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With Chinese vote locked, now for 95% Christians

DAP is not a Chinese party per se but it is nonetheless a party of the Chinese electorate.

Granted, DAP is multiracial. Among its elected reps are the Karpal Klan (Gobind, Jagdeep, Ram) and then there is Ramasamy, Kula, Kasthuri, etc.

Its members too are multiracial albeit dominated by Chinese while the party’s favoured leadership is dominated by Christians.

Chinese voters, on the other hand, are mono party. Only a meagre five percent of their votes are cast outside the DAP orbit — to be shared out thinly between MCA, Gerakan, SUPP, LDP, perhaps PSM and the rest of the four-alphabet mosquito parties.

DAP’s multi kulti posturing

Today after securing their Chinese fixed deposit, DAP can afford to preach ‘diversity’ and ‘pluralism’ at the expense of their previous platform of Chinese education issues.

Pluralism here is “the belief that the existence of different types of people within the same society is a good thing”.

DAP however does not encourage any diversity of thought among its committed flock. Look at the abuse, insults and profanities hurled at Ronnie Liu these past couple of days simply for voicing an opinion contrary to the current party line.

Clearly Bangsa Malaysia Dapsters do not believe that the existence of different types of ideas within the same party is a good thing.

Be more Malaysian, love Jawi

It goes without saying that DAP will obtain more seats by fishing votes from the country’s biggermultiracial (see above)and multi-religious pool than just restricting themselves to their traditional Chinese base.

After all, the Chinese have already been irreversibly zombiefied. So confident is the DAP of getting their vote that the party no longer feels it needs to rally behind Dong Jiao Zong.

This is why DAP can afford to curry favour with the Malays by telling them that it was really MCA which was the villain of piece protesting against khat – see below – whereas Kit Siang had declared that learning Jawi actually made him “more Malaysian”.

Unlike its defeated rival MCA which is tied to the Chinese cause (with ‘Chinese Association’ in the party name), the DAP has tastier fish to fry.

So MCA is stuck with its Bad Cop image of spooking the Malays by objecting to khat, Jawi and RUU355.

DAP need not concern itself with all these regressive, “racist” Chineseness. Let the Sekolah Cina pupils write Jawi so that they can be trained to be more Malaysian — like the DAP’s tudung-wearing poster girl, evangelist Hannah Yeoh.

Although the Christian demography is only half that of the Chinese segment, a vital difference is that DAP has maxed its level of Chinese support and therefore unable to make further progress beyond 95 percent.

There is still room for DAP’s growth in the Christian population, however.

Chinese here, whose forefathers originated from China, are not considered ‘bangsa induk’ in the Nusantara.

But Christians like Jill Ireland binti Bill Lawrence and other non-Muslim Sabah Sarawak natives have pribumi status.

DAP is indisputably the voice of the Chinese. Now to become the voice of the Christians!

As it is, the DAP already has the most number of Christian MPs and Aduns. But the evangelical party may not have the same astronomical support yet among Christians as they surely do among Chinese.

It is only pragmatic political sense that the DAP takes its Chinese base for granted while they pander to multikulti.

Christians have more to offer DAP

There is no way DAP can lose their grip on the peninsular urban centres even if they suffer a slightly reduced majority.

Nonetheless in Semenanjung, the Malays will never lose their influence either because they have Raja-Raja Melayu and a dozen Jabatan Agama Negeri.

Sarawak is a different kettle of fish. It is a Christian-plurality (meaning majority not exceeding 50 percent) state where Islam is not the official religion.

Sabah has also considerable Christian influence. Its former chief minister Joseph Pairin Kitingan is Christian but his party PBS is today a shadow of its former self.

PBS – the former ruling party of Sabah – has seven Aduns in the present state assembly while DAP now has six.

The evangelical party has come a long way in a very short time, and its sees a blue ocean of potential in Borneo.

Imagine Malaysia Baru in future comprised of three equal regions — Malaya, Sarawak and Sabah.

Malaya is Muslim majority, Sarawak is Christian plurality and Sabah is mixed and fluid post Project IC.

Bangsa Cina are unable to confer ‘core nation’ legitimacy to the DAP but Bangsa Sarawak – see “Sarawakian First” concept, above – and the Sabah Christians can confer bangsa induk representation on the DAP.

Hence the old chestnut about the DAP being parti Cina is outdated.

Nowadays DAP is truly disinterested in cultivating more pro-Chinese credentials. Its vested interests have expanded to higher ambitions elsewhere.

With solid backkng from indigenous Christians, New Malaysia is the DAP’s oyster.


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2 thoughts on “With Chinese vote locked, now for 95% Christians

  1. With the pressure of an impending GE approaching, the devious Devious Action Party has split into 2 main halves without much ado. The original core of ageing chauvinists Chinese and the younger tax free RM 2 incorporated worshippers who have now found a political home amongst the once Lee Kuan Yew inspired cohorts who are now not only dwindling in numbers but are threatened by being overwhelmed. Hence, the first skirmishes to gain more power and territory have begun via the heated salvoes of the heavy weapons of war. Pater + Fil no longer have any use for these 2 groups of combatants. Of course, they being full of self-importance, will try to hang on as always with ageing politicians. But the flow of history is against the pair as history is the finest arbiter of the Truth. Even in the DAP’s Spiritual Home, Singapore and the PAP, one small resignation exposed the fact that there is no meritocracy in the home of Meritocracy which was once clean and squeaky. Singapore’s Cabinet now includes a Malaysianised Minister to provide a bit of dirt, I presume ! Now 4 nobodies are fighting for the virtual top job. Believe it or not ! No one on both sides of the Causeway care for chaps with an academic qualification any more to be in Public Service. Standards, ethics, propriety, virtues etc have been thrown out of the window. Even this morning, I tried to get a phone number via 103. All I heard 3 times were from a fellow who mumbled incoherently in English. I gave up. On the other hand, a fellow who went to Harvard from KL will soon have his business valued at US$ 40 Billion listed on the NYSE !

  2. How many Malaysians have noticed that the Malaysian Chinese groupings are now divided into atheists, Buddhists, Taoists and Christians even though they all look Chinese?. The latter being most vocal but few in numbers being from a minority clan like Pater & Fil. Will the Chinese just vote for a Chinese looking face ? Or more in keeping with the times by voting for a Malay candidate who is sincere and keen to serve all races ? The devious DAP got away for many years as a private fiefdom of Pater & Fill . But with the influx of the devil may care types from those tax havens of worship, soon it was discovered that Pater & Fil had no clothes on. being having a penchant to lose Power when they had the Power. This was the result of over brainwashing which was much loved by the late gentleman from the South, their creator. We have now gone past the gates of no return. The hard core types are now grinding each other into pulp. With so many types of political Chinese in play and without political Power but only hot air, it is a real dilemma for a Malay based Government to seek out a stable Chinese group. This naturally confirms my exhortations that it is time talented Chinese are chosen from the 6 Million to be Ministers, Advisers, Ombudsmen, GLCs executives etc and by-pass the MCA and DAP being wealthy middlemen parties with only an inclination to do social welfare tasks !

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