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Vengeful is not a good look for DAP

Penangites will ‘repay’ PN over termination of iconic ferry service — Lim Guan Eng

This statement by the DAP sec-gen, about Penangites dishing out paybackO to the Malay gomen because no more ferry, can be read in Malaysiakini.

The two LGE pictures on this page are recycled photos but nonetheless, they typify quite timelessly the nature of the DAP beast.

MCA is correct to say that the Chinese are “putting all eggs in one basket” through their irrevocable support for DAP.

Malays are displaying political “diversity” in their allegiance being spread among several notable parties, namely Umno, PAS, PKR, Bersatu, Amanah and the Sarawak parties (for Malays living in Borneo).

Hence the Malays have got a robust internal check and balance.

Chinese, on the other hand, are buying into the DAP wholesale and thus exhibiting a sore lack of political diversity or indeed diversity in political opinion.

Why do you still continue to tie yourself to such vindictive political players?

DAP is not leading its 95 percent Chinese to a good place no matter how loudly they proclaim themselves to be the template for bangsa “Anak Malaysia”.


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