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Is DAP preparing to purge its “Chinese chauvinist” dissidents?

Hannah Yeoh is an evangelist. Her party is the multikulti Bangsa Malaysia Christian side of DAP.

Ronnie Liu’s side is labeled “toksik” dan “Cina cauvinis” by their internal party rivals.

“Saya bukan Cina” party sec-gen Guan Eng has just fired a salvo against the “chauvinists” in his party — see below.

In the same speech today opening his party KL convention, Guan Eng also beat the war drums against PAS.

Note about the screengrab above: Malaysiakini has since changed its headline to say ‘Guan Eng: DAP will fight to kick out leaders rejecting multi-racial, multi-religious doctrine’

Deny it as they (the Lims) might – see below Kit Siang yesterday swearing that his party did not sell out or betray the Chinese – but still, facts are facts.

And the “Chinese circles” (as phrased in the Malaysiakini report below) are finally beginning to realise that they have been sold out by the Christian-dominated party.

It has sunk in – as it must eventually – on the Chinese circles that they cannot depend upon DAP, which is “Malaysian First-Chinese Second-Bukan Cina”, to defend vernacular schools.

Despite Kit Siang’s denial that his politburo has any intention to de-Sinicize / “de-Chinese” the party, nonetheless the DAP leadership has signaled to the Malay establishment that they (DAP’s Bangsa Malaysia) regard “Chineseness” as “chauvinistic”.

Mahathir, that revered totem of Ketuanan Melayu, semaphored his stamp of approval by promptly pronouncing Ronnie-Mr Chineseness-Liu an “extremist”. Ergo, they are agreed that Chineseness is equivalent to extremism.

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Sekolah Cina akan ditutup kelak

The Chinese circles are right to be worried that vernacular education is under threat although DAP (earlier when coopted into the Mahathir government), also paid lip service to the concept of non-assimilation, similar to the MCA’s lifelong mission in the previous BN government.

Yesterday, a headline in The Star read ‘Vernacular schools part of national education system, protected by the Constitution, say linguistics experts’.

There is a saying — ‘Shooting one’s self in the foot’.

DAP’s overzealous Malaysian First rhetoric has left the Chinese education body riddled with bullet holes.

DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng claimed that he is not Chinese. “I am Malaysian,” he declared.

Bukan Cina? If so, then why any need to have Chinese schools at all?

Hannah claimed that there are no Malays, no Indians either and “zero Chinese”.

“All are Malaysians,” she declared. Kalau gitu sekadar ada Sekolah Malaysia (yakni sekolah kebangsaan) sudah memadai lah. Buat apa mahu tubuh Sekolah Cina di merata-rata?

Under the BN’s consociational formula, race compartmentalization was practised and thus allowing the political space for the existence of Chinese schools.

Under the DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia ‘doctrine’, ethnic separatism is – well, rhetorically at least – flattened out while any hint of Chineseness is regarded as “chauvinism”.

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Hannah Yeoh is half an inch taller than Maszlee Malik

Elections have consequences

‘Follow the data’ is as good a motto as any, and stats are more truthful than lying politicians.

FACT: It is now a Malay government in Putrajaya. MCA presently has two Chinese MPs in the ruling coalition.

It is not reasonable to expect the MCA to be able to defend Chinese schools when Dong Jiao Zong is seen as a public enemy in the Malay circles.

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Because 95 percent of the Chinese electorate backed the DAP, the party totalled 42 MPs in the previous ruling coalition.

Yet DAP with its 42 MPs, against the then PM’s party with only 12 original Bersatu MPs, did not deliver anything to its Chinese voter base from 2018 to 2020 in education matters.

Not only did DAP fail to get Harapan to recognize the UEC, the party (then holding the Finance Ministry portfolio) instead punished the TAR Colleges by withholding their traditional matching grants disbursed under the previous BN administration.

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Also concerning to the Malay circles is the controversy of evangelists.

The two DAP members of parliament – Steven Sim and Kasthuri Patto – recently in the news over their negative publicity from Malays are both Christian.

Guan Eng tried to deflect criticisms by claiming that Steven is not an evangelist because he “does not do any preaching at any church” — see Malay Mail report below.

Guan Eng’s play on semantics, however, is not going to convince the PAS people who remember Steven admitting to speaking to Christians in church.

Steven talked about ‘Anak Malaysia? Our story of past, present and future Malaysia’ under the rubric of ‘Naratif Malaysia Baru’.

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The bangsa ‘Anak Malaysia’ (Hannah Yeoh’s preferred race designation) of DAP have no room for the likes of Ronnie Liu.

Bangsa Malaysia DAP are led by evangelists. They’re taking their Dapsters on a collision course with the PAS Islamists.



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  1. How many Malaysians have noted that the Oracle of Ipoh ( caves ) had made 3 significant of statements of no merit in as many days ? The first was that he kept to his iron-cast principles since 1966 – 55 years ago. I thought he had no principles ! Second, he never wavered from his dreams for a better Malaysia. He cheekily alluded that his followers can dream on as he is alright Jack ! A fine confession of his success in misleading all and sundry on his LKY inspired and anti-Constitution spiel since 1966. “Malaysia for Malaysians’.- for 55 years. Third, he now candidly admits that the Devious Action Party is now split into 2 halves – the result of his Leadership which preserves the Pater + Fil hold on the motley crowd – a sort of home-grown style of ‘ Divide and Rule’ to ensure the eternal span of his Dynasty with the hope that it will last for 3 generations ! Finally, at the end of the day, Pater + Fil have nothing to lose even if the Devious Action Party loses 38 seats at the next GE ! The Duo will still be there ! However, as I have been saying for years and now highlighted by the pundits, the home-grown Christian Evangelists and the Chinese Chauvinists in DAP will try to kill each other before the next GE. In Malaysian Politics, you either kill or be killed in DAP terms. Pater + Fil will always be the middlemen in this internal fracas created BY THEMSELVES AND FOR THEMSELVES. Both sides will run to Uncle for support, moral or otherwise. The monolithic facade of the DAP has now shattered. Its real weakness is for all to see and assess. What about their,BEST FRIEND who suffered from the mental instability of the Pater + Fil ? He is now qualified to be in the Guineas Book of Prime Ministers in waiting having missed the PM’s post 4 times in 1997, 2008, 2013 and 2018. Another record for our beloved Malaysia ! I congratulate Pater + Fil for their skills in shaping naive and nubile minds to their requisite needs. An ancient saying, ” For a healthy mind and body, do not mourn the past nor worry about the future. Live in the present, wisely and earnestly .” Coincidentally, the Leadership in Singapore also cracked-up. Was it because the alleged Malaysian corrupted parachutist into the squeaky clean Singapore Cabinet who walloped RM 100 Million as basic salary a year from IHH Berhad upset some PAP stalwarts ?

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