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Violent hate crime against elderly Asians by black men (and black girls)

Cities on the Left Coast of Amerika are controlled by liberal Democrats. In these progressive blue cities, cops are being defunded even while the crime rate is escalating.

Attacks on American-Asians have recently shown a marked increase and attributed to Covid-related xenophobia, according to the woke media narrative.

A few high-profile cases occurring early this year are —

Jan 28: San Francisco

Vicha Ratanapakdee, 84, an immigrant from Thailand had been taking his usual morning walk.

Antoine Watson, a 19-year-old black ’hero’ (pix below), suddenly ran across the street and violently shoved the octogenarian to the ground.

Vicha died without regaining consciousness following the senseless assault.


Jan 31: Chinatown, Oakland California

A 91-year-old unnamed Asian man was doing nothing more than walk along the sidewalk when he was violently shoved from behind.

The horrifying footage caught on CCTV can be viewed on ABC News here.

Yahya Muslim, a 28-year-old black man (pix tweeted below), has been arrested for the unprovoked, mindless assault.

March 28: The Bronx, New York 

A 51-year-old Asian lady riding the bus was beaten and struck on the head by a gang of four black teenage girls.

They screamed at her “Bitch!” and accused the woman of spreading the coronavirus.

One of the suspects was caught on CCTV hitting the victim with an umbrella (see still frame below released by the police).


March 29: Manhattan, New York

65-year-old Vilma Kari, an immigrant from the Philippines, was on her way to church to celebrate the start of Holy Week.

Out of the blue, she was knocked to the ground and stomped on by a black man who was heard shouting: “Fuck you, you don’t belong here.”


The suspect Brandon Elliot, 38 (caught on surveillance camera, above) also repeatedly kicked his victim in the head.

Vilma suffered a fractured pelvis and contusion to the head from the vicious random attack — screengrab from CCTV, below.


April 23: East Harlem, New York

Yao Pan Ma, a 61-year-old Chinese immigrant, was pushing his grocery cart full of bottles and cans that he collected to recycle.

Jarrod Powell, a 49-year-old black man (pix below), suddenly attacked the Chinese sexagenarian from behind for no reason.


Powell stomped on Yao’s head repeatedly as the elderly man lay helpless on the ground — graphic CCTV video clip tweeted here.

The brutal attack left its innocent victim in a coma hooked on the ventilator (pix below) and fighting for his life.


May 4:  San Francisco

Chui Fong Eng, 85, was waiting quietly at the bus stop with another elderly friend when she was stabbed in the arm with a long knife.

The blade entered the Chinese woman’s chest and remained stuck in her torso (later removed surgically) when she was admitted into ICU for the life-threatening injuries.

Patrick Thompson, a 54-year-old black man (pix below) has been arrested and is facing charges for brutally assaulting the two women. 


Footage of the assault last month on the Chinese li’l old ladies in San Francisco can be viewed in the tweet above.

There were other attacks on younger Asian individuals – similarly by black perpetrators – that occurred as well in the first quarter of this year. They’re not being listed here, however, where the focus is on older victims.


The secular cult of George Floyd

The liberal media told its American public that hate crime is due to “white supremacy” racism even though the suspects are black.

The media blames Donald Trump for these attacks on Asians because he said Covid came from China.

Never mind that Trump left office half a year ago. (The Democrat president sleeping in the White House since January is never going to be faulted by the fawning media).

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66-year-old Muslim UberEats driver murdered’

(Two black girls shot him with a taser — HERE)

Ignore the fact that the anti-Asian attacks were in Democrat neighbourhoods in the very Democrat states of New York and California.

Never mind an inconvenient detail that blacks are generally not Trump supporters.

Just disengage your critical thinking faculty and listen to the media screaming that it is all the fault of Trump’s white supremacist fans.

To the woke journos, their Black Lives Matter indoctrination matters more than any truthful reporting. 

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  1. the black day in day out talk about racism and slavery, just like we hear mahathir the conman and ccp the bully nonstop talking imperialism and poverty when it suit them. i truly salute the whites that have the patient to listen to all this grandmothers story as if we still live in 19 century where cowboy and colonial army roaming around shooting red indian and slave. most movies and books that talk about white racism very often gain praise and good review no matter how shitty n bored, and how many black are really interest to trace their roots and to know more about their ancestry? ten out of ten asian that live in the usa have nothing good to tell about this black american, perhaps with the exception of the tuan here wakaka.

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