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Guan Eng is worried about M’sians killing ourselves

Lim Guan Eng tweeted on Friday (June 25) that suicides in Malaysia have risen by more than 20 percent, and in the first five months of this year alone, there were 53 deaths by suicide in Penang.

BELOW: Frontliners in our hospitals too are exhausted by their caseload — pix shared by Health DG


Malaysians have been crying to the Health Ministry for support, said a Sin Chew op-ed today penned by its veteran journo Lim Sue Goan and headlined ‘How to tell the people not to weep?’

The popular Chinese paper revealed that 122,328 distress calls have been made to the ministry hotline as of June 18. Of these calls to the Health helpline, close to 90 percent were asking for emotional or psychological assist.

“This shows that many people are actually living in misery,” wrote Sin Chew’s Lim Sue Goan.

DAP’s Lim Guan Eng, meanwhile, picked up on the suicide theme once again yesterday. He tweeted: “… the government must not forget that forgoing livelihoods can destroy lives to the extent that some even commit suicide” (see below).

Guan Eng also tweeted a similar message yesterday in bahasa Melayu, saying: “Kegagalan menangani pandemik COVID-19 telah menyebabkan nyawa terkorban dan kehidupan harian terjejas sehingga ada yang bunuh diri”.

The DAP believes that Muhyiddin is leading a failed government.

Earlier this year in February, Guan Eng tweeted: “Malaysia is not just living dangerously, but failing dangerously.”

Guan Eng thinks our country is “failing dangerously” (see his Feb 28 tweet below).

His father Kit Siang has for a long time been insistent that Malaysia is on the verge of becoming a “ failed state”.

The strange thing is how Dapsters can believe that Malaysia is a sinking ship and doomed, but at the same time still berate the “cruel and inhumane” Malay government for turning away Rohingya boat people.


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4 thoughts on “Guan Eng is worried about M’sians killing ourselves

  1. No one realises that there should be a call to arms and unity to fight the Covid-19 virus. Only recently there was a nonchalant comment by a relevant authority that the Rakyat were not afraid of the virus because they believe in the Government. Let the Dewan Rakyat re-opens as declared by our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong. Let the Aduns call on those who are qualified to eradicate the virus professionally and retire off the unqualified pretenders who are not aware that our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat are in dire straits.

  2. i think dap is right, this is a failed govt, to put it in more precise term, this is a failed malay muslim govt.

    1. Then it is cruel and inhumane to inflict upon the Rohingya a failed gomen and a failing country on the brink of becoming a failed state.

      The social justice warriors (SJWs) are closet sado-masochists in their desire to open a floodgate of Rohingya boat people.

  3. How many Malaysians have noticed that there has been no Plan since March 2020 to eradicate the Covid-19 virus but just a lot of hot air and temporary cosmetic measures like vaccinations, tests etc. ?

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