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DAP’s “zero Chinese” and the beaten bodyguards incident

There was this news story yesterday — see Astro Awani coverage below (video clip). 

The same news item was also reported in Malaysiakini under the headline ‘Employer forces bodyguards to stop fasting, at gunpoint – police’.

All our news outlets did not name the suspects or the complainants, nor mention their ethnicity.

This politically correct blackout on revealing details sort of puts a Bangsa Malaysia blanket over the alleged assault.

We’ve not been told the race of the employer who is said to be a loanshark, and neither have we been told the race of the two bodyguards although we know at least that they’re Muslim.

Therefore to borrow the famous past words of DAP’s former deputy cabinet minister — “If you have to ask, there were no Malays […] No Indians too. And zero Chinese.”

All are Malaysians! (See @hannahyeoh tweet below).

DAP Bangsa Malaysia’s love of fasting month

The Ronnie Liu camp in DAP is labeled “Chinese chauvinist” and deemed kolot and unfriendly to Malays.

The Hannah Yeoh camp in DAP – in many previous years before Covid MCO – kerap pakai tudung waktu menziarah masjid dan surau dalam bulan puasa.

They would also go to pasar Ramadan and distribute buah kurma to Muslims — see picture below of Hannah in her favourite cosplay.

From the recent Hannah vs Ronnie spat, it could be seen that nine out of ten commenters in Malaysiakini are supposedly anti chauvinist and pro Bangsa Malaysia.

Possibly up to 95 percent of the Malaysiakini comments were opposed to Ronnie and strongly supported Hannah’s preaching on pluralism, diversity, multiculturalism and inclusivity, i.e. being Malay-friendly and displaying Bangsa Malaysia’s inclusive love for Islam.

In short, the Malaysiakini comment section is filled with readers who portray themselves as pro-multiracial Bangsa Malaysia while at the same time abhorring the “Chinese chauvinists”.

Bangsa Malaysians and their comments

The Malaysiakini article yesterday on the fasting bodyguards (above) has drawn 60-plus subscriber comments to date.

We shall ignore all the usual type of comments which are only to be expected from their crowd.

Instead, the phenomenon I will focus on is how an overwhelming number of the Bangsa Malaysia commenters simply refused to believe the Muslim bodyguards.

A majority were sceptical of the veracity of the alleged beating the bodyguards claimed to have received. A sampling of the comments found in Malaysiakini are (see screen capture) as follow:

Allowing that the cops need to do their job and investigate, one reader named Mafeeah nonetheless remarked, “Unfortunately, I just do not believe this”.

Another Malaysiakini commenter ‘Geram (see above) said, “Honestly, I do not believe this photo shown”.

Sang Kancil(below) asked if Malaysiakini had checked their facts.

Wondering “what exactly is the truth”, Mano said, “The story sounds very weird” while another Malaysiakini subscriber insisted “Something does not add up” about the bodyguards’ complaint — see screenshot below.

“Story doesn’t make sense,” one Malaysiakini reader called ‘BaNZweighed in.

“The whole thing sounds a bit fishy,” commented another reader going by the moniker ‘Mediator‘.

Saying the incident was “highly unlikely”, Vijay chimed in with his hypothesis that “there seems to be more here than meets the eye”.

Vijay theorized that “The greater possibility is that the employer caught the 2 bodyguards at some mischief.”.

A reader calling him/herself ‘Just a Malaysian‘ shared Vijay’s sentiments, echoing that there “Must be more to it than just puasa”.

Another Malaysiakini reader ‘Jasmine‘ told the police to “refrain from giving press statements based on mere reports by one party”.

Reader ‘harimau_arif‘ agreed that Malaysiakini should do its own investigation before putting out such news because “Something clearly doesn’t add up”.

Meanwhile, one of the portal subscribers by the name ‘Jarchin observed that the “police are quick to arrest and remand” despite it being a “very strange story by victims”.

A reader going by the depressing nickname ‘MalaysiaTakBoleh” similarly said (below), “Something sounds fishy here” which he/she suspected could be an attempt to try and make non Muslims look bad.

A fellow Malaysiakini subscriber styling him/herself as ‘Worried Sick‘ commented it was “A stupid story written by a racist moron!”

Mr or Ms ‘GrayCamel0903‘ concurred with the general Bangsa Malaysia sentiment, opining “the story sound fishy… too fishy” and suggested that the two bodyguards might be “playing the agama and bangsa cards”.

Then there are the Bangsa Malaysians who termed the report to be “funny” (as in a funny kind of “script”) and “strange” — see screenshots below. 

Sandwiched between the Malaysiakini subscriber who said “Very strange” and the other fella who said “Strange case” is a rare commenter who pointed out:

“It’s quite amazing how many commenters doubt the likelihood that this incident took place according to how it has been reported”

Indeed. So many of them! More disbelievers included the likes of ‘GreenCobra1434‘ and ‘IndigoKite6964‘.

(For the record, Malaysiakini auto generates some reader pseudonyms based on a system of Colour + Animal + Four-digit number. Trivia: A ‘kite’ is a bird of prey related to hawks and falcons.)

Finally, a lengthy comment by The Wakandan below suggested “Readers should take it with a grain of salt” that the bodyguards told the real story.

We live in two different reality Malaysias

We have two separate worlds running on parallel tracks.

In the DAP’s colour-blind universe, there are “no Malays” and “zero Chinese”.

In this DAP land, they questioned the truth of the account told by the dunno-what-race bodyguards while giving the benefit of doubt to their dunno-what-race employer.

In the parallel world where readers and viewers of the news can accurately guess what race the accused employer, the story narrated by the bodyguards is instinctively believed to be true.

What will the people who live in a bubble do when their bubble bursts as it must eventually?


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