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How the Nons ubah to become staunchest supporters of Palestinians 

The present gomen is almost wholly Malay. This leaves the non Malays dominating the opposition.

Those out of power (i.e. the opposition) kutuk those in power (i.e. the Malay establishment) every day non stop in the hope of ousting the latter from Putrajaya so that the former can then take over the reins of power.

DAP calls Umno names like “racist”, “Ketuanan Melayu”, “kakistocracy”, ”kleptocrat” and many more.

DAP supporters call PAS names like “Taliban”, “religious bigots” etc.

The opposition is portraying the Bersatu-led ruling coalition as “ #KerajaanGagal “ and its leader Muhyiddin as “ #PM Bodoh “.

All this nasty name-calling of the Malay parties is however not having its desired effect of making Malay voters switch their allegiance.

So what can those currently out of power do to tarnish the image of those currently in the seat of power?

How about trying a new tactic of mudslinging that might have slightly better resonance with the Malay voter base?

When had Dapsters ever attended a pro-Palestine rally?

Palestine is not an issue for the non-Malay electorate who are indifferent to developments in the Muslim Middle East.

Hence it does not cost DAP anything to express vocal support for Palestinians in order to score brownie points with Malays. Which the DAP has duly done.

In recent years, DAP has been increasingly voicing solidarity with the Palestinians and condemning Israel. 

Palestine is a cause very dear to the Malay heart and Zionists are viewed as villains for oppressing the people of Gaza.  

Calling the Malay leadership “racist” no longer has much sting but to depict them as “inhumane”? 

A new twist is to portray the Malay leadership as perangai macam Yahudi in their treatment of an oppressed group. 

Standing in for Palestinians in our Malaysian context are the Pendatang Tanpa Izin for their supposed ill treatment at the hands of the Malay authorities. 

YB Kula Segaran, DAP’s minister in the previous Mahathir cabinet, recently condemned the round-up operation by Immigration officers as shameless and shocking — see FMT report below. 

C594ECB4-DEAD-44AD-A466-3D7D65AC320BProtesting the raid, the usual virtue signalers are now saying that the treatment of PATI in Malaysia should remind you of the treatment of Palestinians in Gaza. 

Next, the usual screams of “Racist!” “Racist!” “Racist!” here against Ketuanan Melayu will soon be replaced with shouts of “inhumane”, “Oh, the inhumanity!”

Malays are being accused of treating their fellow Muslims — the Bangla and Rohingya economic migrants – most inhumanely, like how Zionists treat Palestinians.  

Suddenly Palestinians have become precious too to those who oppose the Malay government, other than as cause celebre among the usual human rights activists.  




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