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Syabas! We’ve blocked 100,000 Rohingya

To date, Malaysia has prevented one hundred thousand Rohingya from illegally landing on our shores.

Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin told reporters in Langkawi yesterday setakat ini dianggarkan 100,000 pelarian Rohingya telah diusir daripada memasuki perairan negara.

Good job, National Task Force!

BELOW: Rohingya boat intercepted by TUDM and TLDM in Langkawi waters on 16 April 2020


Rohingya and their 1,001 tricks

After being foiled, the scheming Rohingya have already devised other sneaky tactics.

“Mereka ada strategi lain… dulu dia datang masuk dengan bot yang besar-besar…Last year, (mereka) datang kita usir mereka but this time around mereka datang dengan cara lain…,” Hamzah was quoted as saying by Astro Awani.

True, they faked engine trouble and deliberately put their boats in distress at sea, and thus forcing the wonderfully “humane” Malaysians to pick them up.

Some of the Rohingya jumped into the water, feeling certain that Malaysians would for sure fish them out.


‘Search & Rescue — Bazir sumber negara, susahkan orang M’sia‘ (April 2020)

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ABOVE: Rohingya detained this year by Indonesian authorities as they were en route to our country

This time around, they’ve detoured first to Indonesia and then using Aceh as their staging area to sneak into Malaysia traveling by the two’s and three’s in small boats.

Hamzah said in his presser:

“Jadi dia tak bawa masuk ramai-ramai, itulah cara mereka masuk sekarang ini dan yang kita hairan ini, bila sampai masuk dah ada orang tunggu di dalam negara kita… itu bermakna sudah ada sindiket yang sudahpun bekerjasama dengan mereka.”

Last week, three Indonesians who are Aceh locals were sentenced to five years’ jail each for people smuggling. They were handed the guilty verdict, together with their Rohingya partner in crime, by the Lhoksukon District Court.

The Acehnese men had helped human traffickers to transport a group of some one hundred Rohingya by boat last June (2020).

Still the Rohingya have not stopped trying to reach Malaysia — the land of honey and milk of human kindness.

Note that Indonesia – a country perhaps not as humane as Malaysia but definitely much more streetwise – is only hosting 1,200 Rohingya compared to the 200,000 we already have here (infographics data from 2019, below).

Said Home Minister Hamzah:

“Kita tahu dia (punya taktik), they are now in Indonesia, we know a group of people waiting just to come into our country tapi dalam masa yang sama kita juga sedang bersedia dengan semua agensi kita, mula-mula kita ada APMM (Maritim Malaysia) dan kita ada Polis Marin dan NTF (National Task Force), untuk membantu supaya mereka tidak boleh masuk,” katanya.

The NTF was formed April last year and is led by the Armed Forces working together with police and marine police.

Other enforcement arms involved in the NTF include Immigration, Customs, Border Security Agency, Civil Defense Agency, National Anti-Drugs Agency, Maritime Enforcement Agency and RELA.

The NTF uniformed services are doing their job in preserving our national security.

The self-regarding, self-righteous keyboard warriors on Twitter and Facebook are throwing sticks and stones — as evidenced recently by all their howling at the ‘Migran etnik Rohingya kedatangan anda tidak diundang’ poster above.

SJWs should be reminded that Malaysia has precedent in how we treat unwanted economic migrants.

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