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M’sians already raising white flag or suiciding but still accused of “hate, xenophobia and racism”

Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin said: “In ten years, there will be millions of them [Rohingya] here, is that fair?”

Speaking to Channel News Asia (CNA), Hamzah added: “I don’t think it’s fair to our own country”.

CNA, a Singapore TV channel owned by Mediacorp – the island state’s national media network – aired the clip featuring Hamzah below.


Hamzah’s interview with CNA was aired in a short news item titled ‘Rohingya refugees in Malaysia living under cloud of uncertainty amid COVID-19’, which was uploaded to You Tube (below) two days ago.

Hamzah also said: “I have to make sure we have to stop somewhere”, referring to actions taken by Malaysian authorities in blocking further illegal entry by the Rohingya.


In the meantime, the demonizing of ordinary Malaysians by the wokerati continues unabated.

Quoting “analysts” but featuring on record only one so-called ‘analyst’, i.e. an ex-Star and SCMP reporter who was investigated by Malaysian police in May 2020 for her migrant rhetoric, CNA intoned in a voiceover: “Analysts say this groundswell of hate, xenophobia and racism [against Rohingya] must stop” — see screengrab below. 


Despite Makcik Kiah and Pakcik Salleh themselves being under stress due to the pandemic, our Malaysia B40 group most affected by Rohingya settlements in their midst are still being branded as haters, xenophobes and racists.

It is this relentless smearing of ordinary Malaysians which must stop. 


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4 thoughts on “M’sians already raising white flag or suiciding but still accused of “hate, xenophobia and racism”

  1. It was alleged Lee Kuan Yew once said at the turn of the 21st Century,” If there are riots in the streets of KL, this time we will have to grow barnacles in our hearts and not open our gates to them.” Like Lee Kuan Yew, our Minister may be forgiven for deciding wisely on a matter of National Interest. Strangely, the DAP Adun who loves cheap publicity said recently ” Give the vaccinations to all. ” This was a blanket request without logic. A fair and wise request should be that all vaccinations should be prioritised according to the groups’ criteria and requirements. Charity begins at home. She missed the mark.

  2. we must welcome muslim whether they are rohingya, bosnian or indon, else we are being called anti tis anti tat. its perfectly fair rohingya to join us in tanah melayu, didnt we chinese take the same path in the past hundred years? not only rohingya, we must find ways to help palestinian, iranian, pakistani, bangladesh, n give them msia passport to demonstrate that we love muslim. we cant ummah but we definitely love muslim.

  3. Am I wrong to say, your distinguished Blog attracts 200 – 300 readers a day with an increasing trend ? If so, this means that the DAP biased blogs are no longer the attraction since they lost their alleged self-promoted virtues dealing with money, both at the State and Federal levels. In fact, with the DAP’s internal strife, a person does not really know whether they are chauvinists or brand new Christians or oldies , Pater et Fil ! However, I shall always furnish true facts on matters which interest us all and never revealed anywhere else but this distinguished Blog without malice !

  4. With over 700,000 Covid-19 virus cases and over 5,000 deaths, the loss of productivity, income, and loved ones must surely affect us Malaysians sometime, somehow ? For some, it may be just a case of the common diarrhoea. We were happy, care-free and tolerant not too long ago. I am confident these virtues will return soon given the renowned resilience of us Malaysians !

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