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They want Rohingya to be absorbed and allowed work here

The Agora Society wants Malaysia to be appreciated as “a land of diversity” and therefore to integrate Rohingya into our local communities.

Agora Society is “a loose network of (mostly CHINESE) individuals who (claim they) believe in the principles of democracy and good governance”.

Note: The additional descriptors contained in brackets are inserted by me.

“According to UNHCR, less than 1 percent of refugees are successfully resettled to a third country globally,” said Agora in its media statement today.

Immigration Dept DG Khairul Dzaimee Daud said it much better: Tiada mana-mana negara yang mahu menerima pelarian Rohingya.

Khairul was responding last week to the Sinar Harian June 11 special report – see below – which exposed the whopping RM10,000 payment made by Rohingya to human trafficking syndicates for transporting them to Malaysia.


‘G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E’ don’t you know (erm really?)

Yet Agora still whacked the Malaysian authorities for viewing Rohingya as undocumented migrants and “a threat to public or national security”.

Targeting Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin, Agora asked fatuously:

“How can Malaysia feel proud to champion internationally the cause of the oppressed Palestinians under Israeli occupation while committing injustice to the poor asylum seekers and refugees on our soil?”

“To tell Myanmar refugees to go back to where they came from is akin to sending them to death,” cried Agora.

And following their well-worn “blah blah oh, the inhumanity” script, again we get more of the same from the usual suspects. 

Signalling frenetically like virtuous woodpeckers on steroids, Agora said today, “telling them (Rohingya) to go back is an act of cruelty” !!!

For Mahathir and his DAP acolytes like Liew Chin Tong – above – the only issue of “cruelty” with Myanmar relevant is Rohingyagenocidewhen actually the country is on the verge of a civil war.

Burmese people of all ethnicities are at risk of dying, not just Rohingya alone. The Tatmadaw allegedly burned a Buddhist village to the ground only days ago.

Almost all of the 240 houses in kampung Kin Ma were razed on Tuesday, leaving over 1,000 homeless Buddhists to shelter in the forest — watch below. 

Other Muslims accepted in Myanmar leh

Norman Fernandez wrote in Malaysiakini three days ago, “the crisis in Myanmar is not a religious conflict” but an ethnic one.

Commenting on a June 17 article, Norman said: “In Myanmar, there are the Panthays (Chinese and Burmese lineage) Muslims, the Zerbedis (Indian and Burmese lineage) Muslims and even the Pishus (Malay and Burmese lineage) Muslims.”

”All the other Muslim ethnic groups can live in peace with the majority Buddhists and are even assimilated into the Burmese society. But, not the Rohingyas, who are not only despised by the majority Buddhist but also by all the other minority ethnic Muslim groups”, the former Johor politician said.

“Worst they cannot even live in peace with the host community [in Cox’s Bazar] who are fellow Muslims,” he added.

The Rohingya have shown that they cannot co-exist peacefully even with their fellow Bengali in Chittagong and the Agora Society still wants to foist them on Malays here. Huh?

Myanmar’s nationality law officially recognizes 135 ethnic groups as the country’s “national races”.

Bamar, Kachin, Kayin, Kayah, Chin, Mon, Shan and Rakhine are the major ethnicities there. 

All the one hundred-and-thirty five listed ethnic groups however qualify as Myanmar full citizens. Only the Rohingya don’t.

Obviously from their long historical association, the successive Burmese governments know something about Rohingya that Agora is not telling us.

BELOW: Rohingya declare they’re “never” returning to Myanmar unless granted citizenship


We’re stuck with a quarter million Rohingya

And they want us to keep taking in more.

Quote: “As we celebrate World Refugee Day today, Agora Society calls on more Malaysians to come forward and provide support to the refugee communities in our midst…” Unquote

Err, no thank you. Not interested in “celebrating” Refugee Day today or on any other day.

Call me when International Cat Day comes around on Aug 8.

Am not mentioning canines lest I get accused of cruelly comparing Rohingya to dogs — i.e. the “Rohingya are human too” howling by Michelle Liu, below, and many other similar examples from Malaysian Chinese keyboard warriors.

They reveal their cheap labour agenda 

Latex glove factories, anyone?

Agora Society pitched: “For the benefits of everyone, the government should allow asylum seekers and refugees to work legally.”

”Asylum seekers and refugees already in the country serve as a ready source of labour which could save many business owners the red tape of recruiting workers from abroad as well as the nightmare of paying fees to various agencies and middle persons’” said Agora.

