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Guan Eng is worried about M’sians killing ourselves

Lim Guan Eng tweeted on Friday (June 25) that suicides in Malaysia have risen by more than 20 percent, and in the first five months of this year alone, there were 53 deaths by suicide in Penang. Continue reading “Guan Eng is worried about M’sians killing ourselves”

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Even Mahiaddin defers to NRD but Hannah Yeoh wanted her way

Although he is PM of the country, nonetheless Muhyiddin respects the everyday bureaucratic procedures at the National Registration Department regarding how his name was spelled at birth — Mahiaddin Md Yasin.

But Hannah Yeoh, then a Selangor Adun, had tried to bulldoze the NRD in 2011 with regard to how her daughter’s keturunan was to be recorded on the newborn’s birth cert.

The department borang permitted two options — either ikut bapa, keturunan ‘India’ or ikut emak, keturunan ‘Cina’ (see how Hannah filled the form, below).   Continue reading “Even Mahiaddin defers to NRD but Hannah Yeoh wanted her way”

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They want Rohingya to be absorbed and allowed work here

The Agora Society wants Malaysia to be appreciated as “a land of diversity” and therefore to integrate Rohingya into our local communities.

Agora Society is “a loose network of (mostly CHINESE) individuals who (claim they) believe in the principles of democracy and good governance”. Continue reading “They want Rohingya to be absorbed and allowed work here”

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Oh dear, what’s Hamzah Zainudin gonna do?

You know what they say about being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

On the left of the Home Minister is the DAP preaching “kindness” to the Rohingya.

On his right is the legacy media convinced that it’s impossible for Rohingya to be repatriated.

BELOW: Locals are incessantly accused (by opposition politicians) of xenophobia against Rohingya Continue reading “Oh dear, what’s Hamzah Zainudin gonna do?”

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Chinese posturing as kindest and most Rohingya-caring

Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin said yesterday it is arrogant of refugees (Rohingya) to go around declaring “I have a UNHCR card”.

“Take for example someone who is given the UNHCR card for a three-year period. What happens when the three-year period is up?” Hamzah was quoted as saying by the NST.

BELOW: It’s raining UNHCR cards on Rohingya


Continue reading “Chinese posturing as kindest and most Rohingya-caring”

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How many Rohingya in M’sia who cannot be traced?

Utusan Online carried an article a few days ago (June 12) headlined ‘Malaysia tidak hipokrit isu PATI Rohingya’.

“Palestin memperjuangkan kebebasan negaranya daripada cengkaman Zionis dan mereka tidak pernah menjadi ancaman kepada negara ini,” said Utusan.

So who or what does pose a threat? Continue reading “How many Rohingya in M’sia who cannot be traced?”

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DAP slams govt for xenophobia, unkindness to Rohingya

DAP is distressed and alarmed by “the heightened publicity attacks” against Rohingya.

The DAP’s Political Education Director penned an op-ed today titled ‘Why we should be kinder to Rohingya refugees’.

Liew Chin Tong (see below) took to task “the vitriol against a defenceless people” mounted by unkind Malaysians as well as slamming “the hard-line and xenophobic sentiments generated by the Perikatan government”. Continue reading “DAP slams govt for xenophobia, unkindness to Rohingya”

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Violent hate crime against elderly Asians by black men (and black girls)

Cities on the Left Coast of Amerika are controlled by liberal Democrats. In these progressive blue cities, cops are being defunded even while the crime rate is escalating.

Attacks on American-Asians have recently shown a marked increase and attributed to Covid-related xenophobia, according to the woke media narrative. Continue reading “Violent hate crime against elderly Asians by black men (and black girls)”