Are they trying to make Ganapathy’s death BLM?

Anwar Ibrahim spoke yesterday about Ganapathy’s death in racial terms amidst allegations of police brutality. The Indian man had been under police custody.

Anwar said:

“Kita tak boleh umpamanya dalam satu negara satu kaum, persepsinya, dibelasah terus-menerus di lokap” — see kiniTV news clip below.

Anwar chairs Pakatan Harapan.

Buku Harapan sure made many sweet promises to the rakyat.

In their janji manifesto Nombor 20, umpamanya they promised to establish the IPCMC which would, among other measures, also thoroughly investigate police custodial deaths — see below.

So why didn’t they do anything about IPCMC during the 22 months they were in power?

Obviously their promises to voters made in election campaigns are not worth the toilet paper that Buku Harapan is printed on.

It is estimated that around three-quarters of the Indian electorate had voted Pakatan Harapan in the 2018 general election.

And opposition voters are again being offered Anwar as the prime minister nominee/designate should Harapan win GE15. ((Avert! — hand signing)) Or as the Muslims say it, Nauzu billahi min zalik.

More than once Anwar has said ‘anak Cina anak kita, anak India anak kita …’ yadda yadda.

Harapan’s diversity & plurality branding

Only just two days ago DAP evangelist Steven Sim tweeted (below) that Anwar’s words “menjadi inspirasi untuk kami berusaha membina masyarakat majmuk Malaysia yg harmoni tanpa permusuhan kaum dan agama”.

Anwar is also fond of reciting his memorized Mandarin line 我 们 都 是 一 家 人 (“We are one family”) and oh how the Dapsters lapped it up.

DAP supporters have bought the into Harapan ‘diversity’ Bangsa Malaysia hardsell lock, stock and smokin’ barrel.

At the same event, Anwar said additionally in his speech:

“… setiap hari akan berbangkit isu yang menimbulkan ketegangan dan keresahan di antara kaum dan di kalangan rakyat” — see kiniTV news clip below.

Anwar blamed critics and opponents of the Harapan components parties for raising issues which he alleged have given rise to racial and religious tensions.

The Harapan PM wannabe needs a mirror.

Anwar himself has racialized Ganapathy’s custodial death with his statement that “satu kaum, persepsinya, dibelasah terus-menerus di lokap”.

Isn’t Anwar’s escalation of the race rhetoric (see above) surrounding police lockup-related deaths, as well as escalation of the religious rhetoric surrounding the ‘Christian charity’ controversy both stoking ethnic tensions?

The issues of abuse of power which were supposed to be investigated by the IPCMC promised by Harapan legitimately deserve our attention.

Harapan politicians, however, are not really serious about police reform. Remember, they ruled the roost in Putrajaya for close to two years — 22 months in which nothing was done.

They’re more interested now in whipping up Indian sentiments and religious outrage, including making Steven Sim appear victimized like a Christian martyr.


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  1. “To embrace the whole world in friendship is wisdom. This wisdom is not transient like the flowers that bloom and fade…. Indulgence in frivolous speech not only reveals one’s lack of moral character, but it also deprives one of good qualities.”

    – Thiruvalluvar the Sage

  2. Instead of narrowing the unmentionable divide, are the Onward Christian Soldiers widening the divide with their teeny-weeny antics ? Are these healthy practices by a Party well-known for its controversies ?

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