To sweeten the deal, Agora threw some crumbs for the LHDN saying: “It would ensure their access to a decent livelihood, and the government could also collect taxes from them if the tax threshold was met”.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I do not see how Agora’s proposal above will benefit the Malay B40. I can see it benefiting Chinese factory towkays.

These human rights or “anti-inhumanity” advocates urging us to allow Rohingya to work and providing refugees “with opportunities of empowerment” think they can get their way if they scream “xenophobia” at those who disagree. 

“One only has to look at the irrational, hysterical and xenophobic responses of many Malaysians to the fake news of the Rohingya refugee community demanding Malaysian citizenship last year,” said Agora blaming locals for opposing the illegal Rohingya settlements.

Yeah right. To the pro-Rohingya activists, a majority of Malaysians are “irrational, hysterical and xenophobic”.

Agora argues that “the Malaysian economy is heavily dependent on migrant labour. The Malaysian Employers Federation, for instance, has long been advocating refugee work rights”.

This same Persatuan Majikan Malaysia was reported by Utusan on June 12 as stating last year “terdapat lebih kurang 3.3 juta PATI berbanding 2.2 juta pekerja yang berdokumen. Statistik ini amat mencemaskan lebih-lebih lagi lebih 200,000 PATI Rohingya tidak dapat dikesan” — see screengrab below. 

The Agora Society thump their chest about responding to the needs of refugees, caring about Rohingya and selflessly standing “ready to fill the gap”.

What the Agora and its ilk really see is the Rohingya and other asylum seekers “as a ready source of labour” to do work on the cheap.

The manufacturing sector would welcome them. 

Same like the British’s view of the Bengali labourers they imported en masse into the Arakan, and the colonial legacy they left behind in Burma up until August 2017. 

When Agora talks today about integrating Rohingya into local communities, it is the local Malay ones like those in Selayang and Seberang Jaya being pressured to absorb them.  

It is not the rich Chinese gated communities that are living with the Rohingya in their midst.

But it is certainly the capitalist class reaping lucrative profits from operating their factories on foreign labour. 

Quote: “Asylum seekers and refugees already in the country serve as a ready source of labour which could save many business owners the red tape of recruiting workers from abroad as well as the nightmare of paying fees to various agencies and middle persons.’” — Agora Society  Unquote


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4 thoughts on “They want Rohingya to be absorbed and allowed work here

  1. I am of the opinion that DAP and the NGOs should sort out the Malaysian political conundrum caused by them, the financial mess and the Covid-19 virus War before we consider the plight of the Palestinians and the Rohingyas. First, the DAP for want of issues are already generations far too supporting them because thousands have already died decades ago. Second, the NGOs, are like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. As LKY used to say, ” Who pays, calls the tune !” As long as the DAP is communal and brand new Christian, who will believe them ? The DAP had the opportunity to be a Constitution Part in June 2018. With no humility in victory (a non-Christian trait), DAP eschewed the chance to be a premier Party to represent all. They preferred exclusivity. Obviously, some of them or all of them do not understand the Bible, new and old,. ( I have an ‘A’ for Scriptures ).

  2. Besides Agora Society, several students’ activist organizations (Mostly Chinese, and 100% Chinese Committees despite claiming to reduce the racial gap and celebrating “Muh Diversity”) especially the New Students Movement Alliance and their child associations also urged Malaysia to ratify the 1951 Refugee Convention and the 1967 Protocol, but keeped silent when other countries did not ratify both conventions (i.e. Singapore). They also claimed in a statement related to the anti-CCP “Milk Tea Alliance”, besides countries threathened by CCP, they also fight for the rights in countries with authoritaian tendencies (They stated Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia under that category, but not Singapore despite the latter was in fact an Authoritarian Capitalist system where the “draconian” ISA and Sedition Act was still in force).

