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Politik dendam: Three fingers pointing back at DAP

Lim Guan Eng most recently said:

“Ever since Perikatan Nasional (PN) took over in March 2020, Penang has not enjoyed a single benefit but instead seen its development projects previously approved by the Pakatan Harapan government, ruthlessly scrapped one after the other.”

The DAP sec-gen said the above in a media statement published yesterday by Malaysiakini.

Earlier this year – see Malaysiakini tweeted story – Guan Eng’s sister Lim Hui Ying (pictured above) launched a related signature campaign.

The Lims and their party are exacerbating the ‘Them vs Us’ divide — ‘them’ being the Malay PN government in Putrajaya and ‘us’ being the three-term DAP state government in Penang.

And they’re dragging Penangites into the DAP’s vendetta against the Malay power structure.

The Chinese-saturated opposition has been waging a propaganda war accusing the federal government of ‘politik dendam’ – see below the DAP’s petition drive – over the cancelation of some Penang infrastructure projects.


Guan Eng claimed that Putrajaya had “ruthlessly scrapped” the Penang projects.

It is not “ruthless”, as the DAP says, to postpone the planned expansion of Penang airport estimated to cost RM800 million. 0n the contrary, it is a reasonable decision.

After all, we’re still in the midst of the Covid pandemic. Very few people are flying.

BELOW: Guan Eng’s antics during his 2012 debate with then MCA president Chua Soi Lek; since then the MCA has had two leadership changes (with Liow Tiong Lai taking over from Chua, then Wee taking over from Liow)


Rolling stone gathers no moss.

About Penang’s other gripe – the scrapping of its ferry service – the potshot by Guan Eng aimed at Transport Minister Wee Ka Siong is such a low blow.

Guan Eng said: “As a non-local, Wee will never understand that the Penang ferry service is part of the state’s heritage and close to the hearts of Penangites.”

Woi, you’re not a Penang local either lah.

Actually, Guan Eng and his father are much like a traveling circus moving from one constituency to another. A pair of rolling stones gathering only groupies from Penang along the coast (Selangor, Malacca) down to Johor.

And talking about “heritage” and issues “close to the heart of Penangites”, the DAP should take a look at the ‘Save Penang!’ online petition.

The public call to “Reject the 3-Islands Reclamation!” – a mega project which is Guan Eng’s brainchild – has collected close to 128,000 signatures on the Change. org hosting platform.

As to who is really playing ‘politik dendam’, the following are Guan Eng’s own words: “Penangites will ‘repay’ PN and Wee for their contribution in terminating the iconic Penang ferry service that no longer transports vehicles”.

Hullo! Chinese voters already annihilated MCA and Gerakan in the last general election.

How more do DAP and its Penang supporters think they can exact payback on the Muhyiddin administration?

The Chinese forget they had already maxed their electoral flex on 9 May 2018. They have little room left to manoeuvre short of crawling to Umno.


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2 thoughts on “Politik dendam: Three fingers pointing back at DAP

