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‘Kindest and most humane’ M’sians indirectly encourage human trafficking

Former Human Resources Minister Kula Segaran yesterday highlighted – see below – that Malaysia is in the worst tier (Tier 3) on the U.S. human trafficking watchlist.

Malaysia’s predominant human trafficking crime is forced labour, the U.S. State Department said when releasing its watchlist two days ago.

The overwhelming majority of human trafficking victims in Malaysia are migrant workers, according to the State Department report.


Sectors with the greatest amount of forced labour in Malaysia include palm oil and agriculture plantations, construction sites, electronics, garment and rubber product industries, the acting director of the State Department’s trafficking office was quoted by Reuters as saying on Friday.

Rohingya pay human traffickers RM10,000 each to smuggle them here  — see Sinar Harian expose below. 

Some Malaysians who see themselves as our country’s kindest and most humane citizens are pressuring the government to allow more and more and more of these illegal Rohingya to come. 

They also accuse their fellow Malaysians for being “cruel and inhumane” and not to mention as “xenophobic and racist” for wanting to turn away the Rohingya boats.

Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin worries that in less than a decade, there will be millions of Rohingya here in our country.

Oh well, they can always work in the surgical glove factories or in the factories making Roti Bengali.

The tycoons who own and operate these factories need have no fear of virtue-signaling Malaysians ever calling them “cruel and inhumane”.  

After all, giving jobs to cheap labour is a good thing in the eyes of our most compassionate Malaysians who abhor xenophobia and racism.  


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One thought on “‘Kindest and most humane’ M’sians indirectly encourage human trafficking

  1. we can always give all this forced labour citizenship later on to show our compassion and generosity, not only they would feel grateful, their offspring would acknowledge the same up to dun know how many generation, win win for all, chinese got cheap labour, malay muslim achieve tremendous vote bank increase to ensure more malay muslim party and unity, while indian as usual, doesnt matter.

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