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Is the DAP’s aggressive Christian charity making Muslims feel uncomfortable?

Steven Sim is a creepy evangelist — see pictures below.

The DAP Penang MP had publicized, under the hashtag #Bangsa, his motorbike donation a fortnight ago to one Food Panda rider.

By the way, it doesn’t look like Steven is following Covid social distancing protocol, does it?

After that, Steven threatened to sue Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff for questioning the motive of his Christian charity.

Yesterday Steven called a press conference to “show” reporters for a second time the shy Malay recipient of his charitable acts (see below).

The first time the skinny Kelantan lad was introduced to the media was previously during the motorbike handover.

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Christians ordinarily meek and mild

But DAP and its followers have been in ‘fighting’ mode to show their support for Steven.

Among Steven’s staunchest advocates are born again Christian Lim Guan Eng and born again Christian Hannah Yeoh.

You could say that Hannah is the pioneer of the DAP Christian charity trademark.

Where Steven is a relative newbie, Hannah is the veteran of more than a decade at this sort of publicity in the social media.

Below is a picture of Hannah from 2012 – wearing her signature tudung – giving away school bags at Surau An-Nur Shahiroh.

Ramadan bulan untuk Kristian buat sedekah?

Kristian DAP are highly active in their charitable endeavours during bulan puasa — distributing buah kurma in pasar Ramadan, contributing food parcels and what not.

Like Hannah and their fellow party elected reps – for instance Christian MP Ong Kian Ming – Steven also publicized his tumpang iftar.

He tweeted a photo featuring “adik Mohamad” and captioned it “I love (red heart emoji) my Malaysian family” — see below.

Hannah and Kian Ming have churned out a lot of publicity about their ‘puasa’ efforts, with the latter throwing in Arabic expressions e.g. “Insya Allah” for added spice.

These DAP evangelists are shoving their I-share-your-hunger-pangs Bro down people’s throat. To the point that some critical observers are gagging from such a display of Christian virtue.

The then newly minted DAP parliamentarian Kian Ming told The Star in August 2013 – see article ‘Netizens share fasting experience’ – that he found it hard to explain to non-Muslims the reason for his doing so.

“Some of my friends had asked me whether I had converted to Islam,” Kian Ming said.

But they never do convert to Islam. Not a single one of these DAP evangelists has been granted hidayah. Not. One.

DAP Yang Berhormats are so aggressive!

Guan Eng was certainly confrontational in his denunciation of Harakah over the PAS paper’s recent coverage of Steven Sim.

The DAP sec-gen most ironically accused PAS of insisting on “racial and religious electoral apartheid” when it is actually the Chinese who are 95 percent DAP voters.

The word ‘apartheid’ means apartness, i.e. racial segregation.

DAP’s 95 percent solid bloc of Chinese supporters are so far distant (apart) from the non-DAP electorate that they’re unable to comprehend why non Christians remain suspicious of Steven.

They and Guan Eng chose instead to accuse the Harakah article of “pouring scorn” on Christians who help Muslims.

Think about it though. All this Christian brotherliness should make everybody feel good, right?

Yet the DAP evangelists always preaching love and charity are now banging tables; Steven “tepuk meja” at his press conference yesterday evening.

Hannah Yeoh too couldn’t restrain her potty mouth, calling Steven’s detractor(s) “troublemaker” and something about possessing a “stinking character” — see her tweet below.

Is the behaviour of Guan Eng, Hannah and Steven contributing positive vibes to Ramadan?


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2 thoughts on “Is the DAP’s aggressive Christian charity making Muslims feel uncomfortable?

