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How many Rohingya in M’sia who cannot be traced?

Utusan Online carried an article a few days ago (June 12) headlined ‘Malaysia tidak hipokrit isu PATI Rohingya’.

“Palestin memperjuangkan kebebasan negaranya daripada cengkaman Zionis dan mereka tidak pernah menjadi ancaman kepada negara ini,” said Utusan.

So who or what does pose a threat?

The Rohingya on the other hand, t Utusan said, “menyebabkan aliran Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin (PATI) ke negara ketiga dalam skala besar dan berterusan sejak bertahun lalu”.

DAP’s Liew Chin Tong yesterday joked: “I told Dr Mahathir in jest that if Malaysia does not get involved in handling the Rohingya crisis in Dhaka and Cox’s Bazaar, the refugees will turn up in droves in Langkawi”.

Liew then acknowledged on a more serious note: “Many of the refugees do land in Langkawi”.

This DAP man is a typical politician who uses much exaggerated language. Liew plays up ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Rakhine as “genocide”.

Here he again plays up Rohingya as “refugees” when they’re actually Economic Migrants who paid the human trafficking syndicates a lot of money for their illegal passage to our country.

Not only are the Rohingya’s handlers breaching our maritime borders in Langkawi, they’ve build a network of ‘lorong tikus’ in Mahathir’s home state Kedah too.

According to Utusan: 

”Pencerobohan etnik Rohingya sudah pastinya memberi kesan apabila kebanjiran PATI dalam negara dan sudah tidak dapat dikawal menyebabkan berlakunya masalah sosial yang ketara dan peningkatan kes-kes jenayah rentas sempadan”.

BELOW: From British newspaper The Times in 2018


By “kes-kes jenayah rentas sempadan”, Utusan is likely to be referring to Rohingya drug mules – see above – who smuggle methamphetamine (meth) here from Cox’s Bazar.


‘Bangladesh’s biggest ever drug bust just happened in Cox’s Bazar’ — read HERE

Myanmar is a huge producer of illicit ‘ice’ and other dangerous synthetic drugs, and this cross-border drug trade has become a big problem for Bangladesh.

Utusan in its write-up on Saturday also said:

“Menurut Persatuan Majikan Malaysia, pada April 2020 terdapat lebih kurang 3.3 juta PATI berbanding 2.2 juta pekerja yang berdokumen. Statistik ini amat mencemaskan lebih-lebih lagi lebih 200,000 PATI Rohingya tidak dapat dikesan.”


Referring to data from April 2020, Utusan said “lebih 200,000 PATI Rohingya tidak dapat dikesan”.

Sinar Harian, however, had a different framing for the 200k figure quoted: Its more current 19 April 2021 article headline said ‘200,000 Rohingya berlindung di Malaysia’ — see below.


What is even more alarming about this reveal – the hitherto buried news item that an undetermined number of Rohingya are cannot now
be traced – had come from the Malaysian Employers Federation.

What are we to make of this shocking piece of information? That the missing Rohingya are like runaway maids? That they were employed somewhere but then quickly absconded from their places of employment?

If these Rohingya have been added to the “undocumented immigrants” statistics as the Utusan story a few days ago suggested, then we can take it that these Rohingya – described as “refugees” by Liew Chin Tong and his ilk – have disappeared undetected into the Malaysian underground.

The Utusan article also went on to enumerate the hundreds of Rohingya who have snuck into Malaysia this year alone via Acheh in Indonesia.

Due to the dire need to secure our borders, the government formed a coordinated National Task Force comprising 18 different enforcement agencies (see below).

’Migran etnik Rohingya kedatangan anda tidak diundang’


As Utusan correctly commented: “Dalam hal ini, pelbagai pihak tidak harus mempertikai  tindakan kerajaan dalam menjamin kestabilan negara”.

Yet DAP is implying that our government is being unkind to Rohingya by conducting round-up operations, the NGOs alleging “xenophobia” is what prompted the move by enforcement authorities while the usual virtue signalers are accusing ordinary Malaysians of being “inhumane” for supporting kerajaan kita.


’DAP slams govt for xenophobia, unkindness to Rohingya’ — read HERE


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