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Remember when Guan Eng declared that forming Muafakat was tantamount to declaring war on non Malays?

Now the DAP sec-gen is saying that PAS’s election strategy is tantamount to “apartheid” on non Muslims!

Lim Guan Eng made that earlier incendiary remark in March 2019. Because of it, he had close to 60 police reports lodged against him.

Although Guan Eng is again escalating his fiery rhetoric against PAS, he is nonetheless giving Umno a temporary reprieve this time.

Instead, he is accusing Bersatu of being “bersalah” over PAS’s – as alleged by DAP – desakan untuk wujudkan persempadanan pilihanraya “apartheid kaum & agama (see @guanenglim tweet below).

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PAS’s equal and opposite reaction to the DAP action

‘PAS tidak mahu DAP kembali berkuasa’ was the headline of a news report yesterday in Harakah.

Pesuruhjaya PAS Perak Razman Zakaria was quoted by the party organ as saying, “bagi menghadapi pilihan raya akan datang, pendirian utama PAS ialah tidak mahu membiarkan DAP kembali berkuasa ke atas negara”.

According to Razman, this all-out approach against DAP is a firm policy coming from the party core. “Kita berpegang dengan pendirian tegas pucuk pimpinan pusat. Kita tidak mahu DAP kembali berkuasa. Itu sahaja,” tegas Razman.

PAS’s top leadership, its dewan ulama as well as ustaz-ustaz have in recent years voiced their concern about DAP evangelists.

Moreover, the constant diversity and pluralism ploys by DAP are viewed by PAS “seolah-olah negara ini bukan berteraskan kepada orang Melayu”, complained the PAS Perak state commissioner.

“Mereka juga lupa negara kita ini nama asalnya dari Tanah Melayu,” he said.

DAP’s political Christianity vs PAS’s political Islam

Last week, DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng issued that provocative statement against PAS in which he accused the Islamist party of pushing racism and religious extremism to dangerous levels as well as trying to engineer an “electoral apartheid“.

In his April 21 diatribe, Guan Eng also alleged that PAS newspaper Harakah Daily had printed “an inflammatory article pouring scorn on non-Malays or non-Muslims, especially Christians, helping Malays or Muslims”.

As per their sneaky S.O.P, the issue is deliberately misframed by the DAP.

The aforementioned Harakah article had cast doubt on the motive of publicity-seeking evangelist politicians. It did not pour scorn on merely any ordinary Christians who are helping Malays — the false framing construed by Guan Eng.

It is typical of DAP to misdirect to “non-Malays or non-Muslims” in general when Harakah had particularized only Steven Sim, DAP’s Penang MP.

Before this episode, PAS senior leaders had previously questioned whether Steven was pursuing a political Christianity agenda.

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Undeniably a Christian-dominated party

According to Guan Eng, Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusof “maliciously labelled Sim as a Chinese Christian evangelist”. Why is the description in any way ‘malicious’, pray tell?

— Is Steven Sim a Chinese?


— Is Steven Sim a Christian?


— Is Steven Sim an evangelist?


How can an exercise to check box a politician’s leanings be construed as “pouring scorn” on the said individual and the groups (Chinese, Christian) to which he belongs?

In this latest provocation against the Islamist party, Guan Eng fingered cabinet minister Khairudodin Aman Razali.

Ustaz Khairuddin is the secretary of PAS’s Majlis Syura Ulamak. Like some others of his party’s ulama class, Khairuddin questions the role of evangelists in Malaysian political Christianity.


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