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Chinese voters disliked for their double standard

Annuar Musa’s press sec Tun Faisal said recently (see below) that Umno cannot work with socialists and evangelists.

Socialists adhere to socialism. Socialism is an ideology that is one step away from communism.

Evangelists spread the gospel. Evangelism is not permitted to be done among Malays as our country does not allow preaching Christianity to them.

From Tun Faisal’s concern above, it appears that Umno is not on board with one particular socio-economic political ethos, and objects to Christian missionaries trying to convert Muslims.

In comparison, DAP constantly says that it will not work with kleptocrats — see Kit Siang’s statement below.

Kleptocracy is “a form of government in which the leaders use their power to steal money and resources from the country that they rule”, according to the Oxford dictionary.

From the many righteous proclamations made by various DAP leaders, it appears that they regard a cluster of Malay (specifically Umno) leaders as national – and even “global” – level thieves. And DAP is opposed to corruption and thievery, konon.

Perhaps Kit Siang is a bit reticent in using the term ‘court cluster’ seeing as how his own son Guan Eng is also facing corruption charges.

Let’s compare apples with apples

The Umno president Zahid has a stack of corruption charges against him. The DAP sec-gen Guan Eng too is facing corruption charges.

Guan Eng does not have as many cases as Zahid but the quantum (money) allegedly involved is probably close.

Yet Umno and its supporters do not call DAP a party of thieves nor the Penang government a kleptocracy.

DAP and its supporters however constantly label the ousted Najib administration as a kleptocracy.

Now let’s return to the defintion of the word. It can be applied as much to the court charges against Guan Eng as it does to Najib —

“a form of government (ruling Penang for three terms) in which the leaders (Chief Minister) use their power to steal money (undersea tunnel project kickback) and resources (state land) from the country that they rule”.

Anti-Lynas was one of the DAP’s top election issues

Yet to the DAP’s Chinese supporters, their party is squeaky clean unlike Umno.

To them, Guan Eng is innocent whatever the charges while Zahid is guilty until and unless proven innocent.

Umno and its supporters are also accused of making out the DAP as “scapegoat” and its Chinese base as the “bogeyman”.

One example of scapegoating would be Hishammuddin Hussein not having to face any consequences for his ill-judged remarks in China. If a DAP cabinet minister had said the same, his immediate resignation would have been demanded by detractors.

As for the ‘bogeyman’ trope, perhaps the Malay phobia of communists – think Chin Peng’s ashes/cremains – can serve to illustrate. The Chinese bogey is the communist.

But do not DAP and its supporters equally demonize Umno and Malays?

The answer is ‘Yes’. Umno people are tarred as thieves while PAS people are painted as Taliban.

And they’re similarly scapegoated: When Guan Eng was Finance Minister, he was very adroit at laying the blame on the previous Umno-led government.

If the Chinese as bogeyman is the communist, then the Malay as bogeyman is the race supremacist.

DAP and its rabid mob are as much into casting their opponents as scapegoats and bogeymen as those whom they accuse.

Three fingers are pointing back at them but Cina DAP continue to play the victim card.


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2 thoughts on “Chinese voters disliked for their double standard

  1. It’s a genetic thing. Self preservation, always looking out for number 1, thinking themselves better than others; ie racism, lack of principles; these things are inherently strong in the Chinese. Just look around in the world. Chinese are extremely adaptable. Put them anywhere and they somehow adapt and thrive like cockroaches.

  2. i believe the chinese so called double std is more factual than your writes in this case. and most chinese is perfectly fine if malay label mca chinese dog and thief.

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