  3. I fully support the comments of “concerned Anon”. The DAP with its oldies and brand new Christians have behaved like the Masters of the Universe by their misleading statements all the time. The form of authoritarianism as practised by Singapore since Lee Kuan Yew ascended to Power in 1959 had been tolerated by the West. It is alleged that there was a Plan A and a Plan B when Singapore joined to form Malaysia in 1963. In other words, Singapore had already decide to leave the Federation before joining it it in 1963 as later records revealed. The “” reported in the secret Whitehall ” Albatross” files that Lee Kuan Yew admonished the journalists not to photograph him smiling but crying during the all important TV session on the Separation in August 1965. The Tunku said in his book that,” when Kuan Yew left me after saying good-bye, I observed he was very happy.”. For a legal minded person like Lee Kuan Yew, Plan B with the support of the United States for Singapore without natural resources to be independent during the Cold War 1948-1989 was meaningful especially as a covert base for the West in the all-important South-East Asia. From the unmentionable trade which Uncle Sam permitted Singapore to do during the Cold War 1948-1989, Singapore’s riches pushed her to be a First World country without much effort. But the BRICS grabbed Singapore’s Cold War unmentionable trade after all these countries made the unmentionable products whilst Singapore was only a middleman. By the early 1990s, Singapore the benign authoritarian state was in big trouble. Goh Chok Tong was despatched to recruit Indian FTs. By 2002, Singapore had its first technical recession after years of GDPs with a fizzy 7% when Singapore was a sleepy colonial port using coolies. Since 2002, with ll the glittering delights of the First World, Singapore’s GDP never breached 3% which was a period of 20 years , 2002-2021 ! That was a thumb sketch of the DAP’s homeland.. If Lee Kuan Yew did not make the mistake of investing all of Singapore’s riches in Wall Street but 4,000 tons of GOLD at US$300 per ounce from the 1970s. Singapore would not be a knight in rusty armour today but the King of the Hill, rubbing shoulders with the G7 and Malaysia in its little back pocket. Man proposes. God disposes. From 2020, the Covid-19 virus put Singapore where it rightfully belonged – a tiny tropical isle with no human and natural resources.and no brainwashing of naive Malaysians (especially the Chinese and some Malays) by Singapore’s only natural resource – BS..

  4. Further to my comments on the linkage between the Trojan Horse DAP and Singapore, their homeland, and for the lack of brain power, the DAP aped Singapore’s developments in Penang since they came into Power in 2008. Of course, the DAP achieved nothing because Singapore is not Penang. For those who wondered why Singapore was called a benign authoritarian State or authoritarian capitalism or Cuba without the cigars but the bananas, we must hark back to the Cold War 1948-1989. Lee Kuan Yew had a secret agreement with the United States (Plan B) whereby she was permitted to do the unmentionable trades by Uncle Sam. In turn, Singapore became a secret ally of the United States by providing whatever the US required to win the Cold War (1948-1989.). With this secret arrangement, Lee Kuan Yew cemented his bond with the US Democrats. For years, Lee Kuan Yew would be sitting next to a Democrat President in the White House within 1 week of his election. Not so anymore in 2021. No Singapore PM has not appeared in the White House even after 100 days of President Biden’s election. As the saying goes,’ The Americans easily forget. The British try not to forget. The French never forget. The Chinese never, never, never forget. The Malaysians forgive and forget !’ Both the brilliant Indian Nobel Prize winner, Amartya Sen and TJS George who wrote “Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore’ 1972 were against the authoritarian rule by Lee Kuan Yew who gave the excuse that it enhanced an emerging country’s achievements. Even TDM was reported to support this lame excuse. At that time little was known of ‘onlinecitizen’s’.com’ expose’ on Lee Kuan Yew’s secret dealings with the US. And little was known about Singapore’s secret unmentionable trades as were permitted by Uncle Sam (1948-1989). With the end of the Cold War (1948-1989), Uncle Sam forgot about tiny Singapore with his new post-Cold War spiel.,’ Globalisation. Free Trade. Human Rights.’ to promote American hegemony from 1990 onwards. This benefitted the BRICS which grabbed all of Singapore’s secret unmentionable trades as permitted by Uncle Sam because they were the manufacturers of these products. It is alleged that Singapore garnered at least US$ 400 billions or more from this trade which pushed her into the First World. But the often told story of how Singapore became so very rich was through the brilliance of Lee Kuan Yew and the smuggling of liquor and cigarettes into non-drinking Muslim countries, Malaysia and Indonesia. Only the naive Malaysians believed this tale. How many liquor and cigarette factories have to be smuggled by Singapore to make US$ 400 billions ? Or from where did Singapore get the money to lose US$ 108 billions on Wall Street in October 2008 ? To lose US$ 108 billions Singapore must have US$ 300 billions invested as the principal. Further, with the huge loss of the secret unmentionable trades of the Cold War 1948-1989, the effect was felt by 2002 with Singapore’s first technical recession. Since 2002, Singapore’s GDP never breached 3% despite being a First World country with all the glittering delights. Why ? Here is a true story. My friend had the Remington franchise which he operated out of a dingy shophouse in Beach Road Singapore. After Indonesia’s Colonels’ Revolt in 1948, he could purchase a 12,000 acre rubber estate formerly owned by the Japanese from the Custodian of Enemy Property in 1952 ! Hence, the facts confirm that for DAP to ape Singapore’s glittering achievements without thought and due consideration, are bound to fail in Penang. There is no free lunch in this World.

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