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The parang and knives come out, literally

A Malay government is called lots of nasty names by its eternal detractors.

Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin seems particularly sensitive to the slur “inhumane”.

While taking pains to provide an assurance that PATI will be treated humanely, Hamzah nonetheless stressed that it is important they should live peacefully with Malaysians and appreciate local sentiments.

He also said illegal migrants cannot be exempted from Malaysian law just because they hold UNHCR refugee cards.

BELOW: The UNHCR is raining its cards on Rohingya 


The Vibes has a good coverage of Hamzah’s recent high profile visit to Butterworth residents who had complained about Rohingya.

Its June 15 article headlined ‘Don’t tell us M’sian laws are useless against you, Hamzah warns UNHCR cardholders’ is written by the news portal’s Penang-based reporter Arulldas Sinnappan.

“Malaysia does not want migrants to tell us that they are UNHCR cardholders, and no one can do anything to them,” The Vibes reported Hamzah as saying after witnessing an operation by the Immigration Department to weed out illegals.

BELOW: Hamzah said at his presser that three or more PATI families can be seen occupying a single unit (of the Taman Sutra flats) in Seberang Jaya


Some 50 people believed to be Rohingya were held by the Immigration Department for questioning in connection with the operation on Tuesday, The Vibes reported.

When questioned, the (Rohingya) residents revealed that more than one hundred of their families live in several flats in the area.

BELOW: Hamzah’s visit was given prominent page 3 coverage by The Star


‘Inhumane’ joins the racist, xenophobe, blah blah club

The Star’s June 16 report ‘Hamzah on fact-finding mission’ – and subtitled ‘Residents voice out their thoughts on Rohingya living among them’ – was greeted with howls of outrage, as to be expected.

The paper was predictably accused of articulating “xenophobic and racist rhetoric against Rohingya refugees”.

These insufferable virtual signalers styling themselves as media watchdogs insisted the piece above by The Star “would contribute towards more fear-mongering and hate speech directed towards Rohingyas”.

The same self-righteous howlers presenting themselves as the so-called ‘Centre for Independent Journalism’ further accused The Star of contributing “to discourse that could lead to hatred and violence against a marginalised community”.

They additionally claimed: “It is also not in the public interest for the media to be used as a political tool to whip up sentiment against a vulnerable group to distract the public from the government’s shortcomings.”

In its follow-up article yesterday (June 17) titled ‘Hamzah urges UN body to speed up resettling refugees’, the Home Minister was quoted as saying:”It is not that the government is being inhumane (to Rohingya).

He added that he had personally been to Rakhine before and seen the conditions there for himself.


‘Oh dear, what’s Hamzah Zainudin gonna do?’ @ my blog entry yesterday

If Malaysia is really a country filled with such inhumanity where its ordinary inhumane citizens are often running around hate speeching, then why do the Rohingya still keep wanting to come here?

The Star reported Terubok flats resident association president Mohamed ibrahim Syed Ibrahim as saying the Rohingya have been fighting regularly and “when they fight, they will wave parang and knives around” — see red highlight in screenshot below.




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