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Even Mahiaddin defers to NRD but Hannah Yeoh wanted her way

Although he is PM of the country, nonetheless Muhyiddin respects the everyday bureaucratic procedures at the National Registration Department regarding how his name was spelled at birth — Mahiaddin Md Yasin.

But Hannah Yeoh, then a Selangor Adun, had tried to bulldoze the NRD in 2011 with regard to how her daughter’s keturunan was to be recorded on the newborn’s birth cert.

The department borang permitted two options — either ikut bapa, keturunan ‘India’ or ikut emak, keturunan ‘Cina’ (see how Hannah filled the form, below).  


Hannah – with full backing from Lim Father & Son plus the DAP’s entire propaganda machinery – immediately mounted their public campaign to pressure NRD to list the mixed-race infant as keturunan ‘anak Malaysia’.

Of course there was no such invented keturunan available under the NRD’s standard ethnic categorization for our country citizens.

The DAP expected a government department to overhaul how it worked (pertaining to this ‘keturunan’ regulation detail) just to cater to the whim of one capricious, self-entitled parent.

By the way, Hannah’s younger child was subsequently recorded as ‘Indian’.

So her party can – one supposes – boast of a strange kind of “diversity” just within a single family. Two daughters. Same set of parents. One girl anak Cina, one girl anak India.

COPYPASTED below is a news article by The Star on the matter dated 17 June 2011.

NGOs said “Yeoh’s husband Ramachandran Muniandy had demeaned the Indians by not standing up for his right to decide the race of his child,” the newspaper reported.



Headline:  Decision on newborn’s racial identity slammed

PETALING JAYA: Selangor MCA has expressed its sympathy to the Indian community who are unhappy with Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh over the racial identity of her newborn baby girl.

Its Public Complaints Bureau said it regretted Yeoh’s action in not putting the ethnicity of Shay Adora Ram as that of her Indian husband.

Bureau adviser Datuk C.K. Lim told a press conference that based on convention, the child’s ethnicity should follow that of the father

“Her husband is an Indian and it is customary to name the child’s ethnicity as Indian,” he said, adding the assemblyman’s initial stance to define her baby as anak Malaysia (child of Malaysia) was politically motivated.

The issue began when the baby was defined as Chinese after the NRD in Putrajaya declined the couple’s initial proposal to use ‘anak Malaysia’ as an ethnicity or race of their child.

Yeoh had claimed she and her husband opted to leave the column for “race” blank but was rejected by the NRD official who attended to them.

To safeguard their daughter’s interest, the couple then registered Shay as Chinese, for the timebeing.

Earlier, scores of Indians from various non-governmental organisations in Petaling Jaya handed over a memorandum to Lim at the MCA complaints bureau here.

The group’s spokesman P. Balakrishnan said Yeoh’s husband Ramachandran Muniandy had demeaned the Indians by not standing up for his right to decide the race of his child.

He urged the NRD to cancel the baby’s birth certificate and issue a fresh one identifying her race as “Indian”.

In Kuala Lumpur, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said the registration of anak Malaysia as a child’s ethnicity or race would involve changes to the country’s laws and amendments to the Federal Constitution.

“Whatever changes involving this matter will need amendments to the law and considerations on the constitution,” he said.


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