  1. Strangely, why do these home-grown born again Christians give small gifts to Muslim women and children by donning an exotic garb ? Have these donors the locus standi to represent anyone or themselves only ? Certainly, not the 95% Chinese which they claim to represent ! Or are they putting forth the good name of the DAP, the English educated Hainanese or their own version of tropicalised Christianity ? WHY DON’T THESE FOLKS CALL A SPADE A SPADE AND BECOME MUSLIMS ? This is what is known as Integrity, Sincerity and Compassion. Instead, these fakes of whatever they believe try to gain maximum mileage from minimum outlay which gave rise not only to suspicion but outright condemnation for putting on a hypocritical act ! Unlike myself, I believed in the tremendous potential of our beloved Malaya and her Rakyat in 1957, so I donated my father’s mansion with 13 acres to the Federal Government to be the First Istana Malaya 1957-2010. Then after the tragic riots of 13 May 1969, to balance the socio-economic equation, I developed my 1972 Concept to capture Sime Darby for the Malays to fast trek into big corporate business and avoid impinging on existing and future Chinese businesses. Sime Darby was captured by November 1975. Both ideas had a profound beneficial effect on all Malaysians, not only the Malays, to this very day. SO WHAT ARE THESE FOOT SOLDIERS (WHO ONLY LOOK CHINESE) WHO TUMBLED OUT OF THE SINGAPORE DAP TROJAN HORSE UP TO WITH THEIR TEENY-WEENY SHENANIGANS WHICH HAVE NO MERIT OR PURPOSE BUT TO CREATE TINY WAVES IN UNKNOWN WATERS ? Like how DAP’s best friend missed Malaysia’s desirable PM post not once, but 4 times being 1997, 2008, 2013 and 2018 with DAP’s apparent support, It is alleged that DAP’s narrow Leadership bungled big time again in its desperate attempt to ride the winds of change ! INSTEAD OF JUMPING IN TO BEING THE CONSTITUTIONAL PARTY AND BECOME THE THIRD FORCE, THE PATER + FIL HAVE JUMPED INTO BED WITH THE SO-CALLED BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS WHO NOW OPERATE IN HOSTILE TERRITORY SURROUNDED BY HOSTILE FOLKS INCLUDING THE CHINESE ON ALL SIDES. Indeed if they succeed in achieving their secret aims or agenda, it would be the First in the World. Indeed they would put the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Crusades to shame ! But how can they succeed when they came from comfortable homes with full bellies and smooth skins and NOT TESTED BY BRIMSTONE AND FIRE ?

  2. ” To be or not to be is the question ! ” so says Shakespeare in Hamlet or was it Julius Caesar or Merchant of Venice ? All the fuss created by the “Onward Christian Soldiers” (founded AD 1975) is of no consequence over a tiny present of a motorbike which was hand-picked to give maximum publicity for minimum outlay/effort. Be honest, able and willing, Lim X 2, Pua, Ong, Sim, Yeoh etc . Call a spade a spade and be MUSLIMS IF YOU REALLY ARE MOTIVATED AND DEVOTED TO OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA. TURN THE MUCH USED SINGAPORE/EVANGELIST TROJAN HORSE DAP INTO ‘THE CONSTITUTION PARTY OF MALAYSIA’ AND LAST 1,000 YEARS. Defend it too like our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans! Otherwise, you all go home to Mummy ! Be like me, (i) I believe in my beloved Malaya, I donated my father’s mansion with 13 acres to the Federal Government in 1957 as the 1st Istana Negara 1957-2013. (ii) I believe we should have a Malaysian Economy for all Malaysians after the 13 May 1969 riots (at this point the British had 70% of the best assets, the Chinese 25% of the 3rd rate, the Malays just 2%), In 1972, I conceptualised the takeover of Sime Darby PLC by the Malays supported by the PM Tun Abdul Razak to fast trek into big biz without impinging on existing or future Chinese businesses. The cost was only RM 23 Million. This created a boom from 1976 to 1993. for all Malaysians. For this effort, a MCA Leader called me ” a Malay bum sucker ” which excuse he used to cheat his own Chinese and in 1984-85 remitted S$ 100 Million via my friend from Singapore to the Hong Kong bank account of his girl friend ! iii) I believed UMNO was the paramount political party in 1990. I lent UMNO BARU, 9 (NINE) Million Renong Berhad shares without security to redeem the assets of the old UMNO from the Official Assignee. PUT YOUR FEET WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS LIM X 2, PUA, ONG, SIM, YEOH ETC OTHERWISE PLEASE GO HOME TO MUMMY TO SUCK EGGS AND REFRAIN FROM DISTURBING THE GOOD DR KAMARUL ZAMAN YUSOFF who spoke under UN the Charter of the Freedom of Speech ! I always speak with FACTS never FICTION OR LIES !

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