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Guan Eng is in the court cluster too

Mukhriz says he won’t work with the court cluster — see Malaysiakini below.

Guan Eng says Harapan won’t work with kleptocrats — see Malaysiakini below.

It’s as if tucked away in a little corner of his mind, Guan Eng possesses some self-awareness that he too is part of the court cluster.

Ttherefore he has to find other names to call Najib and Zahid.

And so Guan Eng taunts Umno leaders as “kleptocrats” while his father Kit Siang brands them “global kleptocrats” and as members of a “kakistocracy”.

But whatever nasty names the DAP calls those Umno warlords still doesn’t detract from the fact that the evangelical party-sec himself is also facing corruption charges in court.

Dapsters have a blind spot the size of the planet Jupiter. They can spit venom at the Umno court cluster while acting totally oblivious to Guan Eng’s own cases.


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