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Parliament and the new normal in M’sia Baru

Poltical junkies who read my blog would have already registered that DAP is the biggest party in parliament.

How do we visualize this party’s unbudging 42 MPs?

Tip: Imagine that the Dewan Rakyat is a pie. If you cut this pie into five equal slices, the DAP will be one full slice — i.e fully one-fifth.

In terms of percentages, DAP elected reps make up 19 percent of the 222-seat Lower House (see chart below).


The Big Four 

The Parliament Pie has been crumbling ever since election night in May 2018 and its little breakaway bits settled in different spots.

Worst hit by crumble is PKR, currently left with 35 MPs.

Some of the newly deserted PKR parliamentarians such as Xavier Jayakumar and Larry Sng are now Independents — see grey coloured pie segment above.

The second largest party is Umno with 38 MPs following the death of its Gerik Yang Berhormat. His seat in Perak – as well as Warisan’s Batu Sapi in Sabah – remain ‘vacant’ (as per pie chart label) because byelections have been postponed due to the pandemic.

Bersatu is listed in the official parliament website as having 31 MPs.

So, the four largest parties in descending order are DAP, Umno, PKR and Bersatu.

BELOW: Together with Umno, MCA and MIC contested the 10 May 1969 general election as the Alliance  


The Three Amigos

Although Pejuang is yet to get the green light from ROS, I’ve nonetheless baked in Mahathir and his Three Musketeers as a four MP party — see pink pie slice above.

Mahathir’s mentees Syed Saddiq and Maszlee Malik are however regarding themselves as ‘Independents’.

Under the label ‘Others’ are four MPs in Sabah mosquito parties: Jeffrey Kitingan, Maximus Johnity Ongkili, Arthur Joseph Kurup and Wilfred Madius Tangau plus two Sarawakians.

Baru Bian left PKR to form his own Parti Sarawak Bersatu along with his home state fellow MP, the rep for Sri Aman.

Tinggal Tiga Sekawan are two MPs from MCA and their old friend from MIC.

MCA president Wee Ka Siong is the only Chinese knight sitting at Muhyiddin’s big Round Table — see below.


What has Ubah?

The power dynamics in parliament has changed. Political allegiances have become more fluid.

DAP the party of zero principles can transform like quicksilver. In recent days, it has become a staunch supporter of Palestinians and its Christian leaders have even ventured to condemn Israel.

Born again Christian Heidy Quah – a DAP activist – is scolding Malaysians for cruelty and inhumanity to refugees.

Meanwhile DAP Political Education Director Liew Chin Tong is hectoring Malaysians to be kinder to Rohingya.

The new normal in Malaysia Baru is the DAP becoming the most vocal champion of Muslim causes around the world … except in Xinjiang.


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One thought on “Parliament and the new normal in M’sia Baru

  1. It is visionary of you to comment on the state of Malaysian Politics today.. Your many coloured graph shows at one glance the ditty, ” Humpty-dumpty sat on the wall. Humpty-dumpty had a great fall and could never be put together again.”! What does the graph tells us ? That the ruling Governments which always had 2/3 rd majority until 2008, had disintegrated into many small pieces. How did this happen ? I believe the reasons are as follows :-
    1. MONEY. History is the finest arbiter of the Truth. In 1954, a couple of towkays financed the Alliance for only Straits $ 440,000.. By 1984, a UMNO Tan Sri told me that $20 million would have caused the Government a lot of trouble.. With the easy regime of big money which began in 2004,, many UMNO division chiefs would be in the RM 20 million league and could form their own umno’s.
    2. ELITES. Three generations of well-educated Malay elites wiped themselves out. First, the BMF Gen (1971-1981) and the second RENONG Gen (1982-2003) self-immolated themselves but now living well-ensconced lives out of the limelight.,,The third, Danaharta and 1MDB Gen (2004-2018) was subverted by Singapore and further by their own self-indulgence, culminating in salaries of RM 100 million per year (IHH Berhad down to GLC minions collecting RM 10 million – RM 2 million salaries per year – Vide The Edge June 2018.). Elites who did not own a single share or made any extra money for the shareholders. By 2018, there were a dire shortage of Malay elites which is a requisite requirement of the revered Constitution. Non-Malay elites cannot not progress without the Malay elites according to the Constitution.
    3. THE PRIME MINISTER’S JOB. Any one who has the money and no qualified elite in the firmament to oppose them, the fight for the PM’s job is one big scramble like now. To add to the incendiary conundrum, money, scandals and Power becomes a dangerous mix ! It is always said that Prime Ministers are born not made. Unlike in 1945, when the Royal Sultans on the advice of their British Advisers united the Malays together and aborted the Malayan Union. This augured well for Malaya/Malaysia until 2004 when Money and others, Singapore, subverted Malaysia’s political structure. But Man proposes. God disposes. ! Where is Singapore now under the Covid-19 virus’s attack ?
    The State of Malaysian Politics is as simple as this.
    On the state of the political parties at the 15th GE, it is as follows :-
    1. UMNO. With a refreshed outlook, UMNO can regain 30 – 40 seats
    2. BERSATU. . Bersatu will be squeezed on all sides.
    3. DAP. With 42 seats, the DAP is bound to lose 15 to 20 seats if its 42 seat at present is taken as a once in a Life time occurrence amidst the alleged bungles.
    4. PKR. PKR will also lose seats as much as the DAP being seen as used by the DAP.
    5. MCA + MIC. Will definitely regain some seats but not more than 10 for MCA at the most.
    6. PAS. Staus quo for PAS
    7 Pejuang. Pejuang will be the biggest winner being with no unwanted baggage and plenty of wherewithal and gumption
    8. East Malaysian parties. They know which side of their bread is buttered.

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