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China is one of our election issues

Muhyiddin’s Emergency is set to end on Aug 1 after which parliament can resume sitting. 

This GE15 parliament will have to dissolve, the latest, by 16 July 2023 when its term expires.

The intervening period comes to 700-plus days where Malaysian Chinese will seethe outside the perimeter of a Malay government.

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MCA is the fig leaf giving just the smallest bit of cover to the Perikatan administration that their multiracial cabinet composition is inclusive of Chinese.

Cina DAP are meanwhile chafing at the bit to return to Putrajaya — where they think the community will regain a stronger say on the running of the country. 

Unity Government is back door entry for DAP

Ibarat ‘hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong’, some are now pushing a proposal for an immediate ‘Unity Government’ (UG). 

Under their Tepuk Sebelah Tangan scheme (one-sided wishful thinking because there is no reason for the Malay establishment to entertain this overreaching demand), the post-Emergency cabinet will – they hope! – comprise one-thirds opposition members.

They also further propose that the remaining two-thirds of cabinet could even include some technocrats who are not politicians. 

Needless to say, in the mind of these UG proposers, the best and brightest talents are necessarily non Malays. 

In view of the Covid numbers, the idea of a snap election is not going to be able to get as much traction as it did this time last year. So we’re stuck with Muhyiddin and all the prime minister’s men until 2023. 

The Chinese, however, are finding it hard to stomach being left out in the cold for the next 700 days — what with important government decisions such as whether businesses are going to allowed to operate (as one example) and whether retail premises are allowed to sell alcohol (as one specific example). 

Hence their proposal for an interim 2021–2023 Unity Government as a pathway for the DAP’s immediate return to power. 

This fish-brained proposal is obviously dead in the water where Muhyiddin and Bersatu are concerned. But what about UG after GE15?

What kind of Melayu would hand DAP the keys to Putrajaya?

DAP acquired federal power for the first time in history thanks to Mahathir. 

The recent foreign trespasses in our airspace are a litmus test that reveal many true colours. 

On the Boeing civilian airliner, Mahathir said: “People in the country do not want to see Israeli plane flying over Malaysian air.”

On the sixteen China military aircraft, he said: “I don’t know if they’ve actually flown in Malaysian airspace”.

Mahathir is the kind of mamak bendahara who opened the door for DAP’s 2018 debut entry to Putrajaya.

Now what kind of Malay leaders are willing to open the backdoor for DAP to sneak back into Putrajaya again?

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No ‘unity’ in outrage against China incursion

The recent China incursion into our airspace and territorial waters on other earlier occasions is a litmus test. 

DAP supporters argue that the party must be in government because DAP is the elected voice of the Chinese, and Malaysian Chinese, who are the country’s biggest ethnic minority, must not be excluded from national governance. 

They also argue that the rakyat must be united, and a unity government (which must include DAP) is a fair representation of multiracial Malaysia. 

The ‘unity’ posturing by Cina DAP is hard to credit as genuine or sincere. 

Mahathir certainly failed the test in his nonchalance at the overflight by the sixteen China military aircraft, which TUDM fighter jets scrambled to intercept.  

A united Malaysia will be united in the purpose of defending our sovereignty.

Instead we saw sections of the population mocking Malaysia’s defence forces during the China trespass incident. Their attitude is sheer insouciance at the foreign intrusion.  

National ‘unity’ is one of the magic passwords that DAP hopes will open the Putrajaya door to them. 

This ‘unity’ being bandied as political coin by DAP is both cheap and meaningless. Don’t forget their ideological demagogue Hew Kuan Yau had once declared the South China Sea belongs to China. 


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One thought on “China is one of our election issues

  1. It is absurd to dream about a Unity Government of the DAP style. This cannot exist in the Kingdom outside of the revered Constitution. It’s a pipe-dream. It is also absurd for DAP to talk about a UNITY Government because no one really knows what kind of political animal DAP is – Trojan Horse, or Chauvinist or born again Christian or whatever. Or as the devious DAP had misled voters since 1966, ” Malaysia for Malaysians ” as concocted by Lee Kuan Yew who should have known that the Constitution can only be a two-thirds majority. In fact, the DAP had achieved the ultimate objective for Singapore as revealed by Dato Seri Azmin Ali in the Dewan Rakyat in August 2020 that the DAP’s first objective was to get the PH Government to approve the Lee Kuan Yew inspired Malaysia Killer CPTPP of Malays, non-Malays and SMEs in August 2018 ! Ahead of all the PH promises in the PH Manifesto. Malaysia should now maintain a stance of Sovereignty and National Interest against all intruders into her borders whether overt or subvert . With the Unity of the Malays, Malaysia will be one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being the UK, Japan, Switzerland and Malaysia. Since the DAP had openly pushed for unattainable goals or deviously represented the causes of its homeland as exemplified by actual examples, any Malay based Government can by-pass DAP and MCA and appoint honest and talented Chinese from the 6 millions to be Ministers, ombudsmen, advisers, GLC executives etc. The antics of the DAP in the PH Government are well-known and recorded. The DAP had the chance and POWER to maintain a UNITY Government then. Why talk about it now ?

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