.

Annuar’s press secretary Tun Faisal Abdul Aziz said in an interview two days ago that Umno cannot work with the evangelists — see TMI above.

He is echoing his boss who has repeatedly warned against the evangelists, including on Hari Malaysia two years ago (Annuar’s tweet and video embed, below).

Team Annuar has got this right!

Hadi Awang – whom Sin Chew columnist Tajuddin predicts as the DPM wannabe to a hypothetical PM Annuar – is also in agreement on the evangelist threat.

Mohamad Hasan

The Umno deputy president recently tried to explain that Ketuanan Melayu is not Malay ‘supremacy’ but Malay sovereignty — see video below.

DAP has given the ‘ketuanan’ phrase an utmost bad faith rendering, falsely making out that the Malays are trying to be ‘master’ and overlord to the non Malays.

Tok Mat, on the other hand, interprets the concept as Malays in the position of bangsa induk (core nation) but nonetheless allowing a space for other races to flourish under the Malaysian sun. 

The idea of sovereignty underpins nationalism, which is not a bad word despite negative propaganda by the woke crowd against nationalists as being far right.

Umno presidents, including Mahathir, have been/are all nationalists. 

The instrument of independence was signed between the British and the Malay rulers (NOT between the UK and Tunku’s Perikatan). MCA’s signature is nowhere to be found in the 1957 Merdeka document.

Our monarchy is called Raja-Raja Melayu. They’re not called Raja-Raja Malaysia. 

Read also its precursor ‘The 1948 Federation of Malaya agreement’ — click HERE

There is merit to the argument that Malays are teras in the foundation of Malay-sia.

As the party president’s speechwriters of old liked to depict it, Umno is “tiang seri”.

Give credit where credit is due to Umno for nation-building.  

Can DAP ever wash the taste of Mahathir’s toes from their mouth?

Our federal constitution is ethnocentric.

It provides a Special Position for the Malays under Article 153, defines the Malay race under Article 160 (the FedCon does not define Chinese, Indians), and stamps the Islamic faith of the Malays as “the Religion of the Federation” under Article 3. 

Our head of state the YDP Agong is Malay. 

The FedCon as well as the separate constitutions of the individual Malay states contain many other articles that entrench the privileges of the majority race and Islam. 

DAP is nonetheless on a Quixotic quest to erase the distinction between Bumiputera and Non Bumiputera, as per what is stated in the party’s Setapak Declaration.

In practice, DAP wants to abolish the NEP — see what Kit Siang tweeted (below) less than a mere fortnight ago.

The deceitful evangelical party is selling its Chinese base a pipe dream. Chinese voters will not get what they want however the permutation of the ruling party post GE15. 

Tok Mat has stepped up to clarify Malay nationalism. He’s also proposed a Civic Nationalism that allows room too for non Malays. 

A BN voter like me thinks he’s the best bet for our future under present circumstances. 

DAP successfully sold Mahathir to their indoctrinated followers as an ‘Ubah’ GE14 icon while at the same time, paradoxically, always blaming Umno.

Only zombies can allow themselves to be brainwashed by DAP into thinking that Mahathir sudah bertaubat.

Yet by the most amazing feat of mental contortion, Cina DAP overlooked that Mahathir himself led Umno for 22 years and had tried pulling puppet strings for plenty more years following his departure from office in 2003.  

Going by Mahathir’s track record, it will be most fun to watch what Mahathir will do to Cina DAP now that they’ve so harshly repudiated him. 



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One thought on “As the Umno warlords slug it out

  1. I fully support your succinct comments on the antics of our politicians. Are they waiting for a Malaysian type of Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek to put them in line. Our politics have advanced during the past 12 months with or without the devious action party DAP. The fellow who used to wave the virtual kris with its fresh virtual blood made a faux pas in, of all places, China. Did the foggy air got into his head ? At least he did not call that fellow with the bushy eye-brows ‘ little brother ‘. That would have made waves right to the door step of the White House, Washington DC – the home of the Free and the Brave until recently.
    Where have all the Malaysian meritocrats gone ?
    Down in little Singapore, the sudden resignation of the anointed PM to be, the good Mr Heng Swee Keat (Christ’s College, Cambridge) created an immediate crisis on succession in once squeaky clean Singapore. Immediately, 4 fellows of no merit slugging it out for the top job. Was it because of the parachutist, the Malaysianised Minister in the once squeaky clean Singapore Government Cabinet or something more sinister ?
    Meritocracy has been thrown out in Singapore since 2013 when 2 Ministers announced that in future, applicants for jobs will not only be considered on their academic merits but also on their other talents. In other words, if you are a champion sports person you will get a good job.
    May be this had to do with a lady Cambridge scholar who romped around Holland Village with her equally nude Caucasian boy friend one hot Saturday night in 2010. She was asked why she did it ? She replied she was bored with her job. The Government was flabbergasted but wisely it took no action. That’s Singapore’s meritocracy for you and me folks !

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