  1. For years, I had commented that the DAP State Government of Penang was doing the wrong thing by copying the achievements of Lee Kuan Yew in tiny Singapore. eg . glittering concrete buildings, reclamations etc. The more these are built on Penang, the more Penang becomes a 3rd class version of Singapore. At the end, Penang is neither fish nor fowl ! In fact, Singapore would not encourage Penang to be the finest holiday resort in the World because this development will cut into Singapore’s major source of revenue. Remember the saying, “Beware of Singaporeans bearing gifts” even they are the DAP’s sworn brothers of its homeland. I had always proposed that Penang should be the finest holiday resort in the World which also provides many jobs and opportunities for the Penangites swiftly with minimum training on the spot because FTZs are of the past. Malaysia has lost its competitive edge in comparison with other ASEAN countries. The best is for Penang to implement these projects at minimum cost and keep the DAP’s image as ‘socialist’ whatever this means.
    1. Scrap the reclamation of the island especially the south shore. Penang has plenty of land unlike DAP’s homeland Singapore. The southern shore is turned into both a proper fishing village amidst low-rise international hotels.
    2 Scrap the old Bayan Lepas airport. Penang island which is short of land does not require an airport when a huge international airport at Kulim is being built only 25 miles away. This will release thousands of land in the area for the founding of the new George Town I – the finest tropical city East of the Suez, replacing the old George Town which is preserved and restored to its former glory. Pulau Jerejak is turned into a pier for luxury liners and top class residences. Many billions of ringgits released here.
    3. Scrap the Butterworth Airport and turn it into new George Town II, mainly for affordable housing and industry. Many billions of ringgits released here.
    4. Billions of ringgits will be released by transforming the two old airports at Bayan Lepas and Butterworth for the State’s coffers. The south shore reclamation and the tunnel projects scrapped to erase the stink of alleged corruption and huge debts so incurred.
    5. A Japanese style country train system to connect Tanjong Bungah, the foothills, the old town, Jelutong with George Town I is constructed. This is connected to the new Kulim International Airport. From here, the train continues its journey to Butterworth and Sungei Patani. When the train system is established, the tunnel project is revived. Now the policy is ‘cart before the horse.’
    6. The old George Town will be assessment and quit rent free for its heritage buildings of shops and residences. Trams and traffic free streets are introduced according to a survey to be conducted.
    7. Komtar to be turned into a budget hotel with offices and shops.
    8. The State Government moves to George Town I, a new metropolis with modern buildings and facilities designed by a World renowned architect – a gem of the World and a source of huge revenue and property assessment rates for the State. Low cost housing is at the foothills to the west of Bayan Lepas airport.
    9. All high rise buildings are to be banned outside of George Towns I and II.
    10. A joint Development Council established with Kedah by Penang . Because before the arrival of the British in 1778 or thereabouts, Kedah and Pulau Pinang were as one.
    11. Overnight, a caring State Government becomes mighty rich with no debts if it pursues the objective of turning Penang into ‘THE FINEST HOLIDAY RESORT IN THE WORLD”.
    12. Now we all know the reason why troupes of PAP cadres paid visits to Penang since 2008 including Lee Kuan Yew in June 2009, to convince Penang to be like Singapore which Penang will never be in 10 lifetimes ! Beware of Singaporeans bearing gifts ! Not only that, the DAP forgot about its duties and responsibilities to Penang Rakyat. . Instead the PH Government approved the Lee Kuan Yew inspired Malaysia killer CPTPP in August 2018 according to Dato Seri Azmin Ali in the Dewan Rakyat, October 2019.
    If the DAP State Government could not bring its wherewithal and gumption to implement the above at minimum costs for the benefit of themselves and the Rakyat, they should stop talking about the Palestinians and the Rohingyas. Charity begins at home !

  2. Further to my factual comments in this distinguished Blog, many years ago, a friend encouraged me to comment in his Blog. After due consideration, I decided the safest subject to comment on was Lee Kuan Yew whom many Malaysians and all Singaporeans feared ! Some one said why I talked about a dead person ? I retorted that why we cannot talk about Hitler, Julius Caesar, etc because they are dead. Then, all the history professors should be sacked and their departments closed down ? Before this incident, I always thought history departments of universities were ornamental. But I now regard historians are the soul and conscience of a Nation. A part of any society which is most important because history is the finest arbiter of the Truth. Hence, the facts about Lee Kuan Yew must be known to all. Let us talk about Dr Albert Winsemius, the UN adviser to the Singapore Government 1962 -1984. The year 1962 was a momentous year for Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore. The Tunku despatched his Adviser on Counter-insurgency Tan Sri Dr C.C. Too to urge Lee Kuan Yew to take action on the Communists in his ranks. C.C,Too told me years later that Lee Kuan Yew was confused. Later, he initiated Operation Cold Store and locked up the communists. A General Election followed. But in 1961 or early 1962, Lee Kuan Yew made a big fuss that the CIA tried to bribe him. By 1963, Singapore joined to form Malaysia. By 1965, Singapore separated from Malaysia. But it was Dr Albert Winsemius who advised the Singapore Government from 1962-1984 on its infra-structural developments from land development, reclamation, Changi Airport, Asian Dollar, Jurong Industrial Park, GLCs, etc – the glittering structures which we all see today. Dr Winsemius visited Singapore twice a year with his wife from 1962-1984 to ensure the success of his projects. He retired in 1984 and was given a piece of parchment paper, 2 medals, only one of which was gold. Lee Kuan Yew down played Dr Winsemius significant role in Singapore’s development. With great reluctance, a tiny lane in Singapore was named after Dr Winsemius, only 8 years ago – 30 years after the good Dr Winsemius retired in 1984. And the DAP State Government of Penang aped Singapore’s developments, without an Adviser ! History is the finest arbiter of the Truth !

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