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OMG !! Harapan appears most worried about … (huh?)

Yesterday I went out to stock up on cat food.

But the kibbles brand I usually buy had unfortunately finished, so my haul from the pet shop was only 8kg and not 16kg as intended.

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People are prepping for tomorrow’s “total lockdown” which feels kinda like house arrest.

“There is no curfew, but I hope no one will be outside after 8pm because there will be no economic activity after that time,” Ismail Sabri, the Senior Minister for Security, said in a joint briefing with the Health Ministry.

Eggs are flying off the supermarket shelves. Malaysians are moreover concerned about chicken prices which shot up recently.

The national security council obviously thinks the pandemic surge in Malaysia is now serious enough to make us all stay home to avoid catching the coronavirus that is mutating.


Plenty of real things to worry about 

Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham last week urged the public to prepare for the worst.

Earlier this month, the DG had told us hospitals in the Klang Valley were running out of ICU beds to treat Covid patients — see May 8 report above headlined ‘Malaysia’s healthcare system at breaking point again as active cases near 35,000 mark’.

Everywhere we go, shops – many of which will have to shutter for the next fortnight – are worried about their customers’ body temperature and unsanitized hands.

Those of us who are not rich are worried about the spiralling monthly expenses due to inflation, and about our country’s economic future.

But what is the Ketua Pemuda Pakatan Harapan (pix below) apparently most worried about? A nothingburger incident that occurred more than ten days ago.


Harapan takut Umno-PAS tunduk kepada MCA

Harapan Youth chief Shazni Munir Mohd Ithnin is seemingly worried that ‘Menteri PAS, Umno tunduk kepada MCA’.

Umno has nine full ministers in the cabinet and PAS has three (or four if you count special envoy Hadi Awang who is holding the equivalent of ministerial rank).

Meanwhile, MCA has only one full minister in charge of the Transport portfolio.

That Harapan failed to mention the Bersatu ministers is a clear indication of the opposition politicking this.

“Pakatan Harapan Youth has questioned a perceived silence from Umno and PAS ministers on the recently reported issue involving an Israeli plane that flew across Malaysia’s airspace,” according to the Malaysiakini news article yesterday.

Reporting on the same story in bahasa Melayu, Malaysia Dateline – see below – quoted Shazni Munir as saying “di mana menteri PAS dan Umno? Tunduk kepada MCA kah?”


What brought on the Harapan tirade against MCA?

On May 19, a civilian Boeing 737-400 aircraft registered to an Israeli company briefly flew in Malaysian airspace en route to Singapore.

The Israeli plane had taken a normal commercial flight path complying with rules set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and was given prior approval for its overflight.

Malaysia Dateline reported Harapan Youth as complaining “dalam kenyataan (oleh Kementerian Pengangkutan) tersebut seakan-akannya kita tidak boleh langsung menghalang mana-mana pesawat atas nama keanggotaan dalam ICAO asalkan ianya ‘tidak mengancam keselamatan dan kedaulatan negara’.”

Does Harapan expect Wee Ka Siong’s ministry to defy the ICAO rules?

The challenge above by Harapan Youth to the thirteen Umno and PAS cabinet ministers (for not castigating their sole colleague from the MCA) smacks of anti-Chinese racism to me.

Are you racist, Harapan?!

It is not as if MCA has ever expressed any solidarity with Israel.

Malaysia Dateline further reported that “Shazmi menganggap kerajaan PN suka bermuka-muka kerana kecaman terhadap Israel sekadar di mulut …”.

The Harapan Youth chief said in his statement:

“Akibat telah terbiasa bermuka-muka itulah yang akhirnya tanpa rasa bersalah telah membenarkan pesawat Israel melalui ruang udara negara.

“Kalau pun mahu bersangka baik bahawa pesawat itu tidak mengancam keselamatan negara, tidakkah berwaspada dengan tidak membenarkan itu jauh lebih baik?”

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Harapan is questioning whether criticism of Israel by Umno and PAS was merely a case of “bermuka-muka”.

To me, the more pertinent bermuka-muka question is whether the support for Palestinians by DAP – which has many prominent evangelical Christian leaders – is “sekadar di mulut” saja.

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