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“Rebus katak” — Perkasa’s comeback issue

Those dudes (Perkasa) have not been in the media spotlight for quite some time already.

But Syed Hassan Syed Ali, the Perkasa sec-gen, has returned making a media statement on KL Archbishop Julian Leow and his “boiled frogs” political secret recipe.

Syed Hassan said Muslims deserve an explanation and the Church cannot be allowed to hide behind their (archbishop’s words) “taken out of context” excuse.

Read more HERE.

BELOW: Malay-Muslim NGOs starting to into delve into political Christianity and its connection to the dodgy DAP 


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One thought on ““Rebus katak” — Perkasa’s comeback issue

  1. There is no doubt whatsoever that the teeny-weeny antics by the emerging Evangelistic DAP frogs having discarded its LKY skin after 60 years, have drawn the ire of those parties which practice straight politics as opposed to under-the belly type of Evangelistic antics by the Onward Christian foot soldiers. May be it is also time for all political parties to operate only within demographic lines. In other words, if one is an Eskimo, proselytise amongst the Eskimos. Why ? Common sense dictates a tiny minority of frogs should not disturb the Peace and Tranquillity of the huge majority !

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