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“Rebus katak” — Perkasa’s comeback issue

Those dudes (Perkasa) have not been in the media spotlight for quite some time already.

But Syed Hassan Syed Ali, the Perkasa sec-gen, has returned making a media statement on KL Archbishop Julian Leow and his “boiled frogs” political secret recipe. Continue reading ““Rebus katak” — Perkasa’s comeback issue”

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DAP’s Indian progress since GE13 — இல்லை

If you have to ask, there were no Malays elected into the DAP Johor CEC today. No Indians too. And zero Chinese. All 15 Malaysian Firsters.

BELOW:If you have to ask about any Indian progress in DAP since 2013 (the year GE13 was held)… 

Honest Injun. There were really “no Indians”.

Elek! Continue reading “DAP’s Indian progress since GE13 — இல்லை”


Are they trying to make Ganapathy’s death BLM?

Anwar Ibrahim spoke yesterday about Ganapathy’s death in racial terms amidst allegations of police brutality. The Indian man had been under police custody.

Anwar said:

“Kita tak boleh umpamanya dalam satu negara satu kaum, persepsinya, dibelasah terus-menerus di lokap” — see kiniTV news clip below.

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