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Mob mentality — the herd and their groupthink

The crowd can be heard on the following Twitter video embed (view tweet, below) chanting “Burn it down! Burn it down!”

Earlier in the clip, the same crowd were chanting “No justice, no peace” which is the BLM mantra.

In this current context, the mob ‘justice’ demanded is Derek Chauvin’s proverbial pound of flesh or better yet ‘Off with his head!’

Chauvin is the Minneapolis cop whom the jury has just found to be responsible for the death of black druggie George Floyd.

Chauvin’s murder and manslaughter trial concluded with its verdict a few hours ago, and the sacked police officer – who is white – is guilty on all counts.

BELOW: Image known around the world of Chauvin putting his knee on Floyd’s neck


The Cult of Woke

A thing about bloodthirsty mobs is that eventually they will turn on the very people who supported them.

“The revolution eats its own” is a saying that holds true perennially.

See more tweets by independent reporter Andy Ngo providing the necessary background to BLM-Antifa’s escalating tactic of intimidation.

Antifa are young, white liberals ‘headquartered’ in Portland, the Capital of Woke.

In the USA, it is politicians from the Democratic party  who incite mob violence.

See Al Jazeera story yesterday: ‘Maxine Waters urges “confrontation” if Chauvin found not guilty’. Rep. Waters is a rich, black congresswoman (D).


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