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Bangsa Malaysians attack and judge Dr Kamarul’s akidah

There are 330 reader comments on yesterday’s Malaysiakini article titled ‘Sim saddened his welfare work turned into racial and religious issue’.

Steven Sim is the DAP Bukit Mertajam MP.

Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff views Sim as an evangelist and cautioned against evangelist politicians bearing gifts. He was swiftly mob attacked by the portal subscribers for his opinion.

Among the comments in Malaysiakini are those who claimed Dr Kamarul is “so weak” in his faith. They have taken it upon themselves to judge Dr Kamarul’s akidah.

Malaysiakini’s anonymous readers, e.g. Anon 112113 further alleged that Dr Kamarul “has shallow or no knowledge of Islam”, and told him to “refer to Surah Al Kafirun” as well as advised the lecturer “not to be a Muslim in name only!” — see the comment screen captured above.

Some of these Bangsa Malaysians have crossed the line — such as ‘PurpleMoose5048’ who told Dr Kamarul “you failed as a Muslim!” (comment below).

‘BlackPigeon0028’ said (see below): “Which Allah will forgive him, send him to Hell … “. This is melampau.

‘Plain Old Malaysian’ asserted – see below – that “Surely what he (Dr Kamarul) claim to know I dare say is not Islam”.

These Bangsa Malaysians are making out as if they possess as much Islamic knowledge as the ulama whereas the object of their criticism (in this case, Dr Kamarul) is deemed to be lacking in religious knowledge.

They are making claims on what is, and what is not Islam without revealing if they themselves are learned Muslims.

Furthermore, these Bangsa Malaysians are being publicly judgmental about other people’s akidah.

‘BrownRabbit3061’ similarly said: “Kamarul is not a true Muslim when he cannot see the good that is being done by Sim”.

These vocal people active in the Malaysiakini message board are going around declaring others as “not true Muslim” if these Malay or Muslim critics happen to be openly and bravely negative about DAP evangelist leaders.   

One possibly anti-Najib individual who chose to use the moniker ‘Boss Malu’ even remarked: “I take that you (Dr Kamarul) are not a Muslim” — see below.

Tarik nafas panjang.

Dah lah in one day alone Dr Kamarul is attacked by a majority of Malaysiakini’s some 450 comments (a followup article the same evening contained another 124 reader comments), then there are kurang ajar readers who nonchalantly snark, “I take that you are not a Muslim”.

There is no indication whether another commenter calling him/herself ‘Yang Benar’ (see below) who invoked Allah is a Muslim or not, but a separate person – ‘HangTuahPJ’ – who identifies as Muslim speaks like she is dwelling in the DAP echo chamber.

‘Yang Benar’ said: “You (Steven Sim) did the right thing as long as your intention to help. May Allah bless you.”

HangTuahPJ (below) rudely told Dr Kamarul to “shaddup”, saying that he does not speak for her. HangTuahPJ appears to be parroting Hannah Yeoh who also claimed that Ronnie Liu “does not speak” for her (i.e. Hannah & the rest of DAP Bangsa Malaysians).

Who are these people? 

Some are DAP supporters who participated in the quoted Malaysiakini threads in order to defend Steven Sim and the party’s evangelical politicians.  

One of them actually proclaimed“At this rate, DAP may well help more Malay Muslims than Umno and PAS combined” (see comment below). 

Clearly a DAP super fan!

Joceline Tan wrote in The Star on Saturday that DAP is currently experiencing an internal “clash between those who saw themselves as ‘Chinese first’ and those who preferred to be known as ‘Malaysian first’.”

She is referring to the Ronnie Liu vs Hannah Yeoh mini civil war. Hannah is the poster girl for Malaysian Firsters aka the Bangsa Malaysians.

DAP supporters defending the party’s evangelists are the Bangsa Malaysians who view Ronnie as a toxic Chinese chauvinist. 

Dr Kamarul is not alone in his suspicious view of the DAP evangelists. 

A columnist in Harakah Daily wrote yesterday: “Sekian lama, setiap bantuan mereka, mesti ada udang di sebalik mee” referring to strings attached-assistance being offered by some Christian missionaries. 

“[Bila] mereka buat kebaikan, mereka turut mahu menggunakan kalimah Allah, added the Harakah column ustaz. 

There could be truth in the connection that he has suggested.

Among the pro-Steven Sim, pro-DAP commenters in Malaysiakini, I’ve compiled above those readers who freely use kalimah Allah as well as those who are judging whether the Malay public figures they dislike be “true Muslim” or not.

Who are these Bangsa Malaysians to sit in judgment on a Muslim person’s akidah?!


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2 thoughts on “Bangsa Malaysians attack and judge Dr Kamarul’s akidah

  1. Helen, pleaseeee…..tulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia, that guy didn’t understand English..

  2. I fully support Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff’s comments on the DAP’s evangelists bearing gifts like the Greeks. After the devious DAP completed its last and final task for LKY in surreptitiously getting the PH Cabinet to approve the LKY inspired CPTPP/TPPA the Malaysia/Malays/Malaysians/SMEs Killer in its final guise as a Trojan Horse in August 2018 as revealed by Dato Seri Azmin Ali in the Dewan Rakyat in August 2020, the only remaining agenda is for the Chinese looking evangelists (they do not think like Chinese) to command fresh grounds by trying to influence the ignorant and naive members of the Society. These ‘political opportunists’ or ‘ running dogs’ – the evangelists according to DAP’s ideologues, are just a reflection of the weakness of the DAP which now seriously lacks both a credible leadership and a mass Chinese base for support. The 95% Chinese spike was a one-off event in the face of gross kleptocracy. How many Chinese will abstain from voting at the next GE remains unknown ? Strangely, Ronnie Liu talks the same language as the good Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff. In fact, he openly abhors the fact that these so-called ‘evangelists’ are just a bunch of ‘running dogs’ to the Chinese eyes and minds. As the days rolled by, It is obvious that the evangelists ‘running dogs’ will be disowned by both the Malays and the Chinese – a new development and phenomenon in Malaysia Politics. 300 comments or even more , are inconsequential in the broader field of the Malaysian Political arena !

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