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Detect, detain, deport the Rohingya

There are too many Rohingya staying illegally in the Indian state of West Bengal.

These illegals “have not only changed the demography of Bengal but are the biggest threat to the rule of law and internal security,” said a petition made yesterday to India’s Supreme Court.

This plea to the authorities to “detect, detain and deport illegal Rohingya” is public interest litigation by activist Sangita Chakraborty, a West Bengal resident, to compel her state government to act.

The story above was reported by The Indian Express.

Locals of West Bengal apparently do not want the Rohingya in their midst either.

It’s not surprising that Rohingya are now unwelcome in West Bengal. After all, they’ve been insisting to the world that the word ‘Bengali’ is an ethnic slur and an insult.

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Still Irish although 170 years removed 

Joe Biden’s great-great grandfather left Ireland in 1850 to settle in Pennsylvania, USA. That was some 170 years ago.

Biden’s other great-great grandfather moved his family from Ireland to New York in the late 1840s. That was also roughly 170 years ago.

The president is obviously American as he would not be eligible for office otherwise. But at the same time, Biden identifies as Irish too, i.e. an Irish American.

So, are the Rohingya kinfolk or not?

Burmese have highlighted that the Rohingya speak Bengali, dress Bengali, eat Bengali (food) and yet claim to feel insulted when called a ‘Bengali’.

If ‘Bengali’ is such a hate speech word, why do the Rohingya still want to cross the Bangladesh border into West Bengal?


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