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Slave masters and their ‘smoke scream’

A. Kadir Jasin commented today on Facebook regarding the mistreatment of foreign workers in response to the most recent round of negative media coverage. He lamented the accusation of Malaysia “being the centre for human trafficking and modern-day slavery” because so many foreign workers are employed here indiscriminately. Kadir added that not all of the millions of foreign workers can be provided with adequate accommodation. Investigative media reports have consistently highlighted the very cramped living conditions of these cheap labour in Malaysia. BELOW: Workers placed in modified shipping containers ACC7CF1A-F73C-48A0-88F8-CF3AF038A40F Being packed like sardines in the company hostels means social distancing is impossible. Hence it is no surprise that factories (manufacturing sector) have created half of the Covid clusters detected in the workplace. Kadir also said Malaysia is “becoming more inhumane in its treatment of local and foreign workers”. Bingo! It is obviously the large-scale employers who are enjoying big profits thanks to their captive workforce. And it’s equally obvious that they’re the ones guilty of meting out the “inhumane” treatment as such. Or in Kadir’s words, our country is being made to look like “modern-day slave masters”. This is a most crucial element for us to push back against cancel culture, i.e. the bullying of the silent majority by a vocal minority of Malaysians. BELOW: Hashtag #‘Migrants are people too’ … but if you want Rohingya deported, you’re accused of viewing them as no better than dogs D096CFC8-833F-4340-9D9B-394D8CC08E85

One example of cancel culture

Hundreds of thousands of Malaysians (collective total) signed several online petitions asking for Rohingya to be deported. These folks were immediately accused of hate speech by the cyberbullies. Cyberbullies are the chest-thumping virtue signalers who go around screaming “xenophobia”, “racism” and other slurs at ordinary people like Makcik Kiah and Pakcik Salleh. The thing is not only have these bullies succeeded in silencing the vox populi, they have further successfully pressured Jabatan Imigresen into deleting its tweeted poster that said “Kedatangan anda (migran etnik Rohingya) tidak diundang” — see below. 9E770343-0931-4E2C-AD78-D1EBD552CE59 The pro-Rohingya activists succeeded in their objective of deplatforming, which is to say, managed to persuade woke Internet platforms to take down those petitions. The bullies succeeded by falsely portraying those who signed the petitions as a horde of racists, xenophobes and haters. And the result is that hundreds of thousands of signatures were “cancelled” and their voices not allowed to be heard. BELOW: Ordinary Malaysians accused of dehumanizing migrants and refugees 3A18F59C-B319-4297-A1A5-BD33E1E513EC

Screaming “inhumane! inhumane! inhumane!” is just a smokecreen

It is only smoke and mirrors to accuse Makcik Kiah and Pakcik Salleh of xenophobia, and of cruelty and “inhumanity” for supporting the actions taken by our immigration officers in PATI round-up operations. What’s really inhumane is how the factory operators treat their foreign workers, more so those workers who are undocumented. A. Kadir Jasin said on Facebook that although a “handful of Malaysians may have made it into Forbes’ list of richest men and women in the world” nonetheless their wealth creation does not necessarily “make Malaysia a developed and civilised country”. These Third World towkays feign ignorance about the terrible working conditions in their factories and their henchmen try to deflect the heat from their bosses by pointing fingers back. A clever smokescreen indeed! The benefit of having foreigners here – in terms of accumulating wealth – is reaped by the capitalist class. But the rich are not paying the social costs which are borne by our government (immigration and security operations, detention, healthcare) and by the public who have the parang-wielding Rohingya living in their midst.


‘They want Rohingya to be absorbed and allowed work here’ — recommended read

Yet most ‘strangely’, the #MigranJugaManusia advocates are screaming “xenophobia” and “racist” at ordinary Malaysians but not screaming “oh, the inhumanity!” at the industrialists (captains of industry) using cheap foreign labour comprised of migrants and ‘refugees’. We can surmise that all the screaming of “xenophobia” are to provide a smokescreen for the real perpetrators of inhumanity. It would be interesting to find out who are the funders of these screaming activists and name-calling civil society members who have smoke coming out of their ears. BELOW: The cost to Malaysia in Covid IMG_